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Date Format

I didn't know I could be confused with different date order/format.

In Indonesia, we're using dd/mm/yyyy for date format. Even we are gonna use the month using word, the order still the same, d/m/y. For example, December 18th 2019, will be 18/12/2019 or 18 December 2019. In Australia, where I spent my two years of life, they use the same date format.

I came back from Australia then I had a quite long free time so I planned to study foreign languages through the apps called Duolingo. Then, I saw the announcement that Arabic course will be available on 5/1. It was the end of the year when I saw it, so the course will be available only in few weeks. After waiting, the course I was longing for still not available. Then I realized. Wait, which company creates Duolingo? Where is it from? After I checked it is American company.

Oh okay. So 5/1 it's not fifth of January but first of May.

In the end, it was released late than the scheduled date. It was June I think. I'm really glad though finally Duolingo provides Arabic course!

In Japan, where I live now, is using yyyy/mm/dd format. For filling form, it is not so confusing. Because there will be kanji for year (年), month (月), and date (日) on it. For example December 18th 2019 will be like 2019年12月18日. But it is quite confusing, where I just need to send message and I only want to tell the month date. Like before I wanted to say to my friend 5th of June, so I wrote 5/6. But actually I should have written 6/5. 

Small sh*t but sometimes makes me confused.

3 komentar untuk "Date Format"

  1. Kamu mau ke mana lagiii? Belajar Bahasa Arab, jangan-jangan mau kerja di UEA.

  2. Ah, aku juga bingung kalau urusan pertanggalan ini na. Kayaknya seh mudah yak cuma bolak balik, tapi kok ya sering salah