Homophones Across Languages

Around two weeks ago, I went to 7-Eleven nearby my home and charged my Nanaco (7-Eleven membership and prepaid electronic money) card. I wanted to charge for 1000 yen. I gave my money to the staff, he charged my card, then used the Nanaco to pay stuff I bought.

But then he put 1000 yen one more time to my card. Wait, but he charged already in the beginning right? Hmmm... And then he wanted to give my 1000 yen back. I rejected since it was the money to pay my card charge. If I received then I would get 3000 yen for free ๐Ÿ˜‚

While walking home, I checked the receipt, and yeah, he put 2000 yen on my money. I was thinking a little bit, should I assume this as my luck or should I go back to the store to tell this that the staff made a mistake. I ended up doing the first one ๐Ÿ˜‚ Greedy human.

And the staff who made a mistake was an old man and his name is ใŸใ„ (Tai).

Few days later, I went to the same eleven around 11 pm. That time, the staff who served me is the owner and his name is also Tai. Out of curiosity, I asked him whether Tai-san who is always work in the morning is his father, and immediately the owner and another guy said, "Yes, he is our father." Then I realised another guy also has the same name: Tai. They are brothers. 

I asked them whether they are Japanese because this is my first time to know Japanese family name Tai. If Chinese family name Tai, many people has it. The owner said many Tais are from northern part of Kyoto. The owner brother told me the kanji of is 'ta' of 'field' and 'i' from 'well: ็”ฐไบ•.When I got back home, I checked and even there is a town called 'Tai' in Kyoto.

Then I got more curious whether they have been to Indonesia or not. What if they reserve a hotel room, and the receptionist ask them, "So the booking is in the name of Mr. Tai?"

And since Japanese most likely using their family name to introduce themselves then they will say,

"Hi, I am Tai."

And what if they start to learn Bahasa Indonesia, and they will say, "Saya Tai."

Tai means 'shit' in Indonesian ๐Ÿ˜ญ

One day, I went to Kebab store near my school with a Nigerian friend. He talked about Nigerian snack he is missing called Puff Puff. I think it is similar with poffertjes or doughnut. I checked immediately on Google with keyword: puff puff Japan. And what I found was, "puff puff is a Japanese term for the placing of a person's face between a woman's breasts, often for sexual pleasure". ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Nigerian also has snack called 'chin chin', and it means 'men's genital' in Japanese. ๐Ÿ˜‚

What if a Japanese visits a family in Nigeria and they serve chinchin and puff puff for him/her ๐Ÿ˜ญ

In my school there is a lady called 'Saaru'. In Japanese, 'saru' means monkey, and in Javanese 'saru' means 'obscene'. Another case, there is a teacher in my school who has an Arabic name, and it means 'monkey' in Nepali ๐Ÿ˜‚

Yobisute ๅ‘ผใณๆจใฆ

I didn't have wi-fi for more than two weeks.
I felt so lonely... and missing out too many showbiz news a.k.a celebrity gossip.

So I just moved to a new house, it didn't have wi-fi. Finally I got it only few days ago! Now I can watch Atta Halilintar Youtube videos whenever I want.


I don't watch Atta's videos. Well sometimes if it came on recommended videos by Youtube.

In this post, I will talk about Japanese culture on addressing other people. I think most of you know, that in Japan, normally they add -san, -kun-, or -chan behind the name of someone they call. Calling a person you don't really know without appropriate suffix is considered as rude. When people call someone without suffix, it means they are close or their subordinate at work.

Also calling someone with his/her family name is quite normal. Not only in polite situation, but sometimes two people know each other since little but they call each other with family name. It's just normal. In other hand, I know some Japanese people who don't like to be called by their family name.

There is a word in Japanese ๅ‘ผใณๆจใฆ 'yobisute' which means calling someone by their first name, and without any suffix. Yobisute literally means 'throw away the calling'. So basically, 'throw away' the suffix. When someone does this to other person, it means they are close, or this someone is trying to be rude.

When I lived in Australia, I met so many Japanese. And of course, they use their first names to introduce themselves and they will call other person (foreigners) without any suffix. They will just call me 'Una' without any suffix.

But then, I met some of my Japanese friends (who I met before in Australia) in Japan, they just changed to call me 'Una-chan' or 'Una-san'. It is just super fine, but '-san' a little bit kaku though. Maybe they feel something missing ๐Ÿ˜‚, if they don't add any suffix behind the name.

So I searched on Google what is the antonym of yobisute. I thought it was ๅ‘ผใณๆ‹พใ„ 'yobihiroi', which means 'pick up the calling', but this word doesn't exist. The opposite word of yobisute is ใ•ใ‚“ไป˜ใ‘ (sanzuke) which literally means 'putting the -san'.

For me doesn't matter they call me with suffix or not. In Indonesia, my younger brother and cousins with more than 5 years of age apart also call me without any prefix (a.k.a 'mbak') ๐Ÿ˜‚. Only name is okay, I feel I am as young as them. 

Cat’s Tongue

As we know, cat’s tongue is a type of cookie. As Indonesians, we call it as ‘lidah kucing’, but also in most of the part of the worlds they call it the same, in their own language. For example, in Netherland they call it ‘katte tong’ and France it is known as ‘langue de chat’.

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you might see cat’s tongue cookies in many stores as local souvenir. But they use word ใƒฉใƒณใ‚ฐใƒ‰ใ‚ทใƒฃ (rangudosha), which is Japanized word of French ‘langue de chat’. They don’t use word: ็Œซ่ˆŒ (nekojita), which means cat’s tongue, for this cookie.

Best Japan's 'cat's tongue' cookies: Shiroi Koibito
Instead, in Japan ‘cat’s tongue’ or ‘nekojita’ has completely different meaning.

Nekojita is used to explain a condition where a person cannot enjoy hot food. People who are nekojita will wait the hot soup or noodle until certain heat before they can enjoy. Never try to give my cats hot food, though. 

Do you have ‘cat’s tongue’?

I think I have. When my friends can immediately eat the soup served by the waiter, I had to wait a little while until it was getting cooler. Until I cannot enjoy hot coffee or tea except it is a cold day.

I also cannot eat spicy food, not sure my tongue is cat's tongue, or manja tongue ๐Ÿ˜‹

My thoughts on religions in Japan

I was on the bus and there was a ruko-styled building caught my attention.

It has an European neoclassic architecture on its exterior and there's written 'HAPPY SCIENCE' without any Japanese characters. I was wondering what kind of shop is that. I didn't immediately search it on Google, but when I returned home, I googled it, and it turned out it is a name of new religious movement in Japan.

Happy Science or ๅนธ็ฆใฎ็ง‘ๅญฆ (koufuku no kagaku) was founded by Ryuho Okawa in 1986. It is spreading around the world and claimed to have around 11 million members. Currently, it has entertainment divisions, publication company, and even university. I don't have comment about its teaching, but anyway this religion said to be controversial and a cult.

If you come to Kyoto (not sure about other part of Japan), there are some people standing in some crowded areas to spread Jehovah's witness or mormon. While their missionaries usually wear white shirts and black pants, the people who 'advertise' mormon on the streets are usually middle-aged and so fashionable.

I once went to Mormon Church in Australia. The people are so nice and friendly. But about the religion itself... no comment ๐Ÿ˜‚

Now I'm gonna talk about my experience about 'new religion' in Japan. For privacy concern, I won't mention the name of the 'religion'. I don't understand what's the meaning of privacy concern in this case, I just don't want to say it without any reason ๐Ÿ˜‚

One day, the boss of one of my part-time job places talked to me about the religion she's doing. She talked about very seriously and could show me how she's practicing this religion very whole-heartedly. I was curious because I heard this religion name before from an Indonesian friend. Long story short, my boss invited to me to join that religion event. Basically, it was just watching that religion group conference through television.

The conference was attended by members from all over the world. I even could see Indonesian there from their batik shirts. There were also speeches from Japanese members and one Spain member.

I haven't really read or study much about this religion. What I know, the members adore the leader so much. I can understand since the leader I believe is a very great person but for me they seem kinda 'worshiping' the leader, that's what I a bit uncomfortable. You know, in Islam we are taught not to worship other than God, not even Muhammad.

Other than that I'm fine, I mean I listened to my boss story about how is she doing the religion and she said she always feel energised after praying or reading the leader's teaching. That's a really good thing ๐Ÿ˜‡

I believe what religion you're doing, as long as it's good for you and not disturbing other people, all izz well. ๐Ÿ˜‡ Even if you don't have or believe in religion, all is fine.

One day, I talked to a Japanese friend about religions in Japan. And she said to be careful, because there are some 'religion missionaries' who will arrive in front of your house door to advertise the religion. She said the people at first look nice, but after that you will be ask for amount of money.

Then she said, "Religion is not bad thing, it's actually good. But, it's better to follow religion what your parents teach you. And it's better not to invite your friends to join your 'religion', it will worsen your friendship. You know, many friendships are broken because of religion stuff."

Well, I'm quite agree with my friend.

Instagram Jealousy

“Ugh, I hate to see her posts on Instagram and she always shows off her new bag or luxurious trips. I prefer to see Syahrini’s posts sitting in private jet or traveling to Bora Bora,” said by a friend.

She was not joking. She said it seriously as she was really jealous of her friend.

I understand that Instagram makes people insecure. Instagram likes are addictive, everyone is trying to show off what he/she has, and anyway, everything people do is like for the sake of content #demikonten. I myself will be very happy if my Instagram post get 200 likes or my stories viewed by 200 more people (since my followers are only 1300).

What I don’t understand of my friend is, she was jealous of her friend because of her Instagram posts, but, in my point of view my friend always posts her pictures of traveling around the world. I knew she came from well-off family and pretty sure she never stayed in cheap hotel or backpacker hostels. If you check her Instagram, you can tell she often go traveling abroad, and I think no post of her taken in Indonesia. Why is she still jealous of her friends?

Well, the grass looks greener on other side.

Jealous or not, Instagram is not healthy if you use it a lot. Currently, I’m using Instagram to check famous people that I’m curious of, and rarely give likes to friends’ posts. I’m sorry ๐Ÿ˜‚ I even don’t bother to scroll pictures on Instagram home ๐Ÿ˜‚ If I see Instagram stories, I only see the few first ones.

Anyway, there is a song I currently like titled 'Instagram'. It is a song by Korean singer, DEAN. I'm addicted to that song.

Kikangentei Yowai ๆœŸ้–“้™ๅฎšๅผฑใ„

ๆœŸ้–“้™ๅฎš (kikangentei) means ' limited time' or 'period of time'.
While ๅผฑใ„ (yowai) means 'weak.'

The word 'ๆœŸ้–“้™ๅฎš' can be found in the shops or products. Basically it means 'limited edition'. This time I'm gonna talk Japanese food products, for example beverage or snacks.

If you ever been to Japan, you must know that products in Japan always lure us to buy. Cute packaging, good taste, and also the 'seasonal or limited edition' products. Sometimes the limited edition products are based on season. For example, now is autumn so many products make their own 'autumn limited edition' and usually the most 'widely used' flavours are chestnut, pumpkin, and sweet potato. You would see Pocky, Calbee chips, Starbucks drink in pumpkin flavour or sweet potato, and many more. Also in spring, there are so many peach or sakura flavoured products.

And they are just too tempting ๐Ÿ˜ข

Today, I finished work at 12 in the midnight and I visited a convenience store where I knew the clerk who always is in midnight shift is so handsome ๐Ÿ˜‚ (last time I only saw from outside). Actually, I just wanted to see the guy (almost 30 year old here, but I just realized that looking at handsome really can wash your eyes, a.k.a cuci mata lol) but I ended buying Starbucks Sweet Caramel Pudding Latte. Just because there was written in the shelf: limited edition.

The taste? So so. And I won't buy for the second time. I really don't like the aftertaste.

Anyway, there is a famous term in Japan 'kikangentei yowai' which literally means 'weak of limited edition'. This term is used to describe someone's trait who always lured by the word 'kikangentei'. People who are 'kikangentei yowai' cannot see the word 'kikangentei'. Whenever they see that word, they see will have desire to buy the product.

One of them is me.

But not all products with 'kikangentei' attract me to buy, though. I always buy seasonal edition Starbucks products in convenience store but I never been attracted by seasonal Starbucks drinks in Starbucks stores. Limited edition Kitkat also cannot tease me.

I'm looking forward for winter. Wondering what 'limited products' are coming...

Drinking alcohol

I had never enjoyed drinking alcohol until two weeks ago.

Can't remember when I first time drank an alcohol drink. I think it was in a wedding reception of my mom's friend. There was served glasses of red and white wine, so I tried. And I didn't like it. Since we don't have culture to drink alcohol, I didn't have many chances to drink.

Out of curiosity, I have tried some other kind of alcohol ranging from beer, whisky, tequila, cider, even the traditional Peruvian drink: Pisco Sour. I didn't like it. I would order coke or water in the nightclub.

The only two that suit my taste were plum wine and Jรคgermeister. Even not all plum wine I like. I like plum wine with ice or soda sold in izakaya (Japanese pub), but I don't like which is sold in convenience stores.

I have been to two beer factories, a beer museum, and few wineries in Japan. But it was just because I like factory tour, not because I want to drink. Usually in the end of the tour, they offer us free tasting and what it means by tasting is three big glasses of beer. Beer tastes good for me in first two or three sips, after that I can't.

The time I drank most was last year. It was my friend's birthday party and she had many bottles of beer and ciders. I drank two bottle of pear ciders. It was okay, but I don't really think it tastes really good.

Two weeks ago, my friends and I went to izakaya. It was my first time to come to izakaya after coming to Japan. I ordered plum wine mixed with soda, while my friends ordered yuzu sours. I like my plum wine, but I also like what my friends ordered. So I also ordered yuzu sour. It was sooo good. I feel it was my first time to enjoy drinking alcohol.

I started to try alcohol sold in convenience stores. And Japan has various kind of interesting alcohol can ๐Ÿ˜ญ Since I am weak of 'limited edition', I bought some seasonal edition chuhai (similar to sour).

Autumn pear chu-hai, and almond and mango chu-hai. Can you imagine almond flavour?!?!

I just realized I just do not like the bitterness of alcohol. I can enjoy chuhai and sour because they are sweet and taste like normal soda.

Do you read spoiler?

I read.

I'm quite lucky since my brother is subscribing Netflix and one account can be shared to up to four devices, and I can use it freely without pay as well. The thing is every time I open Netflix Home Page, then I always don't know what to watch. Most of the times I only watch Japanese drama and movie, sometimes I will watch random Hollywood movie, but recently I watch Korean drama.

It has been long time since my last time watching Korean drama. I am not a fan of Korean drama, but few years ago, I watched some. I just hate the way Korean dramas always make the viewers baper ๐Ÿ˜ญ and most of them are 20 episodes with 1 hour duration every episode. Too long. For comparison, Japanese drama only 45 minutes in an episode, and one drama only has 7-13 episodes.

So I started again to watch Korean drama since last week. I watched Fated To Love you and My Secret Romance. Before I finished the drama, I checked the spoiler first ๐Ÿ˜‚ And for me reading spoilers doesn't affect me, I mean, I still can enjoy the dramas or movies.

Now I'm thinking, Korean dramas are just too long. I better watch something useful for my brain ๐Ÿ˜‚
Can you give me any recommendation?


Two weeks ago was my lowest point financially after coming here.

I only had 1000 yen left on my bank account.

It is not that I am poor but I had to pay quite amount of money at once for moving and I was waiting for my salary and scholarship received ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Then I gave up and asked my mom to send me money, but unluckily it was failed because the account number filled was wrong. It was not wrong, it is just Japanese banking system which makes me confused (so in my case, my Japanese bank account has two different account numbers, and the staff said both can be used ๐Ÿ˜ญ).

Finally I received my salary and yesterday I was feeling I want to go holiday ๐Ÿ˜‚
So just now I bought flight ticket to go outside Japan ๐Ÿ˜‚


Though I planned to save more money ๐Ÿ˜’
Somehow it motivates me to work harder though ๐Ÿ˜‚

One Week in Ishikawa Prefecture: Japan Tent

I spent a week from August 22th to 28th in Ishikawa Prefecture. It was more than an ordinary vacation! I joined a program called Japan Tent where I stayed in Japanese family house during the event. I am so grateful to be able to join that program. So if you are foreign student in Japan, do not forget to join this event in next year summer!

Since now I do not write regularly on my blog (even I haven't write any post on my LINE timeline for two weeks maybe?), I feel confused what to write first about this event. I feel I have burden to share the stories here since it was one of my happiest moments after staying here for 5 months.

Okay, so I will write brief explanation about Japan Tent.

So, Japan Tent is a yearly one-week summer program held in Ishikawa Prefecture. The participants are 300 foreign students living in Japan. This year is the 32nd Japan Tent which means this program has been already held for 32 times! The program allows the participants to taste Japanese culture while staying with Japanese family. It is really big event involving hundreds of staff, volunteers, and host families. By the way, despite of the name, we didn't stay inside tent.

The first half-week, we were spread to 16 cities and towns all over Ishikawa Prefecture. While the last half-week, most participants stayed in Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa, while some participants stayed in towns not so far from Kanazawa. One host families can host one student or more. What is interesting from this program is every single student has different experience to another student. Because we stayed in different towns, different families, and of course different stories.

My first half-week, I stayed in a town called Tsubata-Machi, where is located not so far from Kanazawa. Only 20 minutes by car or even 14 minutes by train. In this town, the foreign students who were located here only 7 people! There was a cooking event, which made me stressed since I never cook Indonesian food. But it was safe luckily! And my host family also took me to many places!

Then I stayed in Kanazawa for my last half-week with a very unique family. I learned many things from this family. The dad was so busy I even couldn't see him. In this house, there was also another Japan Tent participant who stayed with me, a beautiful Iranian girl called Sara.

Things I got and bought from Ishikawa lol

This post is only summary!
I will write many posts about my experience in Japan Tent in next time!

Feeling Blue

Despite my previous blog post title is 'Having Fun',  last week I was feeling down for several days. Last week, I went to work, concert, festival, my schedule was kind of full last week. Now I can feel, depression is real ๐Ÿ˜‚

What made me feeling blue is my workplace situation. I have three jobs currently, one job is fine, another job some coworkers are harsh and bullies, but I'm still okay, but the last one, my coworker is such a bully, and I was feeling uncomfortable.

I am still on training and I was confused to do a thing, then my coworker said to me, "You're stupid. I told you already." I may not have many working experiences, but I have experiences scolded by coworker, but this time really made me feeling down. Another reason, he was always looking down on me and laughing when I am doing my task.

What the funny thing is, five minutes later that guy told me, "I'm sorry. No need to care too much about that."

I just said to him, "If I have mistakes, please be angry." ๐Ÿ˜‚

How to not care? I was like,

"Am I that stupid?"
"Am I that weak?"
"Should I quit the job?"

I know I shouldn't care too much but I dunno this time really made me so weak. It was really hard for me to smile, like for real. And I kept thinking how to return to happy me.

Yesterday, the boss talked to me about her life and we talked a lot. She is 70 year old and had cancer before, but she is always happy. Suddenly, I got her positive vibes, and became to be able to smile again ๐Ÿ˜‚

Having Fun

There is a guy at my school who always called me "urusai hito", which means 'noisy person'. Another friend told me I'm so 'hyperactive', cannot stay silent and always need to move ๐Ÿ˜‹ I'm always excited to talk about new beverage I drink, new McD menu, new place I saw, etc, and my another friend told me, "You look like having fun."

Well, I am having fun.

Some of my friends I know at school do not like living in Japan. Those people do not really speak Japanese and are working really hard. They said life here is just too busy and strict.

I agree about the busy life.
Life is just so busy especially if you also do some part-time jobs. Currently I have three part-time jobs (I still work no more than maximum hours I can work per week ๐Ÿ˜‚), I'm joining two choirs (just performed two times last week), and sometimes joining events in Kyoto. Sometimes, I do language exchange with friends, hang out at the cafe, go to new places, etc. My schedule this month all full already. I will participate on summer program as well in other prefecture.

Always have new stories everyday.
A little bit busy, and but yes, I am having fun.

Look how fat I am.
Our performance few days ago (2/8), where I was chosen to sing intro part together with a friend (the hijab one) T_T

How To Lose Weight

According to my height, my ideal weight should be around 45 kg. The thing is I don't have ideal weight. In the beginning of this year my weight surpassed 81 kg. ๐Ÿ˜… Way too fat...

Coming to Japan, I still eat a lot but I do walk everyday, like in the average I will walk 10K steps a day. Also life is getting busier (not too busy actually), so I tend to skip meal, and I lost 7 kg in 3 months. But I realized this is not a good way. But I still want my weight to become 60s this year.

Now, I know how to lose weight. Being busy, really. I still eat, but I don't eat snacks as much as before. I also do manual labor which depends on physical strength so maybe it's kinda exercise also. I also believe that 'busy is blessing'. I feel I don't really waste my time.

Few days ago, I did video calls with several blogger friends who I had not talked for such a long time.

Just so funny, suddenly missing those days when I was in university and what I did was blogging and blogwalking to many friends' blogs. Nowadays, I don't know whose blog to visit. Too many advertisement, hahaha...


Today, I am a bit sad.

Many friends said that I have a relax life, and yes that's true, but actually I am quite strict about time. I will try my best to not come late to school or I have promise with friends. I will try my best to submit my work to teachers before the deadline. Except I really have some trouble.

Maybe before I don't really care about punctuality, but now I yes (aku iya. Hahaha.) But I really realize that punctuality shows a respect. I remember I scolded a friend because she was late for 90 minutes, I didn't ask for respect but I really don't like she just wasted my time. I better used the time to finish Rilakkuma series on Netflix. And happened to me only one time I was late going to a class (in current school, not previous one lol), and I was like two minutes late.

Today, I had an appointment with the dentist and it should be my eighth visit to the clinic. But something happened, and I couldn't reach there on time.  I was like panic, and then finally the clinic called me and I was still in the bus, I forgot about the manner (cannot call inside the bus) and I just answered the call. I said sorry too many times, and I asked if I still can visit, the lady on the phone said the lunch time is coming soon so it's not possible. And they have like 1.5 hours break. I predicted I was gonna late for five minutes, in the end I was late more than 15 minutes.

Then I went to another place since I had another appointment. On my way coming home, the clinic called me again, and I booked another appointment. I don't know but I feel disappointed in myself, since I couldn't show up. Next time, I'll manage my time better. 

And many things make me sad also.
The latest one was arson attack in Kyoto Animation Studio which killed more than 30 people. Also, I dunno why everyday I read bad news in Japan, like stabbing, fire (there was always fire near my house like 1-2 weeks ago), suicide, etc.

Lazy to Update Blog

I feel like everyday I have many stories to tell and write. My life is just so colorful. At least in my opinion. And I really want to write everything on my blog but feel just too lazy to open my computer. But I always write kinda diary on my timeline LINE. And almost everyday. Using phone is just much easier than opening the blog dashboard.

Life is fun.
Except I have trouble in one class because I can't understand, hahaha. But even I have trouble and the teacher looked down on me, I still feel it is fun. I have trouble with some friends also.

Oh okay, I will write about a thing.

So in my school, there is one and only black guy from Nigeria. I did introduce myself to him but we didn't really talk until we ended up being classmate. I told my brother that I have African friend, because I never had, and he reminded me that Nigerian people like Indomie.

So the next time I met my friend again, I asked him, "Do you like Indomie?"

He was so excited replying my question, "Oh yeah of course. How do you know Indomie?"

Apparently it's true that Nigerian people don't know that it's actually Indonesian brand. They don't care where is it originally from, they just love Indomie so much. Then he told me, he really missed Indomie so much. He just arrived Japan around 3 months ago and had no idea that he can bring Indomie to the country. Of course, you can! And he doesn't know any shop selling African foods so until now he has survived without Indomie.

Date Format

I didn't know I could be confused with different date order/format.

In Indonesia, we're using dd/mm/yyyy for date format. Even we are gonna use the month using word, the order still the same, d/m/y. For example, December 18th 2019, will be 18/12/2019 or 18 December 2019. In Australia, where I spent my two years of life, they use the same date format.

I came back from Australia then I had a quite long free time so I planned to study foreign languages through the apps called Duolingo. Then, I saw the announcement that Arabic course will be available on 5/1. It was the end of the year when I saw it, so the course will be available only in few weeks. After waiting, the course I was longing for still not available. Then I realized. Wait, which company creates Duolingo? Where is it from? After I checked it is American company.

Oh okay. So 5/1 it's not fifth of January but first of May.

In the end, it was released late than the scheduled date. It was June I think. I'm really glad though finally Duolingo provides Arabic course!

In Japan, where I live now, is using yyyy/mm/dd format. For filling form, it is not so confusing. Because there will be kanji for year (ๅนด), month (ๆœˆ), and date (ๆ—ฅ) on it. For example December 18th 2019 will be like 2019ๅนด12ๆœˆ18ๆ—ฅ. But it is quite confusing, where I just need to send message and I only want to tell the month date. Like before I wanted to say to my friend 5th of June, so I wrote 5/6. But actually I should have written 6/5. 

Small sh*t but sometimes makes me confused.

Terpesona Bangkok

Jadi, ceritanya, aku kan balik dari Australia bulan Desember lalu, dan sudah berencana pindah ke Jepang bulan April tahun ini. Meskipun deg-degan soal visa, sih. Jadi, empat bulan kosong antara Desember dan April, aku bakal berada di Jakarta. Awalnya, aku berencana untuk keliling Asia Tenggara selama enam minggu. Tapi rencana tinggal rencana. Malah jadinya aku memutuskan liburan ke Jepang Bersama adikku selama semingguan.

Yang padahal kalau duitnya disisihkan, bisa buat keliling Asia Tenggara selama dua bulan tuh. Jepang mahal! Dan nggak cuma ke Jepang, aku juga sempat ke Bangkok dua malam bersama teman sebangkuku waktu SMA.

Temanku ini belum pernah ke luar negeri sebelumnya. Jadi aku mengajak dia buat ke luar negeri. Aku bilang ke dia, ayo pergi ke luar negeri, kalau ngga Penang ya ke Bangkok. Soalnya aku pengen ke salah satu di antara itu. Aku tawarkan dia, terserah kapan asal waktunya antara Januari sampai Maret. Aku harus mengikuti jadwal dia, karena aku menganggur sedangkan dia harus bekerja.

Waktu dia laporan kalau awal Februari dia bisa, aku segera cari tiket murah ke Bangkok. Kalau mau cari tiket, bisa ke web-nya Pegi Pegi. Nggak cuma tiket pesawat doang, tapi juga hotel.

Sebelum ini, aku pernah ke Bangkok tapi terakhir kali tujuh tahun lalu apa ya, dan hanya semalam. Waktu itu memang cuma sebentar, karena langsung berencana menuju ke Kamboja. Jadi bisa dibilang, aku seperti belum tahu mana-mana lah Bangkok. Padahal sering baca-baca artikel atau lihat-lihat unggahan foto teman-teman di Bangkok. Makanya kali ini aku bersemangat sekali pergi ke Bangkok!

Karena kami sampai Bangkok akhir pekan, tentunya kami merencanakan untuk pergi ke Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Aku sudah berkali-kali mendengar tentang pasar ini tapi tidak tahu bagaimana wujud aslinya! Dan wondering kok orang pada ke sana ya. Pada ngapain aja sih?

Setelah landing di Don Mueang Airport, kami langsung menuju ke Chatuchak naik bus. Mana kami hanya dua malam di Bangkok, jadi bawaan kami hanya satu ransel dan tidak terlalu berat. Bus kota menuju Chatuchak sangat nyaman dan terjangkau.

Aku tuh aslinya nggak suka banget sama panas, tapi Namanya jalan-jalan di Asia Tenggara ya mau gimana lagi. Kecuali naik gunung kali, baru nggak panas. Dari halte bus ke pasar Chatuchak kami harus menyeberang via jembatan penyeberangan. Dan panasnya bukan main. Hm, sebenarnya sama kayak di Jakarta sih, cuma aku manja aja.

Memasuki kawasan Chatuchak, aku langsung paham kenapa orang suka ke sana. Karena pasarnya besar banget, barang-barangnya bagus kualitasnya, dan yang paling penting harganya murah. Barang yang dijual pun mulai dari tas, baju, pernak pernik, dan lain-lain. Aku ngga bisa cerita banyak, ke sana aja sendiri, asik deh! Hahaha... dan karena aku sibuk lihat-lihat dan sibuk kepanasan, aku nggak foto sama sekali. Oh ya, di sana aku cuma beli kembang telang kering. Itu lho yang bisa bikin minuman warna ungu.

Selain itu, aku juga sempat pergi ke Asiatique. Ini juga tempat belanja dan tempat makan, tapi somehow asik aja tempatnya. Beberapa mal di Thailand juga asik, salah satunya ICON SIAM. Ini one of the best, really. Toiletnya bagus banget, hahaha. Sama Apple Store-nya besar banget dan view dari luar Apple Store keren banget.

Kayaknya tuh kemaren dua malam di Bangkok belum cukup.
Pengen ke sana lagi uwuwuw...

IDR 5.7 Million Commuter Pass

Currently, I live in Kyoto City.

Kyoto has a fabulous bus network, so many buses, and even some special schedule for certain days. Especially since Kyoto is also a major tourist area in Japan, so they need to serve the huge number of tourists as well, who also using public transports. 

Kyoto City Bus has a fixed rate fare which is 230 yen for adult and 120 for kids. Doesn't matter if you go only 1 km or you go 10 km (if it's still in fixed rate zone), you pay the same price. If you are tourist and may take bus more than three times a day, Kyoto City offers you one-day pass for 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children.

They also offer Commuter Pass ๅฎšๆœŸๅˆธ  teikiken for people who are commuting to work or to go to school. There are three options: 1, 3, and 6 months commuter pass. For example myself, I have 6-months commuter pass. So I can use the Kyoto City Bus, unlimited within six months. And since my status is student, the price of the commuter pass is cheaper compared to the one for people commuting to work ้€šๅ‹ค tsuukin.

I made my Commuter Pass in Kyoto Bus Information Center in front of Kyoto Station. Before going to the counter, I needed to fill a form, basically about my identity, school, and which kind of commuter pass I want to choose, etc. And I decided to buy 6 months commuter pass so I don't need to make commuter pass every month. Writing my school name, major, and address in kanji just too tiring for me. It's cheaper as well to buy six-months commuter pass. I needed to show my student ID ๅญฆ็”Ÿ่จผ gakuseishou and certificate of commuting status ้€šๅญฆ่จผๆ˜Žๆ›ธ tsuugakushoumeisho issued by the school. 

My Name in Japan

As you know, in Japan, they put family name in front followed by the ‘first name’ or given name. The order is reverse compared to name order in English.

While in Indonesia, some people have family name, some people do not. I belong to a race that most people do not have family name but luckily my mom gave me last name same as my father last name. So, I kinda have family name.

I think most friends who read my posts knew my full name but since I feel so weird repeating my own name in the post, just assume my name is: Shirley Rachel Williams. I just made random name with same initial as my name.

After arriving Japan, I got my residence card (ๅœจ็•™ใ‚ซใƒผใƒ‰)and from the bank I got my cash card. I also have my insurance card. Oh yeah, and student card. And all are in the different name.

When I arrived Japan, and I went to the immigration counter and there the officer printed residence card for me. The name on my residence card is exactly same as written as in the passport. I think most passports in the world show ‘family name’ separated from given name and Indonesian passport only show ‘full name’. So my name on the residence card written as: Shirley Rachel Williams.

The officer even checked two times and asked me,

“So your family name is Williams right? And first name is Shirley Rachel? I need to check few times because there will be some trouble if it’s written wrong.”

I’m sure there is no wrong spelling. And really there is no.


I started to have a dream to live in Japan since 2015. But I ended up spending my life two years in Australia and finally I'm here in Japan. When I'm thinking about it, I feel touched I can reach this point.

Back then, I looked for many things about Japan and even thinking to apply for work here. Then I found a website called YOLO Japan which provides job information for foreigners in Japan. I couldn't register since I was not living in Japan but since I moved here, I remember this website and signed up.

YOLO Japan Homepage.
YOLO Japan is not a regular job information provider. This online platform really serves gaijin the best since all the information is provided in six languages: English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and Vietnamese. And I hope they will be available in Bahasa Indonesia as well. If you don't speak fluent Japanese? Don't worry, you still could find any jobs here despite having little knowledge of Japanese.

Having trouble of writing CV or resume? In YOLO Japan you can apply jobs with online application and self-introduction video to introduce yourself to the company you apply.

What I like most from YOLO Japan is not only 'real job' or 'part time job' they offer, but also survey job, where you can get pocket money by filling questionnaire, or even Influencer Job for you guys who have many followers on Instagram! Sign up, and you'll see what project they are offering now.

If you are foreigners living Japan, I suggest to visit YOLO Japan~ ✨

Click the links below to try out YOLO Japan now:

Pengalaman Pertama Puasa di Kyoto

Persis sebelum Ramadan mulai, di Jepang ada liburan panjang yang disebut dengan Golden Week. Tahun ini liburannya 10 hari, dan liburku 13 hari karena pas nggak ada sebelum libur dan sesudah libur.

Dan aku yang ngga punya kerjaan cuma gegoleran di rumah sambil nonton Youtube.Tapi sempat tiga hari aku menemani teman ibuku buat jalan-jalan keliling Osaka dan Kyoto. Teman ibuku ini umurnya sudah 65 tahun dan sudah tidak terlalu kuat untuk jalan kaki. Padahal kalau di Jepang mah adanya jalan kaki mulu. Mau naik taksi? Mahal banget~ Si tante ini baik banget, aku ditraktir makan Kobe beef dong.Selama menemani tante, dibayarin makannya semua. Sama pulangnya dikasih uang saku, lol. Seneng banget wong ngga ngarep apa-apa, ngga nganggep ‘kerja’ gitu…

Ditraktir Kobe Beef sama si tante.

Okay~ dan kemudian setelah Golden Week berakhir, Ramadan pun datang…

Sekarang sudah puasa hari ke-11, nggak berasa ! Gimana puasanya? Nggak bolong-bolong kan?
Kalau aku jangan tanya lah, hahaha…

Tahun ini, buat aku suasana puasa sangat berbeda dibanding tahun lalu. Ramadan tahun lalu aku menghabiskannya di Australia. Itu pun dalam sebulan tidak hanya di satu kota. Aku sempat pindah dari Pinnaroo (South Australia), kemudian ke Melbourne, lalu terbang ke Brisbane, dan akhirnya sampai di Gatton (Queensland). Shalat Idul Fitri aku lakukan di Gatton. Oh ya, saat itu sedang musim dingin. Meskipun di daerah Gatton, musim dinginnya tidak sampai yang bersalju-salju, tapi suhu sempat minus saat malam dan pagi hari. Karena musim dingin, siang harinya tidak terlalu panjang sehingga waktu puasanya lebih pendek. Puasa sekitar 12.5-13 jam, dan enak banget karena jam lima pagi berangkat kerja, pulang kerja, nggak perlu nunggu lama buka deh! Nggak berasa.

Nah, sedangkan Ramadan tahun ini, aku tinggal di Jepang, tepatnya di Kyoto. Kali ini bukan pengalaman pertamaku puasa di Jepang, karena empat tahun lalu aku pernah tinggal di Jepang, tapi untuk di Kyoto, baru kali ini. Secara hitungan sih sekarang masih musim semi, tapi suhu maksimal sudah sekitar 26-29, dan buat aku itu panas banget. Maaf aku anaknya manja, nggak kuat panas. Siangnya pun lumayan panjang. Jadwal shalat subuh sekitar pukul 3-an, dan buka puasa pukul 7 malam. Enam belas jam puasanya!

Sungai Kamogawa di dekat rumah.

Tapi yaaa biasa aja sih. Nggak menderita-menderita amat. Masih ada tempat lain yang puasanya lebih dari enam belas jam. Alhamdulillah, kuat kuat aja… tapi kadang kalau ada presentasi, setelah itu jadi haus, hahaha. Mana aku juga ada kelas malam, jadi pas buka suka minum di kelas (yang padahal di laboratorium komputer nggak boleh minum, males keluar).

Temen-temen pasti udah ngerencanain mudik lebaran 2019. Aku boro-boro~ pas mendekati Idul Fitri malah kayaknya bakal banyak peer. Untungnya pas lebaran, aku nggak ada kelas pagi, jadi aku bisa shalat Idul Fitri dulu. *nyari makanan*

Di sini aku ngga punya teman yang puasa… lebih tepatnya nggak punya teman sih, LOL. Tapi ada satu guruku di kampus yang puasa dong. Senseiku satu ini perempuan asal Malaysia yang kayaknya umurnya beda sebulan doang sama aku tapi dia udah lulus PhD aja dong.Beliau juga puasa! Jadi berasa ada ‘temennya’.

Somehow, aku pengen makan opor ama rendang deh…

One Month in Japan Already

Time really flies so fast...
I feel I just arrived last week, but it turned out already one month ago.

The last post is about extra fridge that I accidentally bought from Amazon. Few days after receiving my fridge, I organised JP Post pickup service for returning the fridge. I looked up the shipping fee and it is around 2300 yen. But in the end I didn't need to pay any single yen. I'm so happy!

To return items you buy on Amazon, there are few steps to follow. You need to print the return barcode and return address, put it on the box, etc etc. So I did print the barcode and address in Seven Eleven. Also prepared the money I needed to pay. The day came, a postman called me he had arrived on the first floor. I brought my little fridge to first floor and handed it to the postman. And he said,

"What did you buy? So big."

I just grinned, it's a fridge.

He gave me a slip to sign, and then I asked how about the barcode, return address, and how much I need to pay. He said that I don't need to pay and the barcode is not needed. In the receipt slip written the return address which is different from what Amazon told me to print. But the postman said no need to worry, the return address is changed. I assumed Amazon there was a communication between them.

I'm so happy. Because I don't need to pay and it means I can spend the 2300 yen for food. Thank you Amazon, thank you JP Post! Japan service is the world's best!

Accidentally Bought TWO FRIDGES!!

I just read a blogpost from a fellow blogger, Mbak Millati Indah, about her experience shopping in Amazon, where she cancelled her transaction but she still received the stuff. The next day which is yesterday, a dramatic shopping experience also happened to me. But not in the same way.

Because no furnitures provided in my apartment, so I need to buy my own. And since I will only live in this house for six months, I only want to buy essential stuff that I really-really need. One of stuff, I need most is fridge, so I decided to buy fridge.

I used Amazon.co.jp for shopping, and so good because they offer free shipping and sometimes you can receive the items you buy on the next day. I bought curtain and light fixture on my first attempt to shop at Amazon.co.jp. And yesterday morning, I tried to buy a 46 L fridge.

Around 5 pm, I was walking home and I checked my e-mail. There was an notification e-mail that my fridge has been forwarded to courier service.

But... wait! Why did Amazon send me two e-mails? The first one was at 16.59 and the second one 17.10.

And the order number is different!

My Stuff for Japan

Moving this time, I'm using large suitcase. And I just realised that I don't have many clothes. I brought almost all of them along with all of my cosmetics, ranging from deodorant to new hand cream and soap that I haven't used.

When I packed all the essential stuff, my suitcase was only filled around one third. And I was thinking, what I should put more inside? I have 46 kg luggage allowance! Indonesian food? Nope, I rarely miss Indonesian food. I ended up bring two packs of Kusuka (my favorite snacks!) and Rice Chocolate Sprinkles a.k.a Meses Ceres, hahaha.

A friend asked me, "You don't bring batik?" So, I decided to bring a batik dress stolen from my mom's closet. And I remembered that I need to bring suits, so I took suits also... from my mom's closet. I also bring my N1 books that I never read.

I still have space to bring a human inside my luggage.

Finally, my suitcase not so empty la.

And most of them I can get rid of, like moisturiser which almost finished also other cosmetics, and a novel I can give someone after I finish. Don't know when finish though.

And still it was only 24 kg, half of the allowance.

Anyway, I want to know if I can blog again like before, lol. Now I have fast internet access and too much free time so I don't have any excuses. 

Starting a New Life in Kyoto

So I decided to blog about my life in Kyoto.
Yes, I just moved to Kyoto exactly a week ago.

Living in Japan had been one of my dreams since first time I lived 3 months in Japan four years ago. Back then I didn't really speak Japanese nor I could read Chinese characters (kanji). It was an amazing experience for me because it was my first time living in foreign country, and then I thought, well maybe it would be more fun if I can speak Japanese.

Now, I speak a little bit of Japanese and I have passed N2 level on Japanese Language Proficiency Test so I'm really excited to stay in Japan! But... my first day in Kyoto was not as smooth as I thought.

I arrived Kansai International Airport (KIX) on March 30th in the morning, and then took train to Kyoto. After arrived at Kyoto around 12:30, I visited the real estate agent where I need to sign a rent contract. Then the staff said, "Your contract starts on April 30th!" I showed my e-mail that I sent to my teacher that I am coming on March 30th but apparently my teacher sent information to the agent that I will come April 30th.

There was a misunderstanding. I started to think where should I stay that night if I could not enter the room.

This happened because I talked to my teacher in English while she sent e-mail to the agent in Japanese. Maybe she was so busy so she mixed up between 3 (March) and 4.

I'm Fine Without Instagram

I tried to minimise using Instagram since I saw on ‘Your Activity’ my usage of Instagram on last Wednesday was 2.5 hours. Did I spend time on Instagram this much? The average of last week was more than 1 hour but this is still way too much. So, I decided to avoid using Instagram as best as I can.

I may not post much but I like walking through celebrities and gossip accounts, and sometimes friends’ accounts. Especially, Syahrini and Reino Barack’s accounts, recently. I feel lucky my mental health is not influenced by friends’ posts but just why do I spend time on Instagram so long? Why don’t I allocate my time for other things?

Same goes for Facebook. I deleted Facebook Apps on my smartphone. But anyway, I rarely use Facebook. I turned off pop-up notifications of Facebook Messenger on my computer.

Now, I’m still using Instagram and Facebook but only a little bit. My average Instagram usage time decreased drastically and I don’t think my life has changed without looking at my friends’ posts.

But I don’t think my life getting healthier since I use the time to watch Japanese drama LOL

My Travel Style

I woke up and I opened my Blogger dashboard and... f*ck? Last blogpost I wrote was a month ago? So long time.

Actually, I feel I have never been busy in my life but I did travel for almost a week in Bali and another week in Japan after my last post. Currently, I am (not really) busy preparing my next hijra a.k.a migration.

I am happy to hear some of my friends moving to other countries, especially Australia. One of my closest Korean language classmate and Japanese language classmate just moved to Australia for their working holiday year. They came out from their comfort zone to find another comfort zone (?!) through uncomfortable zone (what I'm going to say). It was their first major migration in their life so they really prepared all the things in advance.

It's a good thing but something they have in common, they brought too much stuff to Australia. I heard they packed 30 kg stuff inside their suitcase.

It's up to them but just we have different kind of travel style.

Before I moved to Australia in December 2016, I booked a seat on a low cost carrier flight and didn't buy any baggage allowance. No, not that I am a minimalist and I am like most of people. We love to pack things they we're not going to wear or use. Like for example, we pack 10 clothes for our trip but end up wearing only five. Are you like that also? 

JLC Award 2019: JNE Appreciation Event for Loyal Customers ♥

It's been a long time (maybe three years), I didn't attend any bloggers event!
Luckily, I had a chance to attend JLC Award 2019 Press Conference and the awarding event itself and met some of my old (OLD! Pardon my English ๐Ÿ˜) blogging friends.

Do you know JNE?

I myself use JNE services many times to send documents or packages for my family or friends living in other city. But I didn’t know JNE has a loyalty member program called JNE Loyalty Card (JLC) until I attended JLC Award 2019.

So basically, most of members of JLC are small-medium enterprises (SMEs) entrepreneurs who started their business from the scratch until they currently are having many customers. JNE has desire to support business development for their loyal SMEs entrepreneurs members. Therefore, JNE holds an annual event called JLC Award for showing its appreciation to the loyal members.

From left: Lastyo Lukito, Director External Affair and Sustainable Practices Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara, Vicky, an entreprenur, and Melan (I'm not sure the spelling!) from JNE.

Are you a JLC member?

This year, JLC Award 2019 has a theme: “Dream Big, Dream Bigger” so JNE hopes for JLC members able to develop their business bigger and bigger, not only in domestic market but also in international market. JLC Award 2019 held in Ballroom Hotel Pullman Central Park Jakarta on 14th of February 2019, and hosted by famous MC, Bayu Oktara and Melissa Karim.

On 21st of December 2018, JNE held JLC Lucky Draw 2018 and from the results 100 lucky JLC members were chosen and they would get many prizes such as tour packages to South Korea and Bali, motorcycles, electronic devices, and many shopping vouchers.

I met Mbak Melly and Mbak Melinda (nice to meet you!), Mas Salman Faris, Mbak Dewi Sulistyowati, Mbak Lidya Fitrian. I had not seen them for three years. They are still awesome as I met before. #gombal
There is also JLC Race 2018, where the members divided into two categories: Highest Transaction and Highest Number of Shipments. JLC Race 2018 started from 10 October to 31 December and they are 26 winners from regional and national level. There are eight JNE regional areas: Sumatera, DKI Jakarta, Bodetabekcil (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, & Cilegon), West Java, Central Java & DI Yogyakarta, JTBNN (East Java, NTT, & NTB), Kalimantan, and Sulampapua (Sulawesi, Ambon, & Papua).

And you know the prizes? will makes you drooling. Really.

The prizes are ranging from Toyota All New Rush, Royal Enfield motorbike, tour package to New Zealand, Dubai, and Turkey, Honda CBR, gold, iPhone XS, and many more! I’m so jealous with the winners!

Me and Joni, the mascot of JNE.

My makeup that day.
Don't ever believe me. Really.
The JLC Award 2019 awarding event.
In JLC Award 2019, JNE also held a signing ceremony with Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN). JNE supports conservation program held by YKAN, so start from this year JLC members can donate their points for YKAN to participate in nature conservation programs.

Not JLC member yet?
You can easily register on http://jlc.jne.co.id, and you will get benefit from every shipment you do with JNE. With the points you get, you will have chance to win the prizes or maybe can win in JLC Award next year?

My Gatton Playlist

Sometimes you have a song or two which if you hear those songs they will remind you of something... someone... or somewhere. I moved a lot back then in Australia and in every single place I stayed, I have kind of my 'soundtrack'. Every time I play the song, it will remind me of a certain place. In this post, I would like to list 10 songs that I always played or listened or sang back in Gatton, Australia.

1. Bu Gai (ไธ่ฉฒ) by Jay Chow feat A Mei.

I knew this song since I was in Tasmania. I remember I heard this song for the first time in my first house in Tasmania. A Taiwanese housemate played this song and I felt I might heard this song before, anyway since then I like this song. Even until I moved to Gatton, and my Japanese housemates were sick of this song. ๐Ÿ˜œ "Qing qing piao~ luo xia lai~"

2. One Kiss by Dua Lipa

I have never been a fan of global top ten songs especially English songs. So if you ask me about songs which are famous now, I have no idea. One Kiss by Dua Lipa was no. 1 in global chart and when I was working in Gatton, almost everyday radio played this song. I worked inside shed and the radio was always on, and when this song was played, my supervisor always sang along. Now when I hear this song, I remember the shed I worked before.

I am so sensitive

Last year, two days before CNY, I cried in the farm because my roommate. She is one of my best friends I have in Australia. But one day, she made me really-really angry ๐Ÿ˜ค Because she chose money over me. She pushed me to ask permission to go home to supervisor who happened to be an Indonesian, I asked already, and my friend said: “UNA! Today price will be high, let’s just stay working!” What the F***? You guys were scared to talk to supervisor because you guys wanted to go home and I asked already and now you don’t want to go home? I swore a lot but I couldn’t be angry... and ended up crying ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ We went home and I just slept whole day while she couldn’t stop thinking about me ๐Ÿ˜‚

This year, one day before CNY, I cried in public train because suddenly my friend (one of my best friends) accused me to do something I didn’t do. He said: Una Why???? He always blamed me on something I didn’t do, and before happened three times. And I was so so so angry and cried. And now again?! The thing is before he was in front of me and I could directly swear in front of his face. Now he is faraway. I said to him I was sad and cried but I guess he’s not sensitive ๐Ÿ˜ค

I guess my heart is softer than Hello Kitty's. Weaker than your hymen. Really easy to break... but not with big thing, I won't be sensitive with big issue. I will be broken heart even when you only accidentally throw away my towel. Before my friend threw away my towel to rubbish bin, I was angry whole day HAHAHA.

I know I am super sensitive...
And I cried over little things... and people don’t understand why I cried ๐Ÿคฃ
But I dunno why I always cry on CNY.
Maybe because of moon motion can make people more emotional? ๐Ÿค”

Or maybe because my crush is gonna marry soon?
My crush = Reino Barack


When I go overseas, I like to try their special McDonald's menu that you cannot find in other country. My favourite fast food is McDonald's... and they always sell seasonal/limited edition menu in Indonesia. Is it monthly? I'm not sure. And I missed so many their meal like Burger Balado or Ayam Kremes Spesial Sambel Uleg since I lived in Australia before. I felt I would contact my friend in Indonesia and ask her to buy the limited edition menu and keep it in the freezer so I could eat when I return home ๐Ÿ˜ข

McDonald's Australia has special list of menu called Gourmet Creations, but I never buy. I don't find them attractive try I don't know why. They have Gourmet Grilled Chicken Caesar or Angus Truffle Cheese... meh, not interested. But I remember I bought their limited menu Custard Pie. And I'm lovin' it. ๐Ÿ˜Œ Last month, I tried Peach Pie (oh my god taste so chemical), Salted Egg Yolk Fries (this is sooo good), and Pandan cone in Singapore. And also Taro Pie and Lychee Sundae from McDonald's Malaysia. Big NO NO for me. I remember I tried Creamy Herb Chicken Pie from McD Singapore in November, it was good.

I don't really find McDonald's pies are addictive, until I tried pie from McDonald's Japan. Sankaku Choco Pie Caramel is my favourite, I ate more than 4 times in a week and I'm craving for it right now. How to buy if now I'm in Indonesia... ๐Ÿ˜“

McDonald's Japan also have Sankaku Choco Pie Black. Sankaku means triangle and black because the pie and filling is 'black', well not really black la, dark brown la. Pie in McD Japan is like pastry... really good. I don't know how Japanese make everything... all so perfect and good, like this pie. The chocolate filling taste so good (sorry I can't write food review, why all only good ๐Ÿ˜“) but I could sense slight chemical taste. I still prefer the Caramel, though.

SANKAKU CHOCO PIE BLACK ไธ‰่ง’ใƒใƒงใ‚ณใƒ‘ใ‚ค・้ป’
Where to buy: McDonald's Japan
Price: 120 yen (around Rp 16.000)

Today I bought Double Choco Pie from McDonald's near my home. I tried other McD Indonesia limited edition Apple Banana and Mango Custard Pie but they didn't leave any impression for me. Just so so. I prefer the original Apple Pie one. I find Double Choco Pie is the best among all I tried from McD Indonesia. I like the chocolate filling... Have you tried this newest McD pie?

Where to buy: McDonald's Indonesia
Price: Rp 14.000 (after tax)

I like both of the Choco Pie... Only the pie pastry, I prefer the Japan one.


 Di Tasmania, aku punya teman serumah yang berasal dari Taiwan bernama Eunice. Meski tinggal serumah, kami tak kunjung berbincang-bincang banyak karena ia tinggal bersama gank-nya yang semuanya orang Taiwan dan terlihat seperti eksklusif. Barulah setelah teman se-gank-nya cabut karena visanya habis, ia tertinggal sendiri dan mulai bercakap-cakap denganku. Ternyata Bahasa Inggrisnya sangat bagus dan kami sangat nyambung.

Kami jadi sangat akrab, meskipun akhirnya aku pindah rumah yang akhirnya Eunice juga sempat tinggal selama 9 malam. Kami bahkan sempat berwacana untuk bertualang di Asia Tenggara bersama. Namun Namanya rencana, akhirnya aku membatalkan karena aku mengganti rencanaku dan jadinya malah Eunice datang ke Indonesia! Ia punya waktu enam malam di Indonesia dan kami menghabiskannya di Jakarta dan Yogyakarta. Ia cuma punya tiket ke Jakarta dan aku pun mencari tiket pesawat ke Jogja sebelum ia sampai ke Jakarta.

Tiket pesawat ke Jogja bisa ditemukan di situs pegipegi dan user experience-nya sangat oke ya. Aku kalau klik button 'pesan tiket pergi' atau 'lanjutkan' kayak cepat gitu loading-nya. Dan di pegipegi kamu bisa lihat harga tiket yang tersortir dari harga yang paling terjangkau. Aplikasi pegipegi juga bisa didapatkan di Google Play dan Apps Store.

Eunice yang aslinya merupakan seniman dan desainer, ternyata gampang banget ngasih hiburannya ke dia. Naik mobil ke pelosok Yogyakarta sambil lihat rumah-rumah reyot aja dia bilang, “Wow Una, the house so beautiful.” Dalam hati gua, bagus mananya sih! Diajak makan bubur ayam abang-abang gerobak saja katanya enak banget. Jadi asyik mengajak Eunice ke mana-mana, apa-apa bagus buat dia.

Eunice yang sangat mengagumi kaleng kerupuk khas warung Indonesia pun membeli versi mininya.

GLICOPIA EAST: Visit to Pocky Factory

Who doesn't know Pocky?
Who doesn't love Pocky?

I love Pocky! And I have been wanting to visit Pocky (or Glico, name of the company which produces Pocky) factory since four years ago, and finally I visited one of the factories. I AM SO HAPPY!

In summer 2015, I stayed in Ashiya-shi, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Knowing there is a Glico factory called Glicopia in Kobe, I have been wanting to go, but all in the website is in Japanese, I couldn't understand and even I went there I wouldn't understand what the staff explain.

Now my Japanese is getting better and I still remember I wanted to go Glico factory. I don't know how many Glico factories in Japan, but as far as I know there are three Glicopia which are open for public. Glicopia Kobe and Glicopia East in Saitama are producing Pocky and Pretz, and also Glicopia Chiba, the Glico ice cream factory.

I visited Glicopia East in Saitama. The factory tour is free and all you need is reservation in advance. The reservation website page is all written in Japanese and the guided factory tour held in Japanese, so if you'd like to visit Glicopia, you can ask your friend or someone who speaks Japanese to book and take you there (and translate). You can book the tour up to three months in advance and you can check which schedule is available (weekend might be difficult to book).

♥ ♥ ♥


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After I arrived in front of Alex' -the contractor- house, I called him and I told him if I had arrived. He was not home and asked me why I didn't ask him to pick me up in bus station. After waiting few minutes, he arrived with his legendary blue Hi-Lux. I shook his hand and guessed his age around 65 to 70 years old. He let me come to his house and he left again... busy guy.

As soon as I found his full name, which is Eskander Alokaily, I googled and found many news about him. Some just neutral normal news, but there are also many negative posts. I even googled his name in Japanese and many posts in Japanese about him also. ๐Ÿคฃ Since then, I felt like I need to be careful with him. Scared, but not really scared la, but a little bit worried and tried to be careful. ๐Ÿคฃ You know, a person even wrote that he is WORST CONTRACTOR IN GATTON

Is it?

The answer is I DON'T KNOW.
But I don't think so.
And anyway, you can get second visa by working to him.

If you can see his teeth in real life, you're lucky.