LITTLE OSAKA Omiyage Market

If you go to Osaka, you may want to visit Nanba (or Namba 難波). Nanba is home to the famous Glico billboard, thousand shops, and NMB48. It is a Osaka's main shopping area which Indonesian tourists would love. (*^▽^*) And don't be surprised if you find shop staff who can speak a little of Bahasa Indonesia.

Because I was so surprised.

In Nanba, there a lot of international stores like Berschka, Starbucks, Uniqlo, McDonald's, H&M, Garrett Popcorn, and even you can find the Macau's legendary Lord Stow's Eggtart. Nanba, precisely in Dotonbori, also famous for giant crab and takoyaki stalls. But where I really wanted to visit is a souvenir shop called LITTLE OSAKA.


Because it sells a lot of pretty snacks and beautiful stuff. BYE!
It is not difficult to find this store. If you see giant crab on your left side, then walk straight ahead a bit and this shop is in your right side.

Entrance of Little Osaka Omiyage Market. I was so excited to enter this shop. Kawaii!
Written in the yellow neon box (?!) 'ぐりこや’, and it means Glico shop. So yes, in this store there dozens of Glico famous products, like Pocky and Pretz. To the right of the entrance there is 'mini' Glicoman billboard.

Choco Banana Pudding~ I hate why they made those fake food very appealing. (; ̄Д ̄)

Matcha Collon. I was wondering what was their consideration to use 'Collon' as their product name. I once ate Collon and image of colon (not the punctuation mark) was all inside my head.

Special gachapon~ I only found this Pocky and Glico Gachapon in this store. Of course I bought one! The upper left. Alhamdulillah, one gachapon contains two Pocky strap! 200 JPY, by the way.

Pretz' packaging in the old days.

Hello Kitty as Glico man!

I am too lazy to find how to read Chinese character in the orange boxes.

Want all of those things. Pocky socks want...
There are a lot Hello Kitty merchandise and also Disney's. 

Giant Pocky. Only 150000 IDR.

Pretz China, Mabo Tofu flavor (CMIIW). Hawaii Pretz Pineapple, and Canada Pretz Maple.

Takoyaki Pretz, Matcha Pretz, special Osaka Glicoman Pretz.

Okonomiyaki-flavor rice cake (senbei). 1080 JPY.

Cake of Billiken. Billiken is 'god' made by American artist but 'worshipped' in Shinsekai area, Osaka. If you touch Billiken's feet, they say, you will get good luck.

Daifuku 大福 which means great luck is mochi which stuffed with sweet filling. *just now googled it* There are banana, chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and strawberry-chocolate.

Osaka no Korokoro Obachan. I don't know what kind of food is this. Is it rolled cake?
Obachan means aunt or most of us know as 'ahjumma'. I learned from Japan TV show that Osaka Obachan (ahjumma of Osaka) are stereotyped as lively older women who laugh like a witch and love to make people laugh. 

*no caption*
When I saw this, I even didn't remember I ever took this photo.

Rilakkuma's population density is high.

Another okonomiyaki rice cake.

Mayoramen. Only can be found in Kansai Area.

As you can guess lah, I only took photos not buying anything. Eh not, ding. I bought some snacks, the cheapest ones, Hawaii and Canada Pretz, and also Pocky gachapon. I could refrain myself from buying those cute snacks... but actually I wanted to buy all of them (▰˘︹˘▰) money refrained me.

Little OSAKA Omiyage Market
1F, Nakaza Cui-daore Bldg., 1-7-21 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Open everyday 10:00-22:00

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  1. Snacknya menggoda banget. Packagingnya unik-unik.

    Kok kalo aku ingetnya Heiji Hatori ya soal Osaka? Hehehe

    1. Apa ituuu... *gugling dulu Heiji Hatori*

    2. Wahhh Una gak suka baca Detective Conan ya? Hehehe. Itu salah satu karakter yang berasal dari Osaka :)

  2. Gw pernah nyoba matcha collon disini ada jual. Kurang suka. Enakan yg vanilla.

    1. Uaaa mauuu~ di Jakarta ga ada Collon, kecuali yang impor wkwk mahal

  3. Adduuuuhh Unaaa.. ga kebayang kl kesana bakalan lama nogkrong dsana pilih-pilih yg mana? Ud cobain semuaaaa Na???

    1. Pasti pengen dibeli semua dehhh... ya ga lah Mbak hahaha mihil XD XD

  4. liat gambal boneka jadi inget omuraisu, eh gimana rasa nasgor pakek telor di jepang? enakan manah sama yang di indonesa raya?

  5. akk, surga cemilan banget. pocky nya kok banyak banget ya macemnya

  6. ya ampun itu Pocky sanam a Pretz banyak bener variannya ya Una :)

    1. Iyaaa banyak banget dan yang musiman juga ada XD

  7. Berasa menemukan surga cemilan :D

  8. Huahahaa, itu ada si Glico Man-nya juga :P

  9. Aku kalo liat barang2 kecil2 sebanyak itu ditumpuk2 malah pusing lho Una, apalagi liat tulisan2nya...tambah pening aku..hahaha

  10. bikin ngiler pengen liburan ke Jepang
    Pocky-nya banyak rasa :D

  11. Kaaaak... kenapa kamu halan-halan terus kaaak??? :D

  12. kalo ke jepang aku tuh paling suka ke toko-toko yang jual stationery lucu dan unik... :D lah ini ada rekomendasi cemilan lucu-lucu ahahahahhakkk :D jepang emang bener-bener deh uniknya...


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