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Starting a New Life in Kyoto

So I decided to blog about my life in Kyoto.
Yes, I just moved to Kyoto exactly a week ago.

Living in Japan had been one of my dreams since first time I lived 3 months in Japan four years ago. Back then I didn't really speak Japanese nor I could read Chinese characters (kanji). It was an amazing experience for me because it was my first time living in foreign country, and then I thought, well maybe it would be more fun if I can speak Japanese.

Now, I speak a little bit of Japanese and I have passed N2 level on Japanese Language Proficiency Test so I'm really excited to stay in Japan! But... my first day in Kyoto was not as smooth as I thought.

I arrived Kansai International Airport (KIX) on March 30th in the morning, and then took train to Kyoto. After arrived at Kyoto around 12:30, I visited the real estate agent where I need to sign a rent contract. Then the staff said, "Your contract starts on April 30th!" I showed my e-mail that I sent to my teacher that I am coming on March 30th but apparently my teacher sent information to the agent that I will come April 30th.

There was a misunderstanding. I started to think where should I stay that night if I could not enter the room.

This happened because I talked to my teacher in English while she sent e-mail to the agent in Japanese. Maybe she was so busy so she mixed up between 3 (March) and 4.

After waiting so long, I was asked by the staff to go the agent main office. I needed to take train to go there. In the main office, I was waiting so long also. Then one male staff with tired face and a female staff coming to meeting room where I was asked to wait, they explained me about the contract. And I was so happy he said I can enter the room. The guy said, three staff were trying hard to clean the room.

I can feel they were working so hard, cleaning the room, change all contract, because they knew I'm a foreigner, and I just arrived to Japan. They said, it is first time for them to have case like this. The order date is different a month later. 

Anyway, after five hours in Kyoto, finally I could enter the room. It was around 5 pm. And that day was my first day period. So unlucky!

And in case you don't know, most apartments in Japan are not furnished so you need to buy your own furnitures. And even the room doesn't have light, so you need to buy the light fixtures. I didn't buy bed until the second day because it was too late and I thought I am fine because there is a heater in the room. But no...... still really cold. I couldn't sleep that night... extra headache and menstrual pain. PERFECT! 😄

But it's okay, I didn't complain la.
Precious experience, hahaha.
Below are some photos of my room, sakura near my house, and a house in my neighborhood.

If you happen to visit Kyoto, let me know, maybe we can meet? And my house is close by the famous temple, Kiyomizu-dera and also Gion. Both of them can be reached on foot around 15 minutes.

10 komentar untuk "Starting a New Life in Kyoto"

  1. Kok udah N2 aja Unaaa.. Gimana belajarnya?
    Sering2 cerita soal Kyoto ya, pliss.
    Btw, itu beneran ampe lampu segala nggak disediain?

    1. Udah N1 malah... tapi nggak lulus, hahaha!
      Iyaaa... lampunya cuma di pintu masuk, dapur, sama kamar mandi.
      Bagian utama ngga ada...

  2. I know it! sejak kamu ke Jepun kapanan itu, kusudah yakin kalo kamu iki emang paling cocok stay di Jepun, Un. Soale cerita-ceritamu ttg Jepang selalu antusias dan lebih bernyawa #apasih #intinyagitu

    1. Ngga tahuuu... aku malah pengen balik Australi hahaha

  3. Lah, tumben mereka misunderstanding. Puk puk Una. Pengalaman tak terlupakan, ya.
    Wes tuku kasur? Hehe.

  4. Lol kayanya kejadian mulu ya di Jepang. Beli kulkas jadi 2. Ini malah salah tanggal. Susah jg ya disana. Ga ada furniture masih ok. Tp kalo sampe ga ada lampu sih kebangetan ya. Tp bagus viewnya! Disana sampai kapan mba? Taun depan masi ada?

  5. Ya ampun, ada aja ya na kejadiannya. Tapi pasti sekarang udah seneng dong tinggal di Kyoto. Gak sabar pengen liburan ke Jepang deh. Ntar dikabarin yak :D

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