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Living Cost in Australia

Is it expensive to live in Australia?

F*cking EXPENSIVE! But if you compare the living cost to money you can earn here, it's relatively very cheap.

For example, okay I'm using Big Mac index, so in Australia Big Mac a la carte costs 5.7 AUD while in Indonesia is around 3 AUD. Working in Australia as a casual worker has minimum wage 22.86 AUD per hour, so it means you can buy Big Mac by only working for 15 minutes. But in Indonesia, if you want to have Big Mac by 15 minutes work means you need to earn minimum 12 AUD per hour, and it means your monthly pay minimum (assumption 8 hours a day work and 22 days a month) needs to be, 2112 AUD or around 23 mio IDR. While minimum wage in Jakarta only around 300 AUD per month, so it means minimum wage worker needs to work 1.7 hours to get 1 Big Mac. Need to work 7 times harder! Not to mention the minimum wage workers in other provinces who may get less pay.

1 dollar Lipton Tea... Cupcake flavored.
Most stuff here more expensive compare to Indonesia. The most expensive I think housing/accommodation. I paid 164 AUD per week for 8-bed room in Ayr last year. My last accommodation was 75 AUD per week for 4-bed room in Deloraine, Tasmania. It was my cheapest bed I've ever stayed. Phone credit also expensive. It is averagely 30 AUD to get 3 GB data. Last time, I went to Indonesia I bought data-only SIM Card, it was 7.5 AUD for 19 GB. Very different! Public transport fares are also expensive. It is 4.3 AUD to take one ride of Melbourne tram, while in Jakarta, you only need to pay 35 cents to take TransJakarta busway.

But some stuff really-really cheap here.

Like 2-litres bottle of fresh milk only costs 2 AUD, one can of tuna only 90 cents, 500 grams pasta 65 cents, and bread 1 AUD. When I need to save money (or on stingy mode), those are what I always consume. Also supermarket here always have half-price. Something like chocolates, snacks, soda are really cheap when they are on 50% discount, cheaper than Indonesia. Half-price items also help me a lot to survive here LOL.

But whyyy the Unicorn one no half price...
I think roughly I spend around 600-1200 AUD per month to live here.

When I stayed in Deloraine,
my details of 4-weeks (everything here is weekly or fortnightly) living cost was like this.
- Rent: 300 AUD
- Food: 200 AUD (consists of 80 AUD 'real' food, 120 AUD for snacking)
- Phone credit: 30 AUD (because expires in 4 weeks)
- Transport fee (share petrol): 80 AUD
- Insurance: 46 AUD
- Other bill (Spotify/Photoshop): 16 AUD
- Total: 672 AUD

While when I stayed in Ayr,
I spent:
- Rent: 658 AUD (f*ck, so expensive! I stayed in caravan park.)
- Food: 200 AUD
- Phone credit: 60 AUD (no wi-fi there so I bought 60 AUD for 11 GB)
- Transport Fee: 168 AUD (by caravan park's van, 7 AUD/day)
- Total: 1086 AUD

Last, when I stayed in Sydney:
- Rent: 400 AUD
- Food: 200 AUD
- Phone credit: 30 AUD
- Transport Fee: 120 AUD
- Total: 750 AUD

Note: All 4-weeks living cost.

Those are my living cost as a backpacker (I don't like using backpack though), and always stay in shared room. And wondering why the rent price can be so different, because when I stayed in Ayr, I stayed in a caravan park, which is a working hostel and offers job to backpackers and mostly this kind of accommodation charges more.

Hope I can earn more in next job.
But now, I'm really in the mood to go to theme park, really.

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  1. Jadi pengeluarannya cocok lah ya na dengan penghasilannya, bahkan kalau nabung bisa dapet lebih banyak daripada di Indonesia.

    Jadi kalau udah selesai Visa Holideynya mo pulang atau lanjut sekolah neh? ;)

    1. Mau lanjut sekolah... rencananya, hahaha.

  2. Unaaaa,
    Kayaknya betah bener sih di sono,
    Penuh petualangan banget nih, seruuuu!

  3. Ah, terima kasih karena menggunakan comparison berdasarkan big mac index. Aku jadi paham. Hahahahahaha.....

    1. Aku malah ngga nyebutin 1 dolar tuh berapa rupiah hahaha lali