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Menjelang Pemilu 2019, banyak banget orang membagikan link berita politik di internet. Ada yang pro kubu situ, ada yang pro kubu sana. Beberapa hari lalu, aku berselancar di timeline LINE dan ada teman yang membagikan postingan tentang politik. Aku lupa bahkan tentang apa, yang jelas aku malah asyik membaca komentar di bawah postingannya. Ada salah satu komen yang menarik perhatianku.


Bentar-bentar, ini orang ngajak bercanda kah? Kok bilangnya 2091, bukan 2019? Tapi setelah membaca kalimat komentarnya yang lain, si penulis pro kubu Prabowo-Sandi. Kayaknya sih dia typo aja. Lagian tahun 2091 pasti ganti presidennya, kok. Tenang aja. Atau malah Indonesia sudah nggak ada. Dasar emang pengangguran, aku pun isengin temanku dengan cara sok-sokan typo 2019 jadi 2091. Tapi setelah berdiskusi (ngisengin aja pakai diskusi) dengan adikku, dia memberitahu kalau Pemilu kan kelipatan 5 tahun, jadi ya kalau ngga di tahun belakangnya 4, ya 9. Ya sudah jadinya 2109.

Pertama-tama aku testing dulu ke salah satu teman Working Holiday di Australia via WhatsApp. Orang ini suka sebel kalau aku kasih tebak-tebakan ngga jelas. Yang aku tahu dia pro kubu Jokowi.

Destiny with A Man

I'm not talking that I met a guy.
But I'm going to talk that I met a friend, who is a girl, and her name is Man.

We met for the first time when we were picking blackberry in rows next to each other. Man, who was a strawberry picker, helped the blackberry team since that day the fruits were so many and we had less people. She was picking blackberry next to me. What I remember, she put loud Cantonese songs and said sorry to me if it was too loud.

In the same row with her, there was Lee, the fastest picker in the team. Lee introduced Man, who actually his housemate, to me.

"Una, this is my housemate, Amen."

That's what I thought. I thought her name is Amen, like when you end a prayer. It turned out her nickname is Man and usually they put Ah (阿) in front of name, so become Ah Man, or A Man. That day was so hot and Man gave me ice pack which she got borrowed from supervisor.

Good background.
We never talked until two months later I decided to stay in Tasmania when my travel mates decided to leave. I moved to backpacker hostel and Lee offered me to move to his house. They had one bed available. Long story short, I decided to move to Lee's house and one of my roommate was A Man. 😄

I came to the house very late, since in the day time, I went to a small mountain with other friends and climbed for six hours. That night was my first time I had long conversation with A Man, we laughed so hard until Lee warned us to keep quiet 🤣.

Anyway, I have never thought I have 'destiny' with A Man.

- We became good friend and we left Tasmania together two of us by Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

- We said goodbye after we arrived Melbourne and went to different destination. She went road trip with her two friends toward Adelaide while I stayed in Melbourne for few days before going to a small town called Pinnaroo in South Australia located close to border to Victoria.

- I was on my way to Pinnaroo by bus and the bus stopped in front of public toilet in the outback I don't know where it was to exchange driver. And that time, I saw A Man's friend's car in front of my bus and without any plan I met A Man in the middle of nowhere. We were surprised and we were excited without even talking anything. I couldn't get off the bus because the driver wouldn't let me and no time anyway.

- I moved to Pinnaroo and she moved to Caboolture. I earned good money but I didn't like being there so I decided to fly to Brisbane. I visited her in Caboolture.
She eats a lot. 
She is a sexy girl.
- I moved to Gatton and she asked me to take there. Six days after I arrived Gatton, she came and we became roommate again for four months. In total we were roommates for six months.

- Last month, I gave her surprise visit to Hong Kong. 😄

In front of Wong Tai Sin Temple.
I didn't know I can be friend with this crazy Hongkongnese girl. 🤣

The Beginning of My Gatton Life

I was in Pinnaroo, South Australia.

That time I was confused because my feeling was bad there... just bad... and I really wanted to move from there. As I always follow what my heart tells me, I planned to go toward north to Queensland. Three places that I had in my mind were Caboolture, Gatton, and Ayr (or Home Hill). The first one, it is famous for backpacker to go there but many bad news heard -scam, low pay, etc. Second one, I had no idea at all but I heard from Indonesian fellow he worked there, and that's all the information I got. And Ayr, I was there last year and I knew some good farms, but I was thinking I didn't want to return to place that I had been before.

Anyway, I bought ticket from Melbourne to Brisbane. I didn't have any detailed plan, no friends, and I was thinking to spend some relax time in Brisbane for one week or two since I moved 5 times in a month in May 2018. F*cking tired! I need pamper myself, spend money, drink coffee in chic cafe, eat fancy food, without thinking about work, said myself. I took a long bus journey from Pinnaroo to Melbourne, spent night in prayer room in airport, and then flew to Brisbane. I booked three nights stay in a hostel close to Roma Street Station not knowing what to do next.

Not even one minute after arriving my 10-bed hostel room, an Indonesian friend called me. It was her first time to call me. She asked me if I wanted to work in Gatton, a town 90 km from Brisbane, in a farm she was working. She said the work is good, good pay, and inside shed (it means I don't need to darken my dark skin). Broccolini packing. And she also said I need to come there soon. Really, God never let me to spoil myself. But I have booked hostel bed three nights already so I said I would come in next three days.

I was confused...
but I felt lucky in the same time.
I just arrived f*cking Brisbane and I got job without looking for it. No effort at all. It feels like destiny.

Hello, Indonesia! I'm Back!

Finally, I'm back!
Today is my 13th day in Indonesia after leaving Australia. 🇦🇺

I always wanted to keep writing blog, but yes, I'm lazy and wi-fi in my ex-house in Gatton, so f*cking shit! I called the internet provider because my ex-landlord (and ex-boss) asked me to call but no result. I asked to change the internet to NBN but the provider ended up sent a notification letter addressed to my boss' other house in other city, wtf. So tired. We gave up and tried to watch Youtube videos in low quality everyday.

Anyway, my Australia visa expired on 8th of December but I left Australia on 6th and my flight departed at 2.35 a.m, and I spent two nights in Singapore before returning to Indonesia and arrived Jakarta on 9th. Long journey, and long story, also.

In my 2-year Australia life I should say that the best place is in Tasmania, and also hardest farewell. However, the most amazing life still my 6-month Gatton life. I have a lot of gossips and people stories to share but... many of them are risk to write, LOL. Especially when they are about marijuana, free s3x, rape, gambling, and other taboo stuff for Indonesians. Well, I try to write safe stories la... hahaha.

I didn't feel sad leaving Gatton...
But now I started to miss Gatton...
When my activities were only laying down on sofa, watching Youtube, and listening people gossiping. Well, and myself gossiping also. 😶

I have many next plans but still on secret until the plan is fixed.
Okay la, see you soon.
I will update my blog soon.

With my girls who worked in the same farm. On my last day in Gatton.