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Today, I am a bit sad.

Many friends said that I have a relax life, and yes that's true, but actually I am quite strict about time. I will try my best to not come late to school or I have promise with friends. I will try my best to submit my work to teachers before the deadline. Except I really have some trouble.

Maybe before I don't really care about punctuality, but now I yes (aku iya. Hahaha.) But I really realize that punctuality shows a respect. I remember I scolded a friend because she was late for 90 minutes, I didn't ask for respect but I really don't like she just wasted my time. I better used the time to finish Rilakkuma series on Netflix. And happened to me only one time I was late going to a class (in current school, not previous one lol), and I was like two minutes late.

Today, I had an appointment with the dentist and it should be my eighth visit to the clinic. But something happened, and I couldn't reach there on time.  I was like panic, and then finally the clinic called me and I was still in the bus, I forgot about the manner (cannot call inside the bus) and I just answered the call. I said sorry too many times, and I asked if I still can visit, the lady on the phone said the lunch time is coming soon so it's not possible. And they have like 1.5 hours break. I predicted I was gonna late for five minutes, in the end I was late more than 15 minutes.

Then I went to another place since I had another appointment. On my way coming home, the clinic called me again, and I booked another appointment. I don't know but I feel disappointed in myself, since I couldn't show up. Next time, I'll manage my time better. 

And many things make me sad also.
The latest one was arson attack in Kyoto Animation Studio which killed more than 30 people. Also, I dunno why everyday I read bad news in Japan, like stabbing, fire (there was always fire near my house like 1-2 weeks ago), suicide, etc.

3 komentar untuk "Punctual"

  1. Wow...telat smpe 90 menit sih luar biasa banget itu Una. Kalo aku sih udah ku tinggal...hahaha

    1. Parah kan T_T
      Itu aku nunggu di rumah temen lain sih jadi ngga kutinggal, kalo nunggu sendiri 15 menit aja kutinggal hahaha

  2. Aku juga mau banget mengurangi telat telat ini. Merugikan untuk diri sendiri juga seh sebenarnya >.<