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Instagram Jealousy

“Ugh, I hate to see her posts on Instagram and she always shows off her new bag or luxurious trips. I prefer to see Syahrini’s posts sitting in private jet or traveling to Bora Bora,” said by a friend.

She was not joking. She said it seriously as she was really jealous of her friend.

I understand that Instagram makes people insecure. Instagram likes are addictive, everyone is trying to show off what he/she has, and anyway, everything people do is like for the sake of content #demikonten. I myself will be very happy if my Instagram post get 200 likes or my stories viewed by 200 more people (since my followers are only 1300).

What I don’t understand of my friend is, she was jealous of her friend because of her Instagram posts, but, in my point of view my friend always posts her pictures of traveling around the world. I knew she came from well-off family and pretty sure she never stayed in cheap hotel or backpacker hostels. If you check her Instagram, you can tell she often go traveling abroad, and I think no post of her taken in Indonesia. Why is she still jealous of her friends?

Well, the grass looks greener on other side.

Jealous or not, Instagram is not healthy if you use it a lot. Currently, I’m using Instagram to check famous people that I’m curious of, and rarely give likes to friends’ posts. I’m sorry 😂 I even don’t bother to scroll pictures on Instagram home 😂 If I see Instagram stories, I only see the few first ones.

Anyway, there is a song I currently like titled 'Instagram'. It is a song by Korean singer, DEAN. I'm addicted to that song.

2 komentar untuk "Instagram Jealousy"

  1. "I you check her Instagram..."

    IG ne opo ik? Hahaha...

    Mungkin dia kayak merasa tersaingi. Mungkin lho ya..

  2. Aku yo kadang ngono, na. Ngerasa insecure juga ��