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Menjelang Pemilu 2019, banyak banget orang membagikan link berita politik di internet. Ada yang pro kubu situ, ada yang pro kubu sana. Beberapa hari lalu, aku berselancar di timeline LINE dan ada teman yang membagikan postingan tentang politik. Aku lupa bahkan tentang apa, yang jelas aku malah asyik membaca komentar di bawah postingannya. Ada salah satu komen yang menarik perhatianku.


Bentar-bentar, ini orang ngajak bercanda kah? Kok bilangnya 2091, bukan 2019? Tapi setelah membaca kalimat komentarnya yang lain, si penulis pro kubu Prabowo-Sandi. Kayaknya sih dia typo aja. Lagian tahun 2091 pasti ganti presidennya, kok. Tenang aja. Atau malah Indonesia sudah nggak ada. Dasar emang pengangguran, aku pun isengin temanku dengan cara sok-sokan typo 2019 jadi 2091. Tapi setelah berdiskusi (ngisengin aja pakai diskusi) dengan adikku, dia memberitahu kalau Pemilu kan kelipatan 5 tahun, jadi ya kalau ngga di tahun belakangnya 4, ya 9. Ya sudah jadinya 2109.

Pertama-tama aku testing dulu ke salah satu teman Working Holiday di Australia via WhatsApp. Orang ini suka sebel kalau aku kasih tebak-tebakan ngga jelas. Yang aku tahu dia pro kubu Jokowi.

Destiny with A Man

I'm not talking that I met a guy.
But I'm going to talk that I met a friend, who is a girl, and her name is Man.

We met for the first time when we were picking blackberry in rows next to each other. Man, who was a strawberry picker, helped the blackberry team since that day the fruits were so many and we had less people. She was picking blackberry next to me. What I remember, she put loud Cantonese songs and said sorry to me if it was too loud.

In the same row with her, there was Lee, the fastest picker in the team. Lee introduced Man, who actually his housemate, to me.

"Una, this is my housemate, Amen."

That's what I thought. I thought her name is Amen, like when you end a prayer. It turned out her nickname is Man and usually they put Ah (é˜ŋ) in front of name, so become Ah Man, or A Man. That day was so hot and Man gave me ice pack which she got borrowed from supervisor.

Good background.
We never talked until two months later I decided to stay in Tasmania when my travel mates decided to leave. I moved to backpacker hostel and Lee offered me to move to his house. They had one bed available. Long story short, I decided to move to Lee's house and one of my roommate was A Man. 😄

I came to the house very late, since in the day time, I went to a small mountain with other friends and climbed for six hours. That night was my first time I had long conversation with A Man, we laughed so hard until Lee warned us to keep quiet ðŸĪĢ.

Anyway, I have never thought I have 'destiny' with A Man.

- We became good friend and we left Tasmania together two of us by Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

- We said goodbye after we arrived Melbourne and went to different destination. She went road trip with her two friends toward Adelaide while I stayed in Melbourne for few days before going to a small town called Pinnaroo in South Australia located close to border to Victoria.

- I was on my way to Pinnaroo by bus and the bus stopped in front of public toilet in the outback I don't know where it was to exchange driver. And that time, I saw A Man's friend's car in front of my bus and without any plan I met A Man in the middle of nowhere. We were surprised and we were excited without even talking anything. I couldn't get off the bus because the driver wouldn't let me and no time anyway.

- I moved to Pinnaroo and she moved to Caboolture. I earned good money but I didn't like being there so I decided to fly to Brisbane. I visited her in Caboolture.
She eats a lot. 
She is a sexy girl.
- I moved to Gatton and she asked me to take there. Six days after I arrived Gatton, she came and we became roommate again for four months. In total we were roommates for six months.

- Last month, I gave her surprise visit to Hong Kong. 😄

In front of Wong Tai Sin Temple.
I didn't know I can be friend with this crazy Hongkongnese girl. ðŸĪĢ

The Beginning of My Gatton Life

I was in Pinnaroo, South Australia.

That time I was confused because my feeling was bad there... just bad... and I really wanted to move from there. As I always follow what my heart tells me, I planned to go toward north to Queensland. Three places that I had in my mind were Caboolture, Gatton, and Ayr (or Home Hill). The first one, it is famous for backpacker to go there but many bad news heard -scam, low pay, etc. Second one, I had no idea at all but I heard from Indonesian fellow he worked there, and that's all the information I got. And Ayr, I was there last year and I knew some good farms, but I was thinking I didn't want to return to place that I had been before.

Anyway, I bought ticket from Melbourne to Brisbane. I didn't have any detailed plan, no friends, and I was thinking to spend some relax time in Brisbane for one week or two since I moved 5 times in a month in May 2018. F*cking tired! I need pamper myself, spend money, drink coffee in chic cafe, eat fancy food, without thinking about work, said myself. I took a long bus journey from Pinnaroo to Melbourne, spent night in prayer room in airport, and then flew to Brisbane. I booked three nights stay in a hostel close to Roma Street Station not knowing what to do next.

Not even one minute after arriving my 10-bed hostel room, an Indonesian friend called me. It was her first time to call me. She asked me if I wanted to work in Gatton, a town 90 km from Brisbane, in a farm she was working. She said the work is good, good pay, and inside shed (it means I don't need to darken my dark skin). Broccolini packing. And she also said I need to come there soon. Really, God never let me to spoil myself. But I have booked hostel bed three nights already so I said I would come in next three days.

I was confused...
but I felt lucky in the same time.
I just arrived f*cking Brisbane and I got job without looking for it. No effort at all. It feels like destiny.

Hello, Indonesia! I'm Back!

Finally, I'm back!
Today is my 13th day in Indonesia after leaving Australia. ðŸ‡Ķ🇚

I always wanted to keep writing blog, but yes, I'm lazy and wi-fi in my ex-house in Gatton, so f*cking shit! I called the internet provider because my ex-landlord (and ex-boss) asked me to call but no result. I asked to change the internet to NBN but the provider ended up sent a notification letter addressed to my boss' other house in other city, wtf. So tired. We gave up and tried to watch Youtube videos in low quality everyday.

Anyway, my Australia visa expired on 8th of December but I left Australia on 6th and my flight departed at 2.35 a.m, and I spent two nights in Singapore before returning to Indonesia and arrived Jakarta on 9th. Long journey, and long story, also.

In my 2-year Australia life I should say that the best place is in Tasmania, and also hardest farewell. However, the most amazing life still my 6-month Gatton life. I have a lot of gossips and people stories to share but... many of them are risk to write, LOL. Especially when they are about marijuana, free s3x, rape, gambling, and other taboo stuff for Indonesians. Well, I try to write safe stories la... hahaha.

I didn't feel sad leaving Gatton...
But now I started to miss Gatton...
When my activities were only laying down on sofa, watching Youtube, and listening people gossiping. Well, and myself gossiping also. ðŸ˜ķ

I have many next plans but still on secret until the plan is fixed.
Okay la, see you soon.
I will update my blog soon.

With my girls who worked in the same farm. On my last day in Gatton.

First Time Experience: Seeing a Doctor in Australia

Currently, I'm working in broccolini packing shed. What I'm doing in my job is making bunch of broccolini sticks and tie it with two rubber bands. After we finish making bunch, we need to put on the table and someone in charge will put bunches on the machine with conveyor belt and it will be cut and someone need to put supermarket tag with barcode under the upper rubber band.

Unluckily, we can't bring phones to the shed so I don't have any photos or footage with me. But anyway, not all people can do the tag because the bunches move so fast on the conveyor belt. Two days ago (31/8), supervisor asked me to do tag and I know I still cannot do that by myself. With sorrow face, I walked out from my bin and walked to the tagging place. I know someone will help me but I need to do my best anyway.

Well, I couldn't do by myself so many people came to help me. My gloves once broken and a friend who was helping me let me go to change gloves. I didn't feel anything that time, no pain, my finger was okay. Until break time, I needed to throw away my gloves and I checked my left hand index finger... I had broccolini under my nail and so deep. It was not hurt. A little bit, but almost nothing.

After I got back home from work, I tried to get rid of the broccolini. I was using nail clipper pick (?) to remove it but failed. I tried again with safety pins... but it just so hurt and too deep. I cried... and gave up.

Can you see how deep the broccolini is? ðŸ˜Ē

What Are My Dreams?

My housemate was smoking in front of house, sitting in the bench, and then I approached him and asked,

"Do you have dreams?"

I just wanted to have conversation so I asked random question but actually I was curious also because he's almost 33 years old, and for working holiday visa holder he's quite... old. FYI, to get working holiday visa in Australia a person's age must be under 31. Maybe he applied when he was 31, and then had his 32th birthday in Australia, then this year he will be 33 years old. Not sure, though.

He said, "I want to have a shop. Like camping equipment shop or anything."

"That's it?"


His dream is not so 'high'. LOL. But when he asked me back what is my dream, I was confused. But I said, that one of my dreams is to experience living in many foreign countries. I lived short time in Japan before, now almost two years in Australia, and I want to live in another countries. Developed or developing, doesn't matter.

In the other day, my other housemate who doesn't speak English really well was picking blackberry next to my row and he asked me, "What do you want to be?" I don't know what does he mean, but maybe it's about dream. Then I answered that I want to be rich girl so that if I want to buy something I do not need to see the price tag, just buy and buy. Do not need to care about the price because I have a lot of money, LOL.

The hippie bag that I really wanted. Ended up didn't buy this bag. Only $29 though.

No-Plan Plan

'What's your plan after this?' is a common question between backpackers in Australia. I ask and have been asked this question so many times. Coming here, I didn't really have plans but back in Tasmania, I had.

In Tasmania, when someone asked me what is my plan, I was pretty sure I wanted to have a week or two holiday in Melbourne and then fly to Brisbane or Cairns and then go to a town called Home Hill in North Queensland. I wanted to get packing job there. And holiday for me means chilling, go shopping, and eating out in restaurants. I didn't work much in last two months in Tasmania, I chilled a lot, but since I was staying in small town, I couldn't go to cozy cafe or international food restaurants.

My plan didn't happen.

I ended up staying in Melbourne only 3 nights and my next destination was a small town named Pinnaroo in South Australia. Totally different with what I had planned before. One day before I left Tasmania, a friend asked me if I want to go to her place because the farm she was working in needed workers. I didn't think much and I said yes! I want to come. I wanted to see her also, I didn't see her for 2 months.

In Pinnaroo, I worked inside shed to sort potatoes. Sometimes the supervisor arranged us to do another job like washing bins, cleaning house, etc. The money was very good, 23.43 AUD per hour and in a week can work up to 50 hours. But I didn't feel happy there. I thought maybe because I haven't moved on from Tasmania. But yeah I haven't moved on but I felt happy when I was in Melbourne seeing and eating around. Anyway, I left after two weeks.

This time, I flew to Brisbane. My plan was chilling one week in Brisbane, go to theme park in Gold Coast, and then take train to go to Home Hill. Train is really slow and costs a lot but it's okay since I planned to stay Home Hill longer, like more than 3 months, to save money. That was the plan.

My plan didn't happen (again).

I just arrived my hostel in Brisbane, not even 15 minutes, suddenly my friend who I met just twice called me. She said she needed to leave her job and she asked me if I want to replace her to work there. My mind was like, "What? I just arrived and planned to stay Brisbane longer and now I need to work soon again?" But yeah, I said yes, I would love to work because it's really hard to get farm work with good pay. 

Then, I just stayed in Brisbane 3 nights (I even didn't have time see around Brisbane), and here I am in Gatton, around 90 km from Brisbane.

The actual is really not based on the plan. So from now on, I decided to have no-plan plan in Australia. I still have options where to go but I know I will change again. So if my friends ask me what is my plan I would answer I do not know, or I don't have plan. 

Currently, I have plan to stay here for around 1 - 1.5 months. But maybe tomorrow change that I will go to New Zealand (super random).

I talked about that I moved 4 times already this month. And a workmate next to me was curious,

"How do you manage to move?"
"How do you manage to get work?"

It's easy to move for me since I only have 1 small luggage. And about the work, I don't know I just feel lucky that I have friends who give me information about job.

My current belongings.
I'm really grateful with my life now, ðŸ˜Œ.  ← didn't know emoticon can be italicised.
Adaaa aja jalannya...

Gatton, 30 May 2018


Getting off from the ferry, I took a deep breath with Melbourne's air. Whoaaa, it really feels different compare to air freshness in Tasmania. You need to compare, really.

I am in Ouyen, a small town in Victoria, when I am writing this post. I just checked my usage of my data (I am still on journey so no wi-fi) and 38% was for Instagram. Last year even 50% for Instagram. I think I am really addicted on Instagram. I don't post anything so much, I can hold myself not to post even more than one month, but I really enjoy watching people's Insta-stories and pictures. Anyway...

I moved a lot in Australia.

First time, I came here I lived in Perth for a month, then moved to Stanthorpe for 2.5 months, spent few days in Brisbane, then 2 weeks in Cairns, 4.5 months in Ayr, took a train Brisbane and then bus to Byron Bay, 2 weeks in Tabulam, 1 week in Sydney, did road trip from Sydney to Katherine, 9 days in Darwin, back to Sydney for 1.5 months, went to Griffith, lived 5 months in Tasmania, 3 days in Melbourne, now I'm here and going to a small town in border between Victoria and South Australia.

That even only in brief. If I mention all towns I stayed, it would be very lengthy post.

When I checked my Instagram, I counted there are almost 30 pictures I uploaded that I took in Tasmania. I only posted one picture in Ayr, and not even one in Cairns or Sydney or Darwin or Tabulam. It means I really love Tasmania a lot.

Break time!
But hell yeah, Tasmania is super good. Too beautiful, too many spots to explore, and really comfortable for living. Town where I stayed also perfect. It's not really 'country side', I mean it is a small town with no more than 3000 people living there, but it has Woolworths (supermarket), and several wonderful artsy shops and cafes.

I came to mainland by ferry from Devonport, Tasmania, together with my (now ex-) roommate. And we said goodbye to each other in Melbourne. She misses Tasmania a lot. She always texted me how she wants to go back to Tasmania and picks strawberry again and see the handsome supervisor again LOL.
Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet National Park.
Many people coming to Australia and after seeing how good is life here, they want to migrate or stay longer here. Some of my friends, also. And me, I really want to live abroad but after I arrived here, I never ever had any desire to stay here longer. Australia is pretty but too boring compared to Asian countries. I prefer Asia than Australia.

But after living Tasmania for almost half a year (it was exactly 160 days), now I want to go back there and stay longer. But how?

Marry ah?

With who ah? Sheep or wallaby?

Ouyen, May 5th 2018

I Like Your F*cking

In my house in Tasmania, there were two raspberry picker girls, one from Japan, and one from Taiwan (she left). By the way, I left already also several days ago. Anyway, we had a chit-chat one night until late. I told them about that I went to Katherine, Northern Territory last year.

"I don't like it. It's f*ckin' hot! It was like 38 -40 f*cking every day!

"Una-chan, I like your f*cking!"

Wait… what the f*ck did I hear?

Basically, she said I'm good at swearing. After she told me that, I did my effort to change the word f*ck to 'very'.

"In Darwin, it's f…. very smelly." Really struggled to not putting swearing words. LOL.

Back in Indonesia, I didn't really swear. I even almost never used the common swearing words like 'anjrit', 'anjir', or 'sampah.' I just didn't. Even most of my friends will say that, even the religious-looking friends, LOL. Sometimes I will use the Javanese version of 'dog' but it's really rare. Mostly I use if I'm disappointed or just in fun way. I don't know but I don't need to use those words to express my feelings and emotions.

But coming to Australia, I use swearing words like f*cking a lot. I use 'f*ck you', 'f*cksake', 'f*ck', 'sh*t, etc. I will say 'f*ckoff to my friends who annoy me or I will say 'f*ck' when I drop my glasses when picking. I also use my middle finger A LOT!

I don't know but it comes naturally when I say that, hahaha. It feels like just normal word.

I read an article that according to research, people who use bad words most likely smarter than who do not because they are more expressive and honest. I myself don't believe that I'm smart but I hope I'm smart. Hahaha, wtf. Though I know I'm not.

Ouyen, May 5th 2018

Living Cost in Australia

Is it expensive to live in Australia?

F*cking EXPENSIVE! But if you compare the living cost to money you can earn here, it's relatively very cheap.

For example, okay I'm using Big Mac index, so in Australia Big Mac a la carte costs 5.7 AUD while in Indonesia is around 3 AUD. Working in Australia as a casual worker has minimum wage 22.86 AUD per hour, so it means you can buy Big Mac by only working for 15 minutes. But in Indonesia, if you want to have Big Mac by 15 minutes work means you need to earn minimum 12 AUD per hour, and it means your monthly pay minimum (assumption 8 hours a day work and 22 days a month) needs to be, 2112 AUD or around 23 mio IDR. While minimum wage in Jakarta only around 300 AUD per month, so it means minimum wage worker needs to work 1.7 hours to get 1 Big Mac. Need to work 7 times harder! Not to mention the minimum wage workers in other provinces who may get less pay.

1 dollar Lipton Tea... Cupcake flavored.
Most stuff here more expensive compare to Indonesia. The most expensive I think housing/accommodation. I paid 164 AUD per week for 8-bed room in Ayr last year. My last accommodation was 75 AUD per week for 4-bed room in Deloraine, Tasmania. It was my cheapest bed I've ever stayed. Phone credit also expensive. It is averagely 30 AUD to get 3 GB data. Last time, I went to Indonesia I bought data-only SIM Card, it was 7.5 AUD for 19 GB. Very different! Public transport fares are also expensive. It is 4.3 AUD to take one ride of Melbourne tram, while in Jakarta, you only need to pay 35 cents to take TransJakarta busway.

OMG, I just saw aurora!

Last week (20/4) around 6 PM, my housemate who is staying in room front of mine shouted calling my roommate's name. He sounded so excited but I didn't what is the reason because he just talked with his roommate in Mandarin.

"Shower," I said when he came looking for my roommate.

He left my room and came again and see my mirrorless camera on top of my bedside table. I just brought camera from Indonesia two months ago and I almost never used it here. But that day, I wanted to take photos so I took out from my luggage. He said he wanted to borrow the camera to take photos of aurora. Then I knew the reason why he was so excited is: Aurora australis or southern lights which could be seen that day.

"You go you go? Ah, I know you don't go," he tried to invite me but he answered himself. 😜

He left my room (again) and came again. He said that day the aurora index was so high. So aurora strength shown from a planetary index with kp unit. It goes from 0 to 9, and more higher more likely you see aurora. That time, I checked it was 5.67 and would be more than 6 in half an hour.

"I go I go. When?"

"Now! In 10 minutes," he answered then he went to knock bathroom to tell my roommate that we need to go soon. I was chilling down with my computer and suddenly was in rush to change clothes.

I remembered my roommate said she really wanted to see aurora and even planned to leave Tasmania after she could see aurora. I think she kind of gave up because she already bought ticket leaving Tasmania. And seeing aurora needs luck because you don't know when will it can be seen even the forecast sometimes wrong.

Secret Garden in Deloraine

It was around two months ago, I was in supermarket wandering alone while my friends, UU and Rainie still looking around the vegetables section. I finished my adventure in supermarket (means checking all discounts especially on chips, biscuit, and soda) and then I came back to find my friends. I saw an old Aussie man was talking to them.

I approached them and listened to their conversation.
So, the old man was a traditional Chinese medicine practicioner and studied in China long time ago. He can speak a little bit Chinese also. Then I joined their talk and he tried to guess where I came from.

He first guessed I'm not from Asian country. He couldn't guess so I told him I am from Indonesia and... he can speak Indonesian. ðŸ˜Ū And guess what his comment after I said I came from Jakarta!

"Ah, kotor!" (Indonesian word means dirty.) He even knows that Jakarta is dirty, lol.
"But I was born in Jogja."
"I like Jogjakarta, I went there 40 years ago."

My friend and he exchanged phone number and he invited us to come to his house. Few hours later, he contacted my friend and asked us to come to his house that night at 8 PM.


Should I Write in English?

I've really-really wanted to write in English for my blog posts.

But the thing is my English writing super sucks! I have limited English vocabulary and do not know how to make the sentences to be interesting and fun to read.

I did try to make other blog and planned to write there only in English, but totally failed. But here, in this blog, I've been using it for almost 9 years (I signed up my blogger account in September 2009, if you see posts from 2007 I imported from Multiply) and I've written almost 900 trash diary posts.

Of course, I want people around the world can read my blog but I just realised that in my Facebook account prolly my one-third of friends are foreigners I met in school and here in Australia. But more important thing for me is that I want that my friends (if they want 😆) can read my posts here since I write about my daily life on my blog.

So.. start from today, I'm gonna write in English.
I'll try my best!
Even though, I'm only gonna use simple words and sentences with incorrect grammar also. 😆

Picture from last night. Nick (the tallest guy)'s farewell party. Too lazy to blur face now. If you (talking to people in this picture) want me blur your face or take down this picture please tell me, hahaha. But serious I really respect someone's privacy.

Ketemu Orang Indonesia di Ayr!

Throwback abis sih, alias setahun yang lalu tapi ngga apa-apa lah ya.

Saat pertama kali tiba di Australia dengan visa work and holiday, kota pertama yang kutuju adalah Perth. Alasannya cuma satu, karena tiketnya paling murah dari Jakarta. Aku cuma bayar sekitar 1,1 juta untuk tiket pesawatnya, ya meskipun tentu saja dengan low cost carrier yang harus transit dulu ke Kuala Lumpur. Di Perth aku sempat tinggal di salah satu suburb-nya Fremantle selama 4 hari dan di kota Perth selama empat minggu. Di apartemenku di Perth aku serumah dengan 10 orang lainnya dan dua di antaranya berasal dari Indonesia.

Setelah dari Perth aku terbang menuju Brisbane dan dengan bus aku menuju ke sebuah desa kecil bernama Stanthorpe. Jaraknya sekitar tiga jam perjalanan darat dari Brisbane. Pergi ke sana juga cuma gara-gara housemate-ku di Perth yang memberiku informasi kalau kerja farm di Stanthorpe oke juga dan dia punya teman di sana. Sebelumnya mana aku tahu kalau ada desa namanya itu.

Sampai Stanthorpe, aku tinggal di bilik kecil di sebuah caravan park bernama Blue Topaz Caravan Park. Di masa puncaknya mungkin ada lebih dari 150 backpackers yang tinggal di sana. Tapi nggak ada satu pun yang berasal dari Indonesia kecuali aku! Kalau di desa Stanthorpe-nya aku kurang tahu sih, maklum kurang gaul. Wah pokoknya hampir tiga bulan di sana blas nggak ngomong Bahasa Indonesia deh.

Setelah dari Stanthorpe, aku sempat transit sebentar di Brisbane buat jalan-jalan dan belanja. Kemudian aku terbang ke Queensland bagian utara tepatnya ke kota Cairns. Tujuanku selanjutnya adalah desa bernama Ayr, yang bisa ditempuh sekitar tujuh jam menggunakan bus dari Cairs. Sebenarnya nggak desa-desa banget sih, town. Tapi town terjemahannya apa yaaa... kota kok kayaknya nggak kota, sebut saja desa aja lah. Eh bukannya langsung pergi ke Ayr, aku malah jalan-jalan ke Jepang dulu. Random banget 'kan hidup gue. Setelah dari Jepang aku baru pergi ke Ayr.

Ferrero Raffaello

Pada tahu cokelat Ferrero Rocher kan?

Aku nggak ingat kapan pertama kalinya aku makan Ferrero Rocher. Yang jelas (seingatku), aku nggak pernah beli sendiri. Kayaknya sejak aku kecil Ferrero Rocher sudah ada di supermarket di Indonesia. Yang aku ingat, kalau lihat harganya rasanya kayak nggak mampu beli. Mau beli pun rasanya sayang banget karena mahalnya minta ampun. Tapi aku lupa sih dulu harga tepatnya kisaran berapa.

Ditambah lagi ada Ferrero Rocher KW alias Roka buatan Malaysia. Pada tahu kan? Dan setelah dewasa baru ngeh kalau rasanya beda banget, lol.

Ferrero Collection

Belajar Bahasa Mandarin

Gini-gini aku punya target yang rada ambisius, salah satunya bisa bercakap-cakap dengan lebih dari lima bahasa asing sebelum umur 30 tahun. Sekarang baru bisa dua, dan dua target bahasa yang kudu dikuasai secepatnya yaitu Mandarin dan Korea. Alasannya karena aku bisa sedikit berbahasa Jepang dan bisa baca beberapa kanji. Bahasa Mandarin memang susah baca karakternya tapi grammar-nya gampang macam Bahasa Indonesia, sementara Bahasa Korea grammar-nya mirip Bahasa Jepang dan 60% vocabulary-nya berasal dari karakter Cina.

Sampai-sampai sudah berencana ambil tes HSK dan TOPIK, semacam IELTS/TOEFL untuk Bahasa Mandarin dan Korea.

Tapi ya dasar namanya target doang. Ngga ada belajar-belajarnya. 😔

Sampai akhirnya mulai bekerja di sebuah perkebunan di Tasmania. Kemungkinan pekerjanya sekitar 100 orang dan hampir 90% berbahasa Mandarin. Kalau ngga dari Taiwan, ya dari Cina. Ada juga beberapa yang dari Hong Kong (mereka native Cantonese tapi semua bisa Mandarin). Aku juga pernah menyebut di postinganku sebelumnya kalau aku sempat tinggal di sharehouse dan ada 10-11 orang yang tinggal di sana dan hanya aku yang tidak paham Bahasa Mandarin.

Sejak saat itu aku merasa Bahasa Inggris tak lagi penting. Bahasa Mandarin jauh lebih penting. Apalagi sebagian dari mereka yang berbahasa Mandarin di sini tidak lancar berbahasa Inggris. Sampai-sampai supervisor menyuruhku menerjemahkan ucapan supervisor kepada mereka. Sampai-sampai aku kudu minta maaf kepada supervisor karena aku ngga bisa Bahasa Mandarin. 😔

Meski di sharehouse sebelumnya semuanya berbahasa Mandarin, aku juga tidak mulai belajar. Hanya jadi mengerti beberapa vocabulary yang mudah seperti 吃éĨ­ (chi fan = makan nasi),åūˆįƒ­ (hen re = panas banget),dan åūˆéĨŋ (hen e = lapar banget).

Tashinami 嗜ãŋ

Waktu pulang ke Indonesia kemarin, aku bertemu dengan temanku yang berasal dari Jepang. Temanku ini bapak-bapak umurnya hampir 60 tahun. Bukan sugar daddy loh ya. 😆 Nah, dia memberiku oleh-oleh sebuah lipstik bermerek Chanel.

Segera aku mengecek harga lipstiknya, sekitar 400 ribu rupiah. Sebenarnya ngga terlalu mahal, misalnya dibanding lipstik Kylie. Tapi ini pertama kalinya aku punya lipstik mahal, LOL. Aku kayaknya cuma pernah punya 4-5 kali lipstik dan harganya paling mahal cuma 150 ribu. Lagi pula pun aku ngga pernah lipstikan, kapan makenya, kerja di kebon gini 'kan. 

Waktu temanku memberikannya kepadaku dia berkata dalam Bahasa Jepang, "Ini supaya tashinami."

"Tashinami? Apaan tuh?"

"Hmmm... sangat susah untuk menjelaskannya. Tapi kira-kira semacam manners, mungkin?"

Dalam hati gua, gua ngga ber-manner kali ya soalnya ke mana-mana pake baju butut ngga dandan sama sekali.

Enaknya Merokok

Hari ini pulang kerja sekitar 1.30 siang, pulang-pulang langsung mandi, dan keluar teras buat sisiran. Rontok soalnya, biar gampang buang rambutnya. *apaan sih*

Pas lagi asik-asik sisiran, dua housemate-ku orang Jepang keluar teras untuk merokok. Salah satunya, sebut saja namanya Ken, menawariku rokok. Aku pun tak menolak. Itu pun langsung dua tokes (tarikan). Baru dua tarikan saja aku sudah pusing sebelas keliling. Sudah berkali-kali aku merokok tembakau, entah kenapa tiap tarikan pertama langsung sakit kepala.

Kata housemate Jepang-ku yang satu lagi, Yami (sebut saja begitu), katanya aku anak baik. Soalnya merokok sedikit langsung pusing. Ken pun menyetujui.

Pas lihat aku merokok, dua-duanya komentar, "Wah, Una-chan pintar ya. Jago merokoknya."

WTF pujian macam apa itu.

"Nggak kayak Yunis (teman Taiwan yang tidak pernah merokok), merokok sedikit langsung batuk-batuk," kata mereka.

"Kalo kamu, abis ngisep dimasukin di paru-paru, dan di-keep bentar."

Yaelah -,-
Kebetulan dua housemate Jepangku tadi pertama kalinya mereka lihat aku merokok.


Ngapain Sih di Australia?

Per hari ini, aku sudah tinggal di Australia selama satu tahun tiga bulan. Aku datang ke sini awal bulan Desember 2016. Insyallah bakal tinggal di sini sampai akhir tahun ini.

Aku datang ke Australia menggunakan visa Work and Holiday (WHV). Aku mengetahui adanya visa WHV sekitar tahun 2013-2014 ketika saat itu ada teman seangkatanku yang buru-buru menyelesaikan skripsinya karena ia sudah mendapatkan visa WHV dan harus berangkat ke Australia maksimal setahun dari tanggal granted visa WHV. Awal tahu ya tertarik tapi ngga pengen-pengen banget. Sampai akhirnya aku lulus kuliah tahun 2015 dan di tahun 2016 bingung mau ngapain, akhirnya aku mendaftar visa WHV.

Bisa dibilang aku cukup beruntung, karena kuota visa WHV hanya 1000 per orang dan saat aku mendaftar sangat mepet dengan tutup tahun fiskal. Jadi, kuota WHV 1000 dibuka per 1 Juli dan ditutup 30 Juni. Sedangkan aku mendaftar bulan Mei 2016. Beruntungnya saat itu pendaftar WHV tak sampai 1000 dalam setahun. Saat ini, peminatnya sangat amat banyak dan agak susah mendapat kuota WHV.

Meskipun visaku granted bulan Juni 2016, aku berangkat Desember 2016. Aku juga melepaskan tes pegawai Bank Indonesia -yang padahal aku sudah lolos sampai tahap tiga. (Dan banyak yang bilang aku bego karena aku menyerah tes BI 😙)

Trus ngapain aja selama ini di Australia?

Yah, sesuai dengan judul visanya, kerja dan liburan. Ya yang aku kerjakan di sini, kerja, jalan-jalan, tidur, gitu-gitu aja sih. 

H-2 sebelum aku cabut dari tempat aku kerja packing paprika.

My (New) Life in Tasmania

Saat aku di Jakarta, travel mate-ku, UU dan Rainie memutuskan untuk pindah dari Tasmania ke Mildura. Mereka mendapatkan pekerjaan grape picking dan sudah membeli tiket feri di jadwal tiga hari setelah aku tiba di Tasmania. Aku tidak pikir panjang saat mereka memutuskan untuk pindah ke Mildura. Tahunya aku ikut saja dengan mereka. Toh, sudah tiga bulan aku tinggal di Tasmania dan ingin mencari suasana baru. Meskipun aku tahu pindah membutuhkan biaya yang tak murah.

Aku tiba kembali di Tasmania seminggu lalu (1/3) dan hari itu aku memesan tiket feri dari Tasmania ke Melbourne. Aku mulai kerja lagi sehari setelahnya. Jadi rencananya aku kembali ke Tasmania, kerja dua hari kemudian cabut dari Tasmania. Hari pertama kerja setelah pulang dari Indonesia kok rasanya nyaman banget ya. Teman-temannya juga asyik, supervisor-nya juga membantu banget. Aku sudah bimbang untuk stay saja di Tasmania. Tapi kalau stay, aku ngga punya mobil, ngga bisa nyetir, lalu bagaimana pergi kerja ya kan. Di hari itu aku sudah bilang ke beberapa teman kalau aku prefer untuk stay.

Sampai H-2 berangkat akhirnya aku memutuskan untuk stay. Aku re-fund tiket feriku H-1 sebelum berangkat.

UU dan Rainie agak syok dengan keputusanku, tapi aku nggak. UU bertanya, kenapa aku nggak jadi ikutan mereka~ aku bilang aku suka di sini dan malas pindah. Mereka sepertinya agak kecewa karena mereka mengharapkan aku mengikuti mereka. Ditambah sebenarnya UU juga ingin tetap stay karena barusan jadian sama cowok Korea tapi harus putus karena akhirnya si cowok Korea memutuskan untuk stay di sini (dan aku sekarang sekamar dengan dia, bednya sebelahan LOL). Alasan utamaku juga sebenarnya pengen pisah sama UU dan Rainie karena sudah tiga bulan bareng. Somehow aku pengen me-time gituuu... #gaya


Postingan kali ini mengandung cerita ge-er.

Bahagia itu memang sederhana, ya. Gara-gara temanku bilang aku lovable, aku nyengirnya berhari-hari. Apalagi temanku ini laki-laki (teman aja ngga naksir apa) dan sebelumnya ngga pernah bilang aku lovable. 😙

Beberapa hari lalu aku chat dengan temanku ini dan curhat kalau aku mau pindah dari Tasmania mengikuti temanku ke Mildura. Tapi kubilang berat karena ada yang kutaksir. Sebenarnya ngga karena itu juga sih. Biar dramatis aja. Sebenarnya berat karena Mildura terkenal tempat buat scam, cuacanya masih panas, dan... aku habis mengeluarkan uang banyak karena pulang ke Indonesia. Pindah kota itu mahal cuy di sini. Selain itu, aku juga lagi ingin sendiri.

"Ya pergilah sama gebetan lu Na."

"One-sided broh." Maksudnya sini doang yang naksir, sananya ngga naksir. 😭

"Loh, kan lu anaknya lovable."

Aku kaget lah dia bilang gitu, maksudnya apa coba. Emang betulan aku lovable apa? Aku langsung gugling lah apaan arti lovable. ðŸĪŠ Takut salah ngartiin ya kan. Kalau kata Google lovable itu:
  • Having characteristics that attract love or affection.
  • Inspiring or deserving love or affection.
  • Nature as to attract love; deserving love; amiable; endearing.

Ah masa sih? Aku kan jadi ge-er. 😌 Apalagi temanku satu ini adalah teman pertama yang pernah bilang kalau dia nyaman sama aku (alasannya soalnya aku kayak laki-laki). Mungkin dia ngga inget dia bilang gitu, tapi aku cukup terkejut lah. 😂 Akhir-akhir ini somehow kayak beberapa teman juga bilang suka sama aku.

Logikanya Dulu Masak

Mungkin pada bingung sama judulnya. Tapi aku cuma mau cerita hal sepele sih.

Jadi kemarin aku main ke rumah temanku yang habis melahirkan. Dia pastinya cerita-cerita seputar melahirkan, menyusui, mengasuh bayi, dan hal-hal perbayian yang lain. Di dalam percakapan kami, dia cerita mengenai menyusui. Seperti ada ibu yang ASI-nya tidak keluar lah, atau kebalikannya —hiperlaktasi, seperti yang dialami oleh temanku ini. Pokoknya blablabla dia bilang kalau kata dokternya sebenarnya semua ibu baru melahirkan ya pastinya bisa menghasilkan ASI. Tergantung orangnya mau atau nggak.

Logikanya aja Un... zaman dulu juga ngga ada tuh namanya susu formula masak ada ibu yang ngga keluar ASI-nya?” aku lupa lah kalimat aslinya, tapi intinya gitu.

Kemudian setelah pulang dari rumah temanku aku masih kepikiran soal ‘logikanya’. (Memang benar kata kakek bule tabib pengobatan Cina yang tinggal di desaku, katanya aku kebanyakan mikir). Aku kok jadi bingung sama mana yang logis mana yang ngga.

Kayak gini...

My Life in Tasmania

My life in Tasmania  is SO COLORFUL! 🌈

Sejak akhir November lalu aku tinggal di pulau yang terletak di selatan Australia daratan, Tasmania. Sebelumnya, aku memang berjanji dengan dua teman kerja di Ayr, kalau kami akan traveling bareng ke Tasmania dan akhirnya memang benar terwujud. Aku bertemu mereka lagi di Griffith, NSW, karena kami harus mendatangi sebuah wawancara kerja winery -yang akhirnya kami semua tidak diterima kerja di sana dan selanjutnya menyeberang ke Tasmania!

Dua temanku bernama UU (dibaca 'Yuyu'), berasal dari Cina dan Rainie, berasal dari Malaysia. Tapi kami tak hanya bertiga, karena pacar Rainie, Alex, menemani Rainie menggunakan visa turis. Mereka semua berbahasa Mandarin, jadi kalau mereka ngobrol, ketawa-ketawa sendiri aku nggak paham sama sekali. Di situ kadang sering aku merasa sedih. Kami tinggal di sharehouse yang mana ada enam backpacker lain dan mereka berasal dari Taiwan. #makinsedih

Sumpah, berasa kayak kudu banget belajar Bahasa Mandarin sebelum ke Australia.
Sumpah, rasanya ngga enak banget ketika teman yang lain ngakak terpingkal-pingkal tapi lu kagak paham apa yang lucu.

Awal-awal rasanya aku pengen cabut buru-buru dari mereka, ngga nyaman banget. Apalagi aku belum pernah tinggal sama UU dan Rainie sebelumnya. Aku udah hitung-hitung, pokoknya kalau sudah menghasilkan 1000 dolar aku mau cabut dari situ dan pergi sendiri saja meski entah ke mana.

Tapi lama-lama ngga masalah, karena UU selalu mengajakku ngobrol dan Alex selalu mem-bully-ku dan berbicara dengan Bahasa Malaysia denganku. Alex dan Rainie juga baik sekali karena membuatkanku masakan saat aku ulang tahun. Di tempat kerja pun makin asyik karena makin dekat dengan teman-temannya.

Fish and mashed potato yang dimasak Alex dan Rainie untuk ulang tahunku. Terharu T__T