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★ First Time IELTS Experience ★

Took an IELTS Academic exam a few weeks ago. The test venue is in IALF Kuningan, Plaza Kuningan, Menara Selatan. Test fee is 2.850.000, expooo, but I needed the result so... yeah. It would be my first time taking serious English test so I was really nervous.

My Experiences in Learning English
☆ More than 15 years attended English class at school
☆ 1-month conversation class in ILP
☆ Singing English songs since child
☆ Only speak English in emergency situation i.e when traveling abroad when no one can speak Bahasa Indonesia
☆ Wrote some status and blogposts in broken English(‐^▽^‐)
☆ The only experience I did on English Academic Writing is writing for my thesis abstract

What I did for IELTS Preparation:
☆ Around six times exercise in Reading and Listening through IELTS preparation website and youtube videos
☆ I talked to monitor when practicing speaking
☆ Didn't do any single exercise for writing

IELTS Review


It was not difficult but I got messed up in last part. I was not concentrated enough~ anyhow, I had confidence that I would get 7 band score or above.


I hate reading part. Before test, two sections I didn't have enough confidence were reading and writing. I never finished reading an academic journal nor textbook. Reading English text makes my head spinning around. Except easy English one. In contrary, on IELTS test reading part, I could answer it easily and sure could get 7 band score lah. But my head felt like boiling one, oh my god. Why these reading passages so difficult to digest...


I do not hate writing but I am very aware my English writing is so bad... I wasted first 7 minutes to go to toilet. First task was to explain the diagram about how to make paper from used paper and second task was to express opinions about role changing in family. The second task problem I've seen it on net, anyway. I wrote so smoothly and easily~ but as I thought I used easy English sentences like how I did it on my blog.


The listening-reading-writing parts finished at around noon but I got schedule for speaking test at 16:45. I didn't want to wait 5 hours so I went to my Japanese course hahaha, then went back at 15.30. My speaking test started at 16.00, pre-pone (this word does not exist in real English). The first section is speaking is about my self my house, my interest in traditional dancing, and stuff. Second one, was to speak 1-2 minutes about a place that contains a lot of water. Last part was discussion, still about water, and it was really hard to answer (for me).

☆ Is it important for children to learn swimming?
☆ If you think so, why in Indonesia there is no swimming subject in school?
☆ Is it important, access to fresh water?
☆ Do you think people nowadays use excessive amount of water?
☆ Is it important to people to save water?

As I think again about the questions... they are not so difficult, hahaha...

Anyway, my speaking test was totally mess. I wanted to say "westernmost" and what I could say was "the most west". Whaaat~ I felt so stupid.

After I came back home, I told my mum that I couldn't do well on speaking and writing part. My mom's response: Just take the test again.


"The speaking examiner knew that you're not native so don't worry..."

After 13 days, I took the Test Report Form, and the score not bad as I thought. Though my writing only 5.5!!! For overall band score, I got 6.5 like my target.

I could do better for writing and speaking (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

Band score 7 means Good User, 6 means Competent User, and 5 is Modest User.

19 komentar untuk "★ First Time IELTS Experience ★"

  1. Yeyyyy! well done Una. My overall score was 6.5 too, enough to fulfil the scholarship requirement hahaha...Not sure after 10 years have been living in the UK, if my score would ever improve? My test was done in 2004! And my English was really really bad back then. Now? Still not good enough either hehe... Maybe I'll take an IELTS test in Jakarta next time I'm going home.

    1. Kalau tes lagi, pasti IELTS score-mu perfect 9 deh Mbak! :D

  2. Well done Una. No wonder your english post always perfect.

  3. Gue gak ngerti score ielts.
    belom pernah coba.

    Cieeeee cieeeee...
    eh loh kok cie..
    COngratz Una :)

    Sulit gak sih soalnya?
    kalo ujian, gue juga paling males reading..
    apalagi suruh nyari kalimat...
    -__- males gilak...

    1. Ngga sulit
      tapi gitu hahaha
      Ho oh reading bikin pusing =))

  4. Dari atas scroooolll.... Oooh, okesip!

  5. Walah, nek aku sing melu Ielts,
    Koyone luweh parah maneh skorku. Gak cuma writing dan speaking yg hancur lebur,tp juga speaking, listening juga

  6. ah translatein dong una hahaha

  7. In the same day, you also took Japanese course??

  8. Hayoooo mau kemana atau ngapain lagi nih pake IELTS segala????????

  9. way to go...I got 8.5 if I'm not mistaken..used it for my scholarship to Melbourne :)

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