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Getting off from the ferry, I took a deep breath with Melbourne's air. Whoaaa, it really feels different compare to air freshness in Tasmania. You need to compare, really.

I am in Ouyen, a small town in Victoria, when I am writing this post. I just checked my usage of my data (I am still on journey so no wi-fi) and 38% was for Instagram. Last year even 50% for Instagram. I think I am really addicted on Instagram. I don't post anything so much, I can hold myself not to post even more than one month, but I really enjoy watching people's Insta-stories and pictures. Anyway...

I moved a lot in Australia.

First time, I came here I lived in Perth for a month, then moved to Stanthorpe for 2.5 months, spent few days in Brisbane, then 2 weeks in Cairns, 4.5 months in Ayr, took a train Brisbane and then bus to Byron Bay, 2 weeks in Tabulam, 1 week in Sydney, did road trip from Sydney to Katherine, 9 days in Darwin, back to Sydney for 1.5 months, went to Griffith, lived 5 months in Tasmania, 3 days in Melbourne, now I'm here and going to a small town in border between Victoria and South Australia.

That even only in brief. If I mention all towns I stayed, it would be very lengthy post.

When I checked my Instagram, I counted there are almost 30 pictures I uploaded that I took in Tasmania. I only posted one picture in Ayr, and not even one in Cairns or Sydney or Darwin or Tabulam. It means I really love Tasmania a lot.

Break time!
But hell yeah, Tasmania is super good. Too beautiful, too many spots to explore, and really comfortable for living. Town where I stayed also perfect. It's not really 'country side', I mean it is a small town with no more than 3000 people living there, but it has Woolworths (supermarket), and several wonderful artsy shops and cafes.

I came to mainland by ferry from Devonport, Tasmania, together with my (now ex-) roommate. And we said goodbye to each other in Melbourne. She misses Tasmania a lot. She always texted me how she wants to go back to Tasmania and picks strawberry again and see the handsome supervisor again LOL.
Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet National Park.
Many people coming to Australia and after seeing how good is life here, they want to migrate or stay longer here. Some of my friends, also. And me, I really want to live abroad but after I arrived here, I never ever had any desire to stay here longer. Australia is pretty but too boring compared to Asian countries. I prefer Asia than Australia.

But after living Tasmania for almost half a year (it was exactly 160 days), now I want to go back there and stay longer. But how?

Marry ah?

With who ah? Sheep or wallaby?

Ouyen, May 5th 2018

5 komentar untuk "I WANT TO GO BACK TASMANIA"

  1. Hahahaha, lucu yg terakhir. Lha sekarang kerja apa Na? Ditunggu ya cerita selanjutnya.

  2. tapi kayake tazmania itu koyok gering-gering gersang gt ya Un kalo kuliat-liat di fotomu dan foto beberapa temans. Bener gak?

    1. Ho oh sih rumput-rumputnya kuning gersang gitu,
      tapi ya ga gersang juga hahaha gimana ya...