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Menampilkan postingan dari Maret, 2016


It's gonna be kind of Wordless Wednesday post, I guess. Recently I am too lazy to resize p… Read more ♫ I LOVE SHEEP ♫

★ First Time IELTS Experience ★

Took an IELTS Academic exam a few weeks ago. The test venue is in IALF Kuningan, Plaza Kuningan, … Read more ★ First Time IELTS Experience ★

Wisata Belanja di Jantung Ibukota

GUEST POST Jakarta, sebagai ibukota negara Indonesia tidak hanya terkenal dengan kemacetannya s… Read more Wisata Belanja di Jantung Ibukota

I'm Sorry Nana

This is like really #latepost #throwback blogpost. As always. Pardon me. Five months ago, I m… Read more I'm Sorry Nana

Random Story from HKIA

I was searching an empty seat in check-in hall Hong Kong International Airport. There were two me… Read more Random Story from HKIA


From Petitenget. Seen from Double Six. Pantai Kuta  On my last holiday in Bali, I… Read more SUNS3TS

My MAP E-Mall Wishlist

If you love hanging out or shopping at the malls, I have no doubt that you all know about Mitra A… Read more My MAP E-Mall Wishlist

One-Day Himeji #2: What to Eat?

Previous post about Himeji: One Day Himeji #1 Himeji Castle seen from Himeji Zoo. Located… Read more One-Day Himeji #2: What to Eat?

#SaatnyaBersinar Bersama Marina Smooth & Glow UV

Memiliki warna kulit yang lebih gelap dari rata-rata wanita Indonesia, membuatku sedikit susah … Read more #SaatnyaBersinar Bersama Marina Smooth & Glow UV

LITTLE OSAKA Omiyage Market

If you go to Osaka, you may want to visit Nanba (or Namba 難波). Nanba is home to the famous Glic… Read more LITTLE OSAKA Omiyage Market

What's In My Bag?

Starting March, I will try my best to write in English for my blogposts. As you can see, my previ… Read more What's In My Bag?


Too many things I wanted to complain after arriving in Korea. ♥ I couldn't throw my toile… Read more I MISS KOREA