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Menampilkan postingan dari September, 2019

Cat’s Tongue

As we know, cat’s tongue is a type of cookie. As Indonesians, we call it as ‘lidah kucing’, but a… Read more Cat’s Tongue

My thoughts on religions in Japan

I was on the bus and there was a ruko -styled building caught my attention. It has an European … Read more My thoughts on religions in Japan

Instagram Jealousy

“Ugh, I hate to see her posts on Instagram and she always shows off her new bag or luxurious trip… Read more Instagram Jealousy

Kikangentei Yowai 期間限定弱い

期間限定 (kikangentei) means ' limited time' or 'period of time'. While 弱い (yowai) me… Read more Kikangentei Yowai 期間限定弱い

Drinking alcohol

I had never enjoyed drinking alcohol until two weeks ago. Can't remember when I first time … Read more Drinking alcohol
Do you read spoiler?

Do you read spoiler?

I read. I'm quite lucky since my brother is subscribing Netflix and one account can be shar… Read more Do you read spoiler?


Two weeks ago was my lowest point financially after coming here. I only had 1000 yen left on my … Read more Impulsive

One Week in Ishikawa Prefecture: Japan Tent

I spent a week from August 22th to 28th in Ishikawa Prefecture. It was more than an ordinary vaca… Read more One Week in Ishikawa Prefecture: Japan Tent