I'm Sorry Nana

This is like really #latepost #throwback blogpost. As always. Pardon me.

Five months ago, I met Nana, a Hong Konger girl who was sharing a hostel room with me in Tainan, Taiwan. When I mentioned that I come from Indonesia, she showed me her excited face. It turned out her parents are Chinese-Indonesians, but she was born and raised most of of her life in Hong Kong. She also mentioned she spent her study life in Canada.

She still has many relatives who live in Medan and Siantar. In the end of that month, she was going to Medan because her cousin's wedding and also was planning to go to Pulau Weh for diving. By the way, Nana asked me, "How do you say Siantar?"

"See-uhn-tarrrr." Me.


"No! It's si-an-tar."


OK. Anyway...

I guess she is older three - five years than me. She had boyish appearance and the way she's talking and she was really friendly and kind. She was so funny also, I think. The air conditioner was set to 16 degree, and she really worried because I am tropical girl who couldn't stand the cold. She told my bed is the coldest part of the room~ and suggested me to move to another bed. Didn't move of course, it was not that cold.

I told her that I was going to Hong Kong in next few days, and in cheerful face she said she wanted to show me around Hong Kong.  I was very glad~ because it is really different you know, if you travel in a place with a local. She said, "Ok, let's talk about this tomorrow morning."


The next day, I woke up at 10 am, and she already left. Checked out. I even didn't exchange contact with her. I lost my Hong Kong guide (.﹒︣︿﹒︣.) 

I'm sorry Nana...
Wish you read this post, hahaha...

Bye bye Hong Kong... I'm leaving for Indonesia by boat. #yakali



  1. Hong Kong waaa. Hiehiehie Kalau sudah bahas travel waaa saya harus banyak belajar ini sama mba Una. Pengalaman trip dan traveling di luar negerinya sudah tidak dapat diragukan lagi. Mangcappsssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. lesson learnt, next time exchange the contact number or email without delay :-p

  3. Kita kedinginan Una 16 degree padahal ada 12 orang sekamar di adamsoninn

  4. Gak jadi punya local tour guide ya hehe

  5. Oia kebiasaan orang luar yg kdg kutangkep itu tuker2an kartu nama pas pertama kali ketemu. Kebiasaan ini bagus juga sih. Tapi aku ga pnh pny kartu nama hehehe.

    1. Kalau sesama turis kayaknya nggak tukeran kartu nama kok Mbak =))

  6. Yahhhh sayang banget endingnya nggak hepi.. Moga2 dia iseng nyari Una di internet dan nemu tulisan ini ya Na ^^

  7. Wah Una jalan-jalan terus.. enaknya... Sekarang lagi dimana, Una?
    Aku juga mau ke Hongkong naik boat.. :P

    1. Di rumahhh... ga naik getek aja Mbak? :p

  8. hongkonger....

    ternyata hongkong ada yang kumuh juga ya
    kirain semua bersih di sana

  9. Woke up lbih pagi mungkin ngga ditinggal una :D hihiii..
    Bisa jadi apa yaa naek boat kmari dari sana :))

  10. Berarti pelajarannya, lain kali harus bangun lebih pagi ya Una :D


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