Mini Giveaways Announcement!

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Thanks to all who participated my mini giveaways event!
I really love to read your comments~ hope our wishes and goals for 2016 will come true this year. Really sorry because I took a long timeee to post the winner announcement. Recently I have been being busy sleeping and gegoleran in my grandma's house.

There are 26 participants and I chose the winners with online randomizer, Here the winners:

Putri Baiti Hamzah will get:
❤ Line Friends Clear Holder
❤ Travel Tumbler by Trudeau

Jiah Al Jafara will get:
❤ Line Friends Clear Holder
❤ 2016 Schedule Book
❤ Xilix Money Deep Aqua Moisture Mask
❤ Sasatinnie Intensive Sparklink White Mask
❤ Sasatinnie Aqua Boost Moisturizing Eye Mask

Niee will get:
❤ Line Friends Clear Holder
❤ Zipper Tote Bag
❤ Sasatinnie Jelly Fish Lifting Face Mask

Please send me your name + address + phone number to my e-mail: or via LINE ID: @jqr0626c (with '@')
Thank youuu :)



  1. Uhuuuuiiii, Devi menaaaang..

    Aiihh ketinggalan info saya ini,.huhuhhh

  2. Wahh masih belum beruntung. Selamat yaaa buat pemenang!

  3. loh loh looooh aku kook ga tauuuuu *nangis*

  4. selamat buat para pemenang. ciee, Jiah dapet eye mask. ;)

  5. Alhamdulillah...Selamat buat yang lain juga ya ;)

  6. Unaaa. Itu aku kan yaaaakkkk. Masih boleh kirim alamat??? Baru selesai pertemuan soalnya 😆


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