Yobisute 呼び捨て

I didn't have wi-fi for more than two weeks.
I felt so lonely... and missing out too many showbiz news a.k.a celebrity gossip.

So I just moved to a new house, it didn't have wi-fi. Finally I got it only few days ago! Now I can watch Atta Halilintar Youtube videos whenever I want.


I don't watch Atta's videos. Well sometimes if it came on recommended videos by Youtube.

In this post, I will talk about Japanese culture on addressing other people. I think most of you know, that in Japan, normally they add -san, -kun-, or -chan behind the name of someone they call. Calling a person you don't really know without appropriate suffix is considered as rude. When people call someone without suffix, it means they are close or their subordinate at work.

Also calling someone with his/her family name is quite normal. Not only in polite situation, but sometimes two people know each other since little but they call each other with family name. It's just normal. In other hand, I know some Japanese people who don't like to be called by their family name.

There is a word in Japanese 呼び捨て 'yobisute' which means calling someone by their first name, and without any suffix. Yobisute literally means 'throw away the calling'. So basically, 'throw away' the suffix. When someone does this to other person, it means they are close, or this someone is trying to be rude.

When I lived in Australia, I met so many Japanese. And of course, they use their first names to introduce themselves and they will call other person (foreigners) without any suffix. They will just call me 'Una' without any suffix.

But then, I met some of my Japanese friends (who I met before in Australia) in Japan, they just changed to call me 'Una-chan' or 'Una-san'. It is just super fine, but '-san' a little bit kaku though. Maybe they feel something missing 😂, if they don't add any suffix behind the name.

So I searched on Google what is the antonym of yobisute. I thought it was 呼び拾い 'yobihiroi', which means 'pick up the calling', but this word doesn't exist. The opposite word of yobisute is さん付け (sanzuke) which literally means 'putting the -san'.

For me doesn't matter they call me with suffix or not. In Indonesia, my younger brother and cousins with more than 5 years of age apart also call me without any prefix (a.k.a 'mbak') 😂. Only name is okay, I feel I am as young as them.