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Do you read spoiler?

I read.

I'm quite lucky since my brother is subscribing Netflix and one account can be shared to up to four devices, and I can use it freely without pay as well. The thing is every time I open Netflix Home Page, then I always don't know what to watch. Most of the times I only watch Japanese drama and movie, sometimes I will watch random Hollywood movie, but recently I watch Korean drama.

It has been long time since my last time watching Korean drama. I am not a fan of Korean drama, but few years ago, I watched some. I just hate the way Korean dramas always make the viewers baper 😭 and most of them are 20 episodes with 1 hour duration every episode. Too long. For comparison, Japanese drama only 45 minutes in an episode, and one drama only has 7-13 episodes.

So I started again to watch Korean drama since last week. I watched Fated To Love you and My Secret Romance. Before I finished the drama, I checked the spoiler first 😂 And for me reading spoilers doesn't affect me, I mean, I still can enjoy the dramas or movies.

Now I'm thinking, Korean dramas are just too long. I better watch something useful for my brain 😂
Can you give me any recommendation?

3 komentar untuk "Do you read spoiler?"

  1. Suka ama kalimat terakhirnya.

    Kamu lagi suka bahasa apa? Coba gih belajar dari situ. Bahasa Itali mungkin. Ato melanjutkan misi nyanyi lagu kebangsaan dari berbagai negara. :))

    1. Bahasa Korea, hahaha. Lagu negara Itali belum tauuu, aku search dulu.

  2. Aku malah gak cocok nonton dorama. Berasa loncat2 gitu nontonnya gak tahu kenapa. Kadang juga bingung sebenarnya maksud adegan ini apa ya kok aku gak mudeng. makanya nonton k-drama aja deh aku, haha