It's gonna be kind of Wordless Wednesday post, I guess.
Recently I am too lazy to resize pictures or write blogposts, so today, I only want to show pictures of sheep and me.

I just realized that plural form of sheep is also sheep, same way as plural form of 'staff' and 'stuff' are 'staff' and 'stuff'. I just don't understand English.

Not Wordless as I said though. Here are some picture of cute sheep I found in an incredible pasture. I am a big fan of Shaun The Sheep, but only see sheep once a year when Eid al-Adha. Almost never touch them or pet (?!). So when I visited this pasture (will post about the pasture someday), I was excited to pat fluffy butts of sheep. I didn't know this kind of pasture does exist. I would love to visit everyday if it were located next to my house.

I love sheep and goat. I was born in goat or sheep year, lho, goat. Goat also wanted to join selfie.

★ First Time IELTS Experience ★

Took an IELTS Academic exam a few weeks ago. The test venue is in IALF Kuningan, Plaza Kuningan, Menara Selatan. Test fee is 2.850.000, expooo, but I needed the result so... yeah. It would be my first time taking serious English test so I was really nervous.

My Experiences in Learning English
☆ More than 15 years attended English class at school
☆ 1-month conversation class in ILP
☆ Singing English songs since child
☆ Only speak English in emergency situation i.e when traveling abroad when no one can speak Bahasa Indonesia
☆ Wrote some status and blogposts in broken English(‐^▽^‐)
☆ The only experience I did on English Academic Writing is writing for my thesis abstract

What I did for IELTS Preparation:
☆ Around six times exercise in Reading and Listening through IELTS preparation website and youtube videos
☆ I talked to monitor when practicing speaking
☆ Didn't do any single exercise for writing

Wisata Belanja di Jantung Ibukota


Jakarta, sebagai ibukota negara Indonesia tidak hanya terkenal dengan kemacetannya saja loh ya, tapi juga berbagai tempat perbelanjaan yang menarik untuk dikunjungi. Kota metropolitan ini merupakan surga belanja, maka dari itu buat kamu yang tinggal di luar ibukota Jakarta tapi gila belanja, kalau ada rencana untuk jalan-jalan ke Jakarta jangan lupa untuk belanja di tempat-tempat yang asyik. Salah satunya adalah Plaza Senayan.

Belanja Mewah di Plaza Senayan

Sesuai namanya pusat perbelanjaan ini berada di daerah Senayan. Tempat ini bisa dicapai hanya beberapa menit dari jembatan Semanggi. Mall ini terkenal karena toko-tokonya yang menjual berbagai merk mewah. Begitu pula restoran cepat saji yang sudah sangat terkenal di kalangan anak muda. Sasaran pengunjung mall ini memang untuk kalangan menengah ke atas.

Tidak heran jika banyak ekspatriat yang berlalu lalang di tempat ini untuk hangout. Fasilitas yang mendukung kenyamanan pengunjung benar-benar dikelola dengan baik dan sangat lengkap. Selain itu, lokasi mall masih berada di pusat kota.

Plaza Senayan merupakan mall berlantai tiga dengan dua departemen store ternama di kedua sisi sampingnya. Sebelah kanan untuk Metro Departemen Store, dan kiri untuk Sogo Departement Store. Di mall ini juga terdapat toko buku terkenal di dunia, yaitu Kinokuniya.

Keunikan dari mall ini adalah adanya jam raksasa yang disebut Marygold Clock. Jam ini merupakan jam musikal yang bisa memainkan musik setiap jam. Ada 6 patung pemusik yang menghias jam buatan Seiko Jepang ini. Masing-masing patung memainkan alat musik yang berbeda.

Marygold Clock Plaza Senayan (Sumber : hanningsindonesianadventure.blogspot.com)

I'm Sorry Nana

This is like really #latepost #throwback blogpost. As always. Pardon me.

Five months ago, I met Nana, a Hong Konger girl who was sharing a hostel room with me in Tainan, Taiwan. When I mentioned that I come from Indonesia, she showed me her excited face. It turned out her parents are Chinese-Indonesians, but she was born and raised most of of her life in Hong Kong. She also mentioned she spent her study life in Canada.

She still has many relatives who live in Medan and Siantar. In the end of that month, she was going to Medan because her cousin's wedding and also was planning to go to Pulau Weh for diving. By the way, Nana asked me, "How do you say Siantar?"

"See-uhn-tarrrr." Me.


"No! It's si-an-tar."


OK. Anyway...

Random Story from HKIA

I was searching an empty seat in check-in hall Hong Kong International Airport. There were two men, one white one black were having a conversation, and I was going to sit right next to the white man. Put my ass in seat. Few minutes passed and the white man said he had to go to departure hall (eavesdropping me). Then the black man tried to start conversation with me. He asked where I come from and what's my name.


From Petitenget.

Seen from Double Six.

Pantai Kuta 

On my last holiday in Bali, I managed to see sunsets three days in row. Photos above shows view after the sun set, though. First and third photos I took with my phone and the middle one by my camera, don't know why couldn't get good photo with my phone. Not in the mood to write, just want to share these dramatic sky at dusk pics 

My MAP E-Mall Wishlist

If you love hanging out or shopping at the malls, I have no doubt that you all know about Mitra Adi Perkasa (MAP). MAP is a retail company selling upper-middle class brands in Indonesia. You must know Sogo, Starbucks, Kinokuniya, Marks & Spencer, or Mango, right? In Indonesia those are managed by MAP.

E-Commerce in Indonesia is really booming and MAP taps to the online industry world. MAP has just launched its online service called MAP E-Mall. The online store offers more than 20000 stock keeping units (SKU) from more than 100 international brands. In the website, there are categories: Women, Men, Kids, Sports, Travel, Beauty, Home, and Gift Voucher.

I’ve looked around the website, from Women Bags to almost half hundred million rupiah mattress. Everything caught my eye. (*⌒∇⌒*) I listed three things on a wishlist, maybe this list can give you suggestion about what to buy for me on my birthday, hahaha.

This is my Mapemall Wishlist:

1. Winter Rose Mini Matt Backpack by Cath Kidston (Rp 999.000)

I knew a friend who had Cath Kidston sling bag. I forgot what kind of pattern on it. But she transformed to backpack, whoooa, I felt I wanted that thing too, please. *pengenan anaknya* I don’t think it’s the same kind, but similar lah.

2. Lacoste Shoes – Hellaine Runner 116 3 Textile/Synthetic

Recently, I spend one hour daily to walk (supposed to be jogging) in public park near my home. Shoes I’m using is quite old and it is my mother’s ‘ex’. Poor me not? So I need a new one~ maybe like this Lacoste Shoes?

3. Clocks Large Open Carryall by Cath Kidston (Rp 359.400)

I loooveee all Cath Kidston’s products but I don’t have even one. I often visit Cath Kidston’s shop in mall near my house but I never buy. It is so expensive. Hahaha… I just knew that Cath Kidston also has tea and glass products~ just too cute ☹ Like this hand bag…

How to Shop in Mapemall?

Shopping in Mapemall is very easy. Just go to the website mapemall.com and click the product you want to buy, choose color and quantity, and add to cart! You can pay with Mandiri Clickpay, BCA KlikPay, ATM BCA, Visa and Mastercard Credit Card, and even Cash on Delivery (COD). Unfortunately, currently you cannot use MAP Voucher to shop in Mapemall. I just remember I still have 100.000 MAP Voucher ☺

One-Day Himeji #2: What to Eat?

Previous post about Himeji: One Day Himeji #1

Himeji Castle seen from Himeji Zoo.
Located in Hyogo Prefecture, Himeji City is home to one of biggest castle in Japan, Himeji Castle. It is very easy and convenient to reach the castle, just walk straight from Himeji Station. My friend and I went to Himeji, visited Himeji Zoo, which people say it is just so-so zoo (but we love animals) and Himeji Castle. After wandering around, we were so hungry. It was hours past noon so we were already late for lunch.

But we decided we weren't gonna eat something big instead we would eat 'small snacks' but we could try a lot of food. We took a look at Himeji City booklet we got from Tourism Information Center on the station and wanted to try all food recommended by the booklet. So, here we go!


1. Chikamadog by Yamasa Kamaboko

We just passed by this shop but after looking to the cute girl statue, I realized I saw it in booklet. But unfortunately, there is only picture of the shop and satay-like snack, but no explanation at all! So yeah, we entered the shop and showed the picture to the staff. "We want this please!" I pointed to the pic.

"That is Chikamadog," said the staff and showed us the snacks.

"Is it the same with the picture?" Me needed confirm two times. (*⌒∇⌒*)

Chikamadog costs 150 yen each. There are various kind of bakery and also fish cakes but we didn't bother to see. We only bought chikamadog and there were many food left to go to try~ 

The Store.

#SaatnyaBersinar Bersama Marina Smooth & Glow UV

Memiliki warna kulit yang lebih gelap dari rata-rata wanita Indonesia, membuatku sedikit susah untuk mencari pemupur (jadul banget ya kan pemupur) wajah dengan merek lokal. Karena kebanyakan warnanya terang. Malah yang merek internasional memiliki varian warna yang lebih gelap, ya karena konsumennya memiliki range warna kulit yang luas. Makanya biasanya aku membeli pupur merek luar. Kalaupun merek lokal pasti belinya natural atau translucent. Meski natural, sering juga keputihan. Kan mukanya jadi abu-abu (个_个)

Pokoknya aku anti sama bedak yang shade-nya puluhan level di atas warna kulitku.

Sudah lama rasanya tidak menulis ulasan kosmetik. Setahun lebih mungkin ada kali... Aku emang nggak dandanan, tapi sekali dua kali, seneng rasanya mengulas kosmetik! Nah, kali ini yang akan aku ulas adalah sebagian dari rangkaian face care-nya Marina yaitu Marina Smooth & Glow UV. Ada Two Way Cake (Natural), Compact Powder (Ivory), dan juga produk BB Cream-nya. Sebenarnya ada satu lagi yaitu Powdery Foundation-nya. Semuanya mengandung SPF 20++ sehingga mampu melindungi kulit dari sinar UV A dan UV B.

Yuppp, langsung saja... ini dia penampakan Marina Face Care Smooth & Glow UV Series-nya. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

LITTLE OSAKA Omiyage Market

If you go to Osaka, you may want to visit Nanba (or Namba 難波). Nanba is home to the famous Glico billboard, thousand shops, and NMB48. It is a Osaka's main shopping area which Indonesian tourists would love. (*^▽^*) And don't be surprised if you find shop staff who can speak a little of Bahasa Indonesia.

Because I was so surprised.

In Nanba, there a lot of international stores like Berschka, Starbucks, Uniqlo, McDonald's, H&M, Garrett Popcorn, and even you can find the Macau's legendary Lord Stow's Eggtart. Nanba, precisely in Dotonbori, also famous for giant crab and takoyaki stalls. But where I really wanted to visit is a souvenir shop called LITTLE OSAKA.


Because it sells a lot of pretty snacks and beautiful stuff. BYE!
It is not difficult to find this store. If you see giant crab on your left side, then walk straight ahead a bit and this shop is in your right side.

Entrance of Little Osaka Omiyage Market. I was so excited to enter this shop. Kawaii!
Written in the yellow neon box (?!) 'ぐりこや’, and it means Glico shop. So yes, in this store there dozens of Glico famous products, like Pocky and Pretz. To the right of the entrance there is 'mini' Glicoman billboard.

What's In My Bag?

Starting March, I will try my best to write in English for my blogposts. As you can see, my previous post also written in English. Since my English level is still long way to achieve fluency, please note that my writing will be Bahasa Indonesia-style English, hahaha. I also still need great help from Google Translate. Okay, that's all for the foreword.


I really wanted to join Mbak Waya Komala's giveaways event, but I couldn't make it. Her giveaways event theme is: What's In Your Bag? So in this post, I'd like to show what's in my bag! Let me examine my own bag.

No, not this Lacoste bag.


Too many things I wanted to complain after arriving in Korea.

♥ I couldn't throw my toilet paper to toilet bowl
♥ Almost no washlet! I found one in Mokpo-si.
♥ Their instant noodles are really horrible (Indomie is the best!)
♥ Most ahjummas are really scary
♥ Most people doesn't have smile
♥ If you missed train stop, you cannot get off and move to another platform to get train in reverse direction without 'checking out'. Except in transit station.
♥ Shortage of handsome men ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
♥ KTX schedule is not as punctual as Shinkansen (though only 10 minutes late, sih ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

Taegukgi, Flag of South Korea