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Random Story from HKIA

I was searching an empty seat in check-in hall Hong Kong International Airport. There were two men, one white one black were having a conversation, and I was going to sit right next to the white man. Put my ass in seat. Few minutes passed and the white man said he had to go to departure hall (eavesdropping me). Then the black man tried to start conversation with me. He asked where I come from and what's my name.

He: So, are you moslem?

U: Yeah.

He: Why don't you wear veil?

U: I just don't want to wear. I choose to not.

He: Do you pray five times?

U: Well yeah... I missed it often though.

Then, he introduced himself. His name is Spinns from Kenya. But he studied and lived in UK for a long time. I think he's around mid-40s. Then he continued the 'interview...

Spinns (S): Are you married?

U: Nope.

S: What if you marry a person and he is from different religion? How will your parents react? Will approve or not?

U: Ah, well. I don't know since I never experience it but I think my mom will be okay. I once asked her what if I marry foreigner. She said, she doesn't care, it's my life. But I think for my grandparents or other relatives, marrying with a christian or other, they won't like it. They won't approve.

S: That's what I'm gonna talk about. I have a sister, a christian, who married to a man who is muslim. My sister do not convert to muslim neither her husband to christian. Now they have 3 children and have a happy, lovely marriage life. I just cannot understand why people out there cannot or afraid to marry just because they believe different faiths. I think marriage should be based on loooovvvee ♥, not religion.

U: I agree. But yeah...

S: *continuing for 2 minutes blabber about marriage should be okay even with a person with different faith* *looking to watch* Anyway, I should go inside. Nice to meet you, Una. Bye bye.

What was that all about?

It was really 5-minute random conversation with random topic.

About interracial marriage, I once asked my grandpa's sister what if I marry bule. Then she asked,

Does he eat pork?
Does he pray five times a day?
Is he muslim?

Oh no.

I haven't think about marriage yet. But I'm kinda obsessed with interracial relationship. Kkkkkkk.

14 komentar untuk "Random Story from HKIA"

  1. hahaha ya cari dulu jodohnya baru dipikirin :P

  2. ya yayaya...aku percaya kok You obsessed with interracial relationship. sono, cari dulu ya calonnya

  3. Mungkin si Bapak Spinns itu diam-diam curcol ke kamu Na? :P

    1. Mungkin di masa mudanya naksir yang beda agama, wkwkwk

  4. interracial genre kayak di AV aja! Bhahaha

  5. Aku korban pernikahan beda agama, haha. Gak enak punya orang tua beda agama! Mungkin beberapa kasus mereka bahagia. Tapi kita gak pernah tahu kan hidup orang itu selanjutnya? Kalau kepengen hidup sesuai ajaran agama pasti bakalan mikir lagi untuk nikah beda agama. Tapi kalau hidup dan agama cuma sebagai formalitas gak tahu lagi deh. *mendadak baper* :P

    1. Eh, aku jadi penasaran. Trus emang keluargamu ga bahagia kah? *bingung mau nanya kalimatnya gimana hahaha*

    2. Bisa dibilang gak bahagia LOL. Aku mau sholat aja gak boleh. Gemana bisa bahagia, haha. Tapi itu dulu, sekarang aku bahagia *malah curhat di blog orang* XD

  6. percakapan yang menarik ... intinya kembali kekeyakinan masing2 ya mba ..

  7. aku sih doain Una cepet dapet jpdph yg ganteng aja deh tapi yang normal ya suka sama cewe hahaha