It's gonna be kind of Wordless Wednesday post, I guess.
Recently I am too lazy to resize pictures or write blogposts, so today, I only want to show pictures of sheep and me.

I just realized that plural form of sheep is also sheep, same way as plural form of 'staff' and 'stuff' are 'staff' and 'stuff'. I just don't understand English.

Not Wordless as I said though. Here are some picture of cute sheep I found in an incredible pasture. I am a big fan of Shaun The Sheep, but only see sheep once a year when Eid al-Adha. Almost never touch them or pet (?!). So when I visited this pasture (will post about the pasture someday), I was excited to pat fluffy butts of sheep. I didn't know this kind of pasture does exist. I would love to visit everyday if it were located next to my house.

I love sheep and goat. I was born in goat or sheep year, lho, goat. Goat also wanted to join selfie.

The sheep is wearing paper earring with number written on it. He (it/she?!) is sheep number 305!

Sleeping sheep... disturb ahhh...

Heaven!! *towel towel *

What is your favorite animal?

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