Feeling Blue

Despite my previous blog post title is 'Having Fun',  last week I was feeling down for several days. Last week, I went to work, concert, festival, my schedule was kind of full last week. Now I can feel, depression is real ๐Ÿ˜‚

What made me feeling blue is my workplace situation. I have three jobs currently, one job is fine, another job some coworkers are harsh and bullies, but I'm still okay, but the last one, my coworker is such a bully, and I was feeling uncomfortable.

I am still on training and I was confused to do a thing, then my coworker said to me, "You're stupid. I told you already." I may not have many working experiences, but I have experiences scolded by coworker, but this time really made me feeling down. Another reason, he was always looking down on me and laughing when I am doing my task.

What the funny thing is, five minutes later that guy told me, "I'm sorry. No need to care too much about that."

I just said to him, "If I have mistakes, please be angry." ๐Ÿ˜‚

How to not care? I was like,

"Am I that stupid?"
"Am I that weak?"
"Should I quit the job?"

I know I shouldn't care too much but I dunno this time really made me so weak. It was really hard for me to smile, like for real. And I kept thinking how to return to happy me.

Yesterday, the boss talked to me about her life and we talked a lot. She is 70 year old and had cancer before, but she is always happy. Suddenly, I got her positive vibes, and became to be able to smile again ๐Ÿ˜‚

Having Fun

There is a guy at my school who always called me "urusai hito", which means 'noisy person'. Another friend told me I'm so 'hyperactive', cannot stay silent and always need to move ๐Ÿ˜‹ I'm always excited to talk about new beverage I drink, new McD menu, new place I saw, etc, and my another friend told me, "You look like having fun."

Well, I am having fun.

Some of my friends I know at school do not like living in Japan. Those people do not really speak Japanese and are working really hard. They said life here is just too busy and strict.

I agree about the busy life.
Life is just so busy especially if you also do some part-time jobs. Currently I have three part-time jobs (I still work no more than maximum hours I can work per week ๐Ÿ˜‚), I'm joining two choirs (just performed two times last week), and sometimes joining events in Kyoto. Sometimes, I do language exchange with friends, hang out at the cafe, go to new places, etc. My schedule this month all full already. I will participate on summer program as well in other prefecture.

Always have new stories everyday.
A little bit busy, and but yes, I am having fun.

Look how fat I am.
Our performance few days ago (2/8), where I was chosen to sing intro part together with a friend (the hijab one) T_T

How To Lose Weight

According to my height, my ideal weight should be around 45 kg. The thing is I don't have ideal weight. In the beginning of this year my weight surpassed 81 kg. ๐Ÿ˜… Way too fat...

Coming to Japan, I still eat a lot but I do walk everyday, like in the average I will walk 10K steps a day. Also life is getting busier (not too busy actually), so I tend to skip meal, and I lost 7 kg in 3 months. But I realized this is not a good way. But I still want my weight to become 60s this year.

Now, I know how to lose weight. Being busy, really. I still eat, but I don't eat snacks as much as before. I also do manual labor which depends on physical strength so maybe it's kinda exercise also. I also believe that 'busy is blessing'. I feel I don't really waste my time.

Few days ago, I did video calls with several blogger friends who I had not talked for such a long time.

Just so funny, suddenly missing those days when I was in university and what I did was blogging and blogwalking to many friends' blogs. Nowadays, I don't know whose blog to visit. Too many advertisement, hahaha...


Today, I am a bit sad.

Many friends said that I have a relax life, and yes that's true, but actually I am quite strict about time. I will try my best to not come late to school or I have promise with friends. I will try my best to submit my work to teachers before the deadline. Except I really have some trouble.

Maybe before I don't really care about punctuality, but now I yes (aku iya. Hahaha.) But I really realize that punctuality shows a respect. I remember I scolded a friend because she was late for 90 minutes, I didn't ask for respect but I really don't like she just wasted my time. I better used the time to finish Rilakkuma series on Netflix. And happened to me only one time I was late going to a class (in current school, not previous one lol), and I was like two minutes late.

Today, I had an appointment with the dentist and it should be my eighth visit to the clinic. But something happened, and I couldn't reach there on time.  I was like panic, and then finally the clinic called me and I was still in the bus, I forgot about the manner (cannot call inside the bus) and I just answered the call. I said sorry too many times, and I asked if I still can visit, the lady on the phone said the lunch time is coming soon so it's not possible. And they have like 1.5 hours break. I predicted I was gonna late for five minutes, in the end I was late more than 15 minutes.

Then I went to another place since I had another appointment. On my way coming home, the clinic called me again, and I booked another appointment. I don't know but I feel disappointed in myself, since I couldn't show up. Next time, I'll manage my time better. 

And many things make me sad also.
The latest one was arson attack in Kyoto Animation Studio which killed more than 30 people. Also, I dunno why everyday I read bad news in Japan, like stabbing, fire (there was always fire near my house like 1-2 weeks ago), suicide, etc.

Lazy to Update Blog

I feel like everyday I have many stories to tell and write. My life is just so colorful. At least in my opinion. And I really want to write everything on my blog but feel just too lazy to open my computer. But I always write kinda diary on my timeline LINE. And almost everyday. Using phone is just much easier than opening the blog dashboard.

Life is fun.
Except I have trouble in one class because I can't understand, hahaha. But even I have trouble and the teacher looked down on me, I still feel it is fun. I have trouble with some friends also.

Oh okay, I will write about a thing.

So in my school, there is one and only black guy from Nigeria. I did introduce myself to him but we didn't really talk until we ended up being classmate. I told my brother that I have African friend, because I never had, and he reminded me that Nigerian people like Indomie.

So the next time I met my friend again, I asked him, "Do you like Indomie?"

He was so excited replying my question, "Oh yeah of course. How do you know Indomie?"

Apparently it's true that Nigerian people don't know that it's actually Indonesian brand. They don't care where is it originally from, they just love Indomie so much. Then he told me, he really missed Indomie so much. He just arrived Japan around 3 months ago and had no idea that he can bring Indomie to the country. Of course, you can! And he doesn't know any shop selling African foods so until now he has survived without Indomie.

Date Format

I didn't know I could be confused with different date order/format.

In Indonesia, we're using dd/mm/yyyy for date format. Even we are gonna use the month using word, the order still the same, d/m/y. For example, December 18th 2019, will be 18/12/2019 or 18 December 2019. In Australia, where I spent my two years of life, they use the same date format.

I came back from Australia then I had a quite long free time so I planned to study foreign languages through the apps called Duolingo. Then, I saw the announcement that Arabic course will be available on 5/1. It was the end of the year when I saw it, so the course will be available only in few weeks. After waiting, the course I was longing for still not available. Then I realized. Wait, which company creates Duolingo? Where is it from? After I checked it is American company.

Oh okay. So 5/1 it's not fifth of January but first of May.

In the end, it was released late than the scheduled date. It was June I think. I'm really glad though finally Duolingo provides Arabic course!

In Japan, where I live now, is using yyyy/mm/dd format. For filling form, it is not so confusing. Because there will be kanji for year (ๅนด), month (ๆœˆ), and date (ๆ—ฅ) on it. For example December 18th 2019 will be like 2019ๅนด12ๆœˆ18ๆ—ฅ. But it is quite confusing, where I just need to send message and I only want to tell the month date. Like before I wanted to say to my friend 5th of June, so I wrote 5/6. But actually I should have written 6/5. 

Small sh*t but sometimes makes me confused.