Accidentally Bought TWO FRIDGES!!

I just read a blogpost from a fellow blogger, Mbak Millati Indah, about her experience shopping in Amazon, where she cancelled her transaction but she still received the stuff. The next day which is yesterday, a dramatic shopping experience also happened to me. But not in the same way.

Because no furnitures provided in my apartment, so I need to buy my own. And since I will only live in this house for six months, I only want to buy essential stuff that I really-really need. One of stuff, I need most is fridge, so I decided to buy fridge.

I used for shopping, and so good because they offer free shipping and sometimes you can receive the items you buy on the next day. I bought curtain and light fixture on my first attempt to shop at And yesterday morning, I tried to buy a 46 L fridge.

Around 5 pm, I was walking home and I checked my e-mail. There was an notification e-mail that my fridge has been forwarded to courier service.

But... wait! Why did Amazon send me two e-mails? The first one was at 16.59 and the second one 17.10.

And the order number is different!

I scrolled my e-mail to see the what I bought in the morning... and yes, I accidentally bought two same fridges. The first notification e-mail was in English and the second one was in Japanese but they have totally different order number. And the second e-mail was sent me only 3 minutes after the first one.

After arrived at home, I opened my computer and asked for cancellation. But it was too late, since the fridges already were handled by the courier service. So I need to return the fridge and manage by myself but I don't need to worry since Amazon clearly explained how to return the stuff. What's the problem is the fridge is big stuff, hahaha. Need to arrange for pickup service. Troublesome!!! Lucky I only bought small fridge weighing 17 kg.

I tried to think how come this can be happened. So my conclusion was... so at first my language setting was in English, and then I tried to buy and click 'Place your Order'. And then I changed the setting to Japanese, in case there is a different translation. Because before there is a word 'address' but when I changed to Japanese setting, it's e-mail address, not home address. So I just want to see, in case they had like different word or translation.

After I changed to Japanese, there is a button which written, 'continue to next'. And the order finished! I never think after I clicked 'Place your Order' means I paid already. Then I bought again when I used Japanese setting. I don't know why I didn't check my e-mail after this purchase, most of the time I check e-mail.

Just not lucky.

Finally! Today, they arrived!

Tomorrow, I need to take care to send back this stuff T_____T
More money...
I bought this free shipping though, ended up need to pay shipping fee. Hahaha...

Using, so easy and convenient. I'm using credit card to pay and I don't even need to type the CVV number or a code that coming on the phone. But next time, I will always check the e-mail notifications thoroughly.

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  1. dodolan panganan ae lek ngunu, Un. Khan butuh kulkas ekstra. hahahahahaha... *saran gak faedah *postingan inggris komenan boso jowo. hahahahahaha


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