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My MAP E-Mall Wishlist

If you love hanging out or shopping at the malls, I have no doubt that you all know about Mitra Adi Perkasa (MAP). MAP is a retail company selling upper-middle class brands in Indonesia. You must know Sogo, Starbucks, Kinokuniya, Marks & Spencer, or Mango, right? In Indonesia those are managed by MAP.

E-Commerce in Indonesia is really booming and MAP taps to the online industry world. MAP has just launched its online service called MAP E-Mall. The online store offers more than 20000 stock keeping units (SKU) from more than 100 international brands. In the website, there are categories: Women, Men, Kids, Sports, Travel, Beauty, Home, and Gift Voucher.

I’ve looked around the website, from Women Bags to almost half hundred million rupiah mattress. Everything caught my eye. (*⌒∇⌒*) I listed three things on a wishlist, maybe this list can give you suggestion about what to buy for me on my birthday, hahaha.

This is my Mapemall Wishlist:

1. Winter Rose Mini Matt Backpack by Cath Kidston (Rp 999.000)

I knew a friend who had Cath Kidston sling bag. I forgot what kind of pattern on it. But she transformed to backpack, whoooa, I felt I wanted that thing too, please. *pengenan anaknya* I don’t think it’s the same kind, but similar lah.

2. Lacoste Shoes – Hellaine Runner 116 3 Textile/Synthetic

Recently, I spend one hour daily to walk (supposed to be jogging) in public park near my home. Shoes I’m using is quite old and it is my mother’s ‘ex’. Poor me not? So I need a new one~ maybe like this Lacoste Shoes?

3. Clocks Large Open Carryall by Cath Kidston (Rp 359.400)

I loooveee all Cath Kidston’s products but I don’t have even one. I often visit Cath Kidston’s shop in mall near my house but I never buy. It is so expensive. Hahaha… I just knew that Cath Kidston also has tea and glass products~ just too cute ☹ Like this hand bag…

How to Shop in Mapemall?

Shopping in Mapemall is very easy. Just go to the website mapemall.com and click the product you want to buy, choose color and quantity, and add to cart! You can pay with Mandiri Clickpay, BCA KlikPay, ATM BCA, Visa and Mastercard Credit Card, and even Cash on Delivery (COD). Unfortunately, currently you cannot use MAP Voucher to shop in Mapemall. I just remember I still have 100.000 MAP Voucher ☺

5 komentar untuk "My MAP E-Mall Wishlist"

  1. Wah kalau ditanya saya hobi Belanja apa tidak. Ya suka donk. Kata siapa cowok juga nggak doyan belanja belanji hihihiihie. Kalau urusan belanja saya suka belanja buku yang bertemakan Hobi, dan bahasa. Hihiheie. Lama nda mampir di sini. Lama nda BW karena sudah full time menjalankan bisnis Milagros di rumah wahahahaha. Jadi promoseehhh

  2. Mupeng liat tas Cath Kidstonnya

  3. sini Un...vouchernya MAPnya yang seratus ribu, lempar ke aku ajaa... hihihihi ;p

  4. kalau aku sih yang mana aja terserah Una aja mau dibeliin yg mana aku terima :)