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What's In My Bag?

Starting March, I will try my best to write in English for my blogposts. As you can see, my previous post also written in English. Since my English level is still long way to achieve fluency, please note that my writing will be Bahasa Indonesia-style English, hahaha. I also still need great help from Google Translate. Okay, that's all for the foreword.


I really wanted to join Mbak Waya Komala's giveaways event, but I couldn't make it. Her giveaways event theme is: What's In Your Bag? So in this post, I'd like to show what's in my bag! Let me examine my own bag.

No, not this Lacoste bag.

My bag that I usually use is... guess! Louis Vuitton totes? Lacoste bag? Or Bottega Veneta bag? I own none of them (≡^∇^≡) . I usually use my beloved shocking purple Jansport backpack. I spent summer holiday in Japan, traveled 10 days in Sri Lanka, or going to campus with this backpack. This bag cost me around 349.000 IDR but I paid with shopping voucher. #smile

So what's in my bag?

1. Pink purse (11000 IDR)

This is where I put my ID card, student card, driving license (yes, I have one though I don't drive (*´∀`*) ), shopping receipts, money, etc. I put Ojisan no Panda purse and tissue holder inside it.

2. Ojisan no Panda (12000 IDR)

My new purse! It is supposed to keep money, but no one there right now. *cry*

3. Pink Polkadot Tissue Holder (11000 IDR)

When I bought this, there was the tag written that this is cosmetic and tissue holder but I use it to keep my cards. Not only my ID card but you know... like Starbucks card that I never use, or bubble tea loyalty card. Stuff like that.

4. Pink Raincoat (11000 IDR)

Yes, I always bring my raincoat everyday though I only had use this once, in January.

5. Maybelline Color Show 202 Red My Lips (40000 IDR)

My current lipstick. I don't draw eyebrow, by the way. No budget to buy LASplash lipstick.

6. Notebook (11000 IDR)

Bought this book in Daiso. I write my short-term plan, to do lists, in this notebook. Also itinerary and money counting.

7. 2016 Diary (11000 IDR)

I realize I am quite forgetful, so I'm using this.

8. Kimmidoll Cardholder (50000 IDR)

I use this to keep my commuter line and e-money cards. But I sometimes put my ID card here since I'm too lazy to put back to the origin place.

9. Mechanical Pencil (11000 IDR) and Pink sharpie

Also have usual black pen, but didn't take photo of it. To write in my notebook.

10. Pink Waterfront Umbrella (60000 IDR)

My almost broken pink umbrella. Previously, I had yellow umbrella from the same brand but I left in a hotel I stayed. So I bought umbrella again~ now is the pink one, and need to re-buy again.

Just realized, that most of my stuff are pink! and cheap. I already show mine. What about your bag?


By the way, this is me with my backpack!

I'm so gendud.

26 komentar untuk "What's In My Bag?"

  1. I love the composition color of your photos :)

    1. Because it's all pink and colorful! HAHAHA

  2. Warna payungnyaa,isi tasnya unyuk2 smua na heheee...itu koq ngga madep sinii naa fotonyaa

  3. ih harusnya diikutin GAnya mbak Waya nih Unaa

    1. Iya ngga sempet kemarin. Plus lupa =))

  4. I have the same pink sharpie.. :)

  5. Iih itu tasnya kan baru liat kemarin ada yg make, dan aku naksir berat sama lacoste warna merah itu..huhu.

    Beliin dong, Un ^^

    Aku jg gak sempet nih ikutan giveaway mbak waya.. tp nanti mau ditulis jg kek una :D

    1. Hahaha, dibeli Mbak, nggak sampai dua juta #nyebelin

  6. diam2 kamu penyuka pink ya na? ga nyangka!!

  7. Iyaa..warnanya pinky semuaa. Baru tau Una ternyata pink lover :D

  8. iiih Una girly bangeet ya ternyata kamuu... Ayooo ke Semarang lagiiii...

  9. Unaaaaa, pinky bangeeet. Almost yours are pink, yes??

    Anyway itu fotonya dimana Na? Koq kayak gimanaaa gtu auranya #eehh

  10. well written Una, you're really master the language :)

  11. Hahaha, warnanya pun bertema ya Na, pink semua :P

  12. aku kemarin mau ikutan giveaway itu juga, tapi keburu lupa muluuu :)))

    perasaan kayak biasanya tasmu tuh penuh ya, tapi kok isinya ternyata cuma sedikit sih?

  13. isi tasnay warnanya matching semua

  14. agenda pinky2nya lucu yaa... yg kembang2 itu,,,