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One-Day Himeji #2: What to Eat?

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Himeji Castle seen from Himeji Zoo.
Located in Hyogo Prefecture, Himeji City is home to one of biggest castle in Japan, Himeji Castle. It is very easy and convenient to reach the castle, just walk straight from Himeji Station. My friend and I went to Himeji, visited Himeji Zoo, which people say it is just so-so zoo (but we love animals) and Himeji Castle. After wandering around, we were so hungry. It was hours past noon so we were already late for lunch.

But we decided we weren't gonna eat something big instead we would eat 'small snacks' but we could try a lot of food. We took a look at Himeji City booklet we got from Tourism Information Center on the station and wanted to try all food recommended by the booklet. So, here we go!


1. Chikamadog by Yamasa Kamaboko

We just passed by this shop but after looking to the cute girl statue, I realized I saw it in booklet. But unfortunately, there is only picture of the shop and satay-like snack, but no explanation at all! So yeah, we entered the shop and showed the picture to the staff. "We want this please!" I pointed to the pic.

"That is Chikamadog," said the staff and showed us the snacks.

"Is it the same with the picture?" Me needed confirm two times. (*⌒∇⌒*)

Chikamadog costs 150 yen each. There are various kind of bakery and also fish cakes but we didn't bother to see. We only bought chikamadog and there were many food left to go to try~ 

The Store.

The store's name is Yamasa Kamaboko. Kamaboko is Japanese processed food made from fish and combined with another ingredients, and steamed until soft and firm. Basically it is fish cake. Usually it is eaten as a snack. Oden, eomuk (Korean fish cake), crab stick, are kinds of kamaboko, also.

And back to Chikamadog, actually this word is kinda abbreviation (?!) which consists of 'chi', 'kama', and 'dog'. It is written in Japanese alphabet as ちーかまドッグ.  'Chi' is from the word 'chiizu' means cheese, 'kama' from kamaboko, and 'dog' is from American corn dog! So as you can see, Chikamadog looks like corn dog but it is made from fish. Inside it is very smooth with cheesy and milky flavour. Yummy ♥

My Chikamadog and the Chikamadog girl (I couldn't find what is her name).

Yamasa Kamaboko, Otemae
60 Nikaimachi 1F
Himeji 670-0922, Hyogo Prefecture
+81 79 225 0033

2. Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty

I had no idea Himeji City has Hello Kitty Cafe before I saw this in the booklet. After enjoying our chikamadog, we went to Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty! I was really excited because I love Hello Kitty so much. My friend is not Hello Kitty fan, but she loves cute stuff.

Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty is joint corporation between Hello Kitty and glasses company named Paris Miki. The cafe is all pink and too cuteee~ I don't how many 'kawaii' I mentioned when I was there. (✿ ♥‿♥) It is selling beverages, desert, pasta, cake, and pancake. And some of them like, pancake and iced cafe latte has Hello Kitty pictures on it!

Some of menu were sold out that time. I ordered Chocolate Banana Pancake and Iced Cafe Latte. But before I fixed my order,

"Is there really Hello Kitty pictures on it?" It is important matter you know!

My friend ordered Green Tea Chocolate Waffle Sand and Iced Matcha Milk.


Front of Cafe de Miki. One of two obasan (aunties) in the picture is big fan of Hello Kitty. She took pictures in every single corner. Like me. We chatted a bit about our cat-but-not cat idol (*^▽^*)

Here they are~ my pancake and iced cafe latte. Cute not? ♥

Pancake is 900 yen and iced cafe latte for 400 yen. But there was a promotion so I got lower price, but I forgot how much the exact. The cafe is very cute (I'll post more photos on different post), if you are Hello Kitty fan, you have go to there, but just don't expect with the food. The pancake was not fresh, I mean, it was like warmed pancake. The waffle sand also just so-so lah. Drink ok lah.

Cafe de Miki Hello Kitty (カフェドミキ ハローキティ)
309 Ekimaecho
Himeji 670-0927, Hyogo Prefecture
+81 79-226-3200

3. Kobayashi Tea House

This tea house is located just one shop beside Yamasa Kamaboko. This store is selling many kinds of tea and also teaware. But we weren't going to buy tea there. We just wanted to eat Matcha ice cream!

Compared to matcha softcream you would find near tourist attractions in Japan, this Kobayashi's Matcha ice cream is very cheap, only 200 yen. I think it was my first time to see softcream below 300 yen. Anyway, the ice cream is very good~ unfortunately it is limited product sold from spring to the end of September.

Matcha ice cream for my friend and me. 

If you need Himeji souvenir, you can buy here also. Like Japanese tea or folding fan and stuff. You also can try drinking matcha with Japanese sweet on its teahouse. I saw in the website even they sell Matcha fondue! Definitely will visit again the store. #asap

Kobayashi Tea House (こばやし茶店)
66 Nikaimachi
Himeji 670-0922, Hyogo Prefecture
+81 79-225-0232

4. Akashiyaki by Tacco Pire

After finishing our ice cream, we wandered mall nearby the station. In the basement, we saw a small foodcourt called Tacco Pire selling akashiyaki and another regional food. We hadn't been full yet so we tried akashiyaki~ it was my first time eating akashiyaki and I guess it was 2nd time for my friend. (With another Indonesian schoolmates, we went to akashiyaki shop in Kobe City but that time I was fasting, so I only looking at them eating akashiyaki, hahaha).

I ordered akashiyaki with vending machine and I got one small card. And then queued in line, and exchanged the card with the akashiyaki.

The kitchen. Can you see the octopus?

Akashiyaki is takoyaki but it is different with takoyaki we usually see in Indonesia because it is Akashi (area in Hyogo Prefecture)-styled. Akashiyaki contains more eggs and make them softer and more delicate. There is akashiyaki sauce we can brush on top of them. Akashiyaki is eaten with dipping to special fish broth.

In Tacco Pire, one serving of Akashiyaki (10 pieces) costs 400 yen. If you happen to visit Hyogo Prefecture, don't forget to eat Akashiyaki.

Tacco Pire
188-1 Ekimaecho Grand Festa B-1F
Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture

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  1. Jepang emang tempatnya Hello Kitty yaaa.

    1. Iyaaa, tapi Hello Kitty lahir di London sihhh XD

  2. makanan 200 yen itungannya murah yak? btw kalok makanan jepang sih umumnya rasanya kayak apa yang ori (kalok jawabannya masih enakan masakan indonesia kemana-mana ga nanya :) )

    1. Tergantung, makanan apaaa... kayak makanan.

  3. Itu pancake sama latte jd g pengen dimakan soalnya sayang nanti hello kity ancur xixixixi

    1. Hahaha makanya sebelum ancur, foto dulu ratusan kali =))

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    1. Anjing ga dibikin makanan gituan lah Mbak hihihi

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    1. Aku pilih foto pancake Hello Kitty-nya aja satu dari 100 foto yang kujepret =))

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