OMG, I just saw aurora!

Last week (20/4) around 6 PM, my housemate who is staying in room front of mine shouted calling my roommate's name. He sounded so excited but I didn't what is the reason because he just talked with his roommate in Mandarin.

"Shower," I said when he came looking for my roommate.

He left my room and came again and see my mirrorless camera on top of my bedside table. I just brought camera from Indonesia two months ago and I almost never used it here. But that day, I wanted to take photos so I took out from my luggage. He said he wanted to borrow the camera to take photos of aurora. Then I knew the reason why he was so excited is: Aurora australis or southern lights which could be seen that day.

"You go you go? Ah, I know you don't go," he tried to invite me but he answered himself. 😜

He left my room (again) and came again. He said that day the aurora index was so high. So aurora strength shown from a planetary index with kp unit. It goes from 0 to 9, and more higher more likely you see aurora. That time, I checked it was 5.67 and would be more than 6 in half an hour.

"I go I go. When?"

"Now! In 10 minutes," he answered then he went to knock bathroom to tell my roommate that we need to go soon. I was chilling down with my computer and suddenly was in rush to change clothes.

I remembered my roommate said she really wanted to see aurora and even planned to leave Tasmania after she could see aurora. I think she kind of gave up because she already bought ticket leaving Tasmania. And seeing aurora needs luck because you don't know when will it can be seen even the forecast sometimes wrong.

Secret Garden in Deloraine

It was around two months ago, I was in supermarket wandering alone while my friends, UU and Rainie still looking around the vegetables section. I finished my adventure in supermarket (means checking all discounts especially on chips, biscuit, and soda) and then I came back to find my friends. I saw an old Aussie man was talking to them.

I approached them and listened to their conversation.
So, the old man was a traditional Chinese medicine practicioner and studied in China long time ago. He can speak a little bit Chinese also. Then I joined their talk and he tried to guess where I came from.

He first guessed I'm not from Asian country. He couldn't guess so I told him I am from Indonesia and... he can speak Indonesian. 😮 And guess what his comment after I said I came from Jakarta!

"Ah, kotor!" (Indonesian word means dirty.) He even knows that Jakarta is dirty, lol.
"But I was born in Jogja."
"I like Jogjakarta, I went there 40 years ago."

My friend and he exchanged phone number and he invited us to come to his house. Few hours later, he contacted my friend and asked us to come to his house that night at 8 PM.


Should I Write in English?

I've really-really wanted to write in English for my blog posts.

But the thing is my English writing super sucks! I have limited English vocabulary and do not know how to make the sentences to be interesting and fun to read.

I did try to make other blog and planned to write there only in English, but totally failed. But here, in this blog, I've been using it for almost 9 years (I signed up my blogger account in September 2009, if you see posts from 2007 I imported from Multiply) and I've written almost 900 trash diary posts.

Of course, I want people around the world can read my blog but I just realised that in my Facebook account prolly my one-third of friends are foreigners I met in school and here in Australia. But more important thing for me is that I want that my friends (if they want 😆) can read my posts here since I write about my daily life on my blog.

So.. start from today, I'm gonna write in English.
I'll try my best!
Even though, I'm only gonna use simple words and sentences with incorrect grammar also. 😆

Picture from last night. Nick (the tallest guy)'s farewell party. Too lazy to blur face now. If you (talking to people in this picture) want me blur your face or take down this picture please tell me, hahaha. But serious I really respect someone's privacy.

Ketemu Orang Indonesia di Ayr!

Throwback abis sih, alias setahun yang lalu tapi ngga apa-apa lah ya.

Saat pertama kali tiba di Australia dengan visa work and holiday, kota pertama yang kutuju adalah Perth. Alasannya cuma satu, karena tiketnya paling murah dari Jakarta. Aku cuma bayar sekitar 1,1 juta untuk tiket pesawatnya, ya meskipun tentu saja dengan low cost carrier yang harus transit dulu ke Kuala Lumpur. Di Perth aku sempat tinggal di salah satu suburb-nya Fremantle selama 4 hari dan di kota Perth selama empat minggu. Di apartemenku di Perth aku serumah dengan 10 orang lainnya dan dua di antaranya berasal dari Indonesia.

Setelah dari Perth aku terbang menuju Brisbane dan dengan bus aku menuju ke sebuah desa kecil bernama Stanthorpe. Jaraknya sekitar tiga jam perjalanan darat dari Brisbane. Pergi ke sana juga cuma gara-gara housemate-ku di Perth yang memberiku informasi kalau kerja farm di Stanthorpe oke juga dan dia punya teman di sana. Sebelumnya mana aku tahu kalau ada desa namanya itu.

Sampai Stanthorpe, aku tinggal di bilik kecil di sebuah caravan park bernama Blue Topaz Caravan Park. Di masa puncaknya mungkin ada lebih dari 150 backpackers yang tinggal di sana. Tapi nggak ada satu pun yang berasal dari Indonesia kecuali aku! Kalau di desa Stanthorpe-nya aku kurang tahu sih, maklum kurang gaul. Wah pokoknya hampir tiga bulan di sana blas nggak ngomong Bahasa Indonesia deh.

Setelah dari Stanthorpe, aku sempat transit sebentar di Brisbane buat jalan-jalan dan belanja. Kemudian aku terbang ke Queensland bagian utara tepatnya ke kota Cairns. Tujuanku selanjutnya adalah desa bernama Ayr, yang bisa ditempuh sekitar tujuh jam menggunakan bus dari Cairs. Sebenarnya nggak desa-desa banget sih, town. Tapi town terjemahannya apa yaaa... kota kok kayaknya nggak kota, sebut saja desa aja lah. Eh bukannya langsung pergi ke Ayr, aku malah jalan-jalan ke Jepang dulu. Random banget 'kan hidup gue. Setelah dari Jepang aku baru pergi ke Ayr.

Ferrero Raffaello

Pada tahu cokelat Ferrero Rocher kan?

Aku nggak ingat kapan pertama kalinya aku makan Ferrero Rocher. Yang jelas (seingatku), aku nggak pernah beli sendiri. Kayaknya sejak aku kecil Ferrero Rocher sudah ada di supermarket di Indonesia. Yang aku ingat, kalau lihat harganya rasanya kayak nggak mampu beli. Mau beli pun rasanya sayang banget karena mahalnya minta ampun. Tapi aku lupa sih dulu harga tepatnya kisaran berapa.

Ditambah lagi ada Ferrero Rocher KW alias Roka buatan Malaysia. Pada tahu kan? Dan setelah dewasa baru ngeh kalau rasanya beda banget, lol.

Ferrero Collection