First Time Experience: Seeing a Doctor in Australia

Currently, I'm working in broccolini packing shed. What I'm doing in my job is making bunch of broccolini sticks and tie it with two rubber bands. After we finish making bunch, we need to put on the table and someone in charge will put bunches on the machine with conveyor belt and it will be cut and someone need to put supermarket tag with barcode under the upper rubber band.

Unluckily, we can't bring phones to the shed so I don't have any photos or footage with me. But anyway, not all people can do the tag because the bunches move so fast on the conveyor belt. Two days ago (31/8), supervisor asked me to do tag and I know I still cannot do that by myself. With sorrow face, I walked out from my bin and walked to the tagging place. I know someone will help me but I need to do my best anyway.

Well, I couldn't do by myself so many people came to help me. My gloves once broken and a friend who was helping me let me go to change gloves. I didn't feel anything that time, no pain, my finger was okay. Until break time, I needed to throw away my gloves and I checked my left hand index finger... I had broccolini under my nail and so deep. It was not hurt. A little bit, but almost nothing.

After I got back home from work, I tried to get rid of the broccolini. I was using nail clipper pick (?) to remove it but failed. I tried again with safety pins... but it just so hurt and too deep. I cried... and gave up.

Can you see how deep the broccolini is? 😢