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No-Plan Plan

'What's your plan after this?' is a common question between backpackers in Australia. I ask and have been asked this question so many times. Coming here, I didn't really have plans but back in Tasmania, I had.

In Tasmania, when someone asked me what is my plan, I was pretty sure I wanted to have a week or two holiday in Melbourne and then fly to Brisbane or Cairns and then go to a town called Home Hill in North Queensland. I wanted to get packing job there. And holiday for me means chilling, go shopping, and eating out in restaurants. I didn't work much in last two months in Tasmania, I chilled a lot, but since I was staying in small town, I couldn't go to cozy cafe or international food restaurants.

My plan didn't happen.

I ended up staying in Melbourne only 3 nights and my next destination was a small town named Pinnaroo in South Australia. Totally different with what I had planned before. One day before I left Tasmania, a friend asked me if I want to go to her place because the farm she was working in needed workers. I didn't think much and I said yes! I want to come. I wanted to see her also, I didn't see her for 2 months.

In Pinnaroo, I worked inside shed to sort potatoes. Sometimes the supervisor arranged us to do another job like washing bins, cleaning house, etc. The money was very good, 23.43 AUD per hour and in a week can work up to 50 hours. But I didn't feel happy there. I thought maybe because I haven't moved on from Tasmania. But yeah I haven't moved on but I felt happy when I was in Melbourne seeing and eating around. Anyway, I left after two weeks.

This time, I flew to Brisbane. My plan was chilling one week in Brisbane, go to theme park in Gold Coast, and then take train to go to Home Hill. Train is really slow and costs a lot but it's okay since I planned to stay Home Hill longer, like more than 3 months, to save money. That was the plan.

My plan didn't happen (again).

I just arrived my hostel in Brisbane, not even 15 minutes, suddenly my friend who I met just twice called me. She said she needed to leave her job and she asked me if I want to replace her to work there. My mind was like, "What? I just arrived and planned to stay Brisbane longer and now I need to work soon again?" But yeah, I said yes, I would love to work because it's really hard to get farm work with good pay. 

Then, I just stayed in Brisbane 3 nights (I even didn't have time see around Brisbane), and here I am in Gatton, around 90 km from Brisbane.

The actual is really not based on the plan. So from now on, I decided to have no-plan plan in Australia. I still have options where to go but I know I will change again. So if my friends ask me what is my plan I would answer I do not know, or I don't have plan. 

Currently, I have plan to stay here for around 1 - 1.5 months. But maybe tomorrow change that I will go to New Zealand (super random).

I talked about that I moved 4 times already this month. And a workmate next to me was curious,

"How do you manage to move?"
"How do you manage to get work?"

It's easy to move for me since I only have 1 small luggage. And about the work, I don't know I just feel lucky that I have friends who give me information about job.

My current belongings.
I'm really grateful with my life now, 😌.  ← didn't know emoticon can be italicised.
Adaaa aja jalannya...

Gatton, 30 May 2018

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