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One Week in Ishikawa Prefecture: Japan Tent

I spent a week from August 22th to 28th in Ishikawa Prefecture. It was more than an ordinary vacation! I joined a program called Japan Tent where I stayed in Japanese family house during the event. I am so grateful to be able to join that program. So if you are foreign student in Japan, do not forget to join this event in next year summer!

Since now I do not write regularly on my blog (even I haven't write any post on my LINE timeline for two weeks maybe?), I feel confused what to write first about this event. I feel I have burden to share the stories here since it was one of my happiest moments after staying here for 5 months.

Okay, so I will write brief explanation about Japan Tent.

So, Japan Tent is a yearly one-week summer program held in Ishikawa Prefecture. The participants are 300 foreign students living in Japan. This year is the 32nd Japan Tent which means this program has been already held for 32 times! The program allows the participants to taste Japanese culture while staying with Japanese family. It is really big event involving hundreds of staff, volunteers, and host families. By the way, despite of the name, we didn't stay inside tent.

The first half-week, we were spread to 16 cities and towns all over Ishikawa Prefecture. While the last half-week, most participants stayed in Kanazawa, the capital of Ishikawa, while some participants stayed in towns not so far from Kanazawa. One host families can host one student or more. What is interesting from this program is every single student has different experience to another student. Because we stayed in different towns, different families, and of course different stories.

My first half-week, I stayed in a town called Tsubata-Machi, where is located not so far from Kanazawa. Only 20 minutes by car or even 14 minutes by train. In this town, the foreign students who were located here only 7 people! There was a cooking event, which made me stressed since I never cook Indonesian food. But it was safe luckily! And my host family also took me to many places!

Then I stayed in Kanazawa for my last half-week with a very unique family. I learned many things from this family. The dad was so busy I even couldn't see him. In this house, there was also another Japan Tent participant who stayed with me, a beautiful Iranian girl called Sara.

Things I got and bought from Ishikawa lol

This post is only summary!
I will write many posts about my experience in Japan Tent in next time!

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