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One Month in Japan Already

Time really flies so fast...
I feel I just arrived last week, but it turned out already one month ago.

The last post is about extra fridge that I accidentally bought from Amazon. Few days after receiving my fridge, I organised JP Post pickup service for returning the fridge. I looked up the shipping fee and it is around 2300 yen. But in the end I didn't need to pay any single yen. I'm so happy!

To return items you buy on Amazon, there are few steps to follow. You need to print the return barcode and return address, put it on the box, etc etc. So I did print the barcode and address in Seven Eleven. Also prepared the money I needed to pay. The day came, a postman called me he had arrived on the first floor. I brought my little fridge to first floor and handed it to the postman. And he said,

"What did you buy? So big."

I just grinned, it's a fridge.

He gave me a slip to sign, and then I asked how about the barcode, return address, and how much I need to pay. He said that I don't need to pay and the barcode is not needed. In the receipt slip written the return address which is different from what Amazon told me to print. But the postman said no need to worry, the return address is changed. I assumed Amazon there was a communication between them.

I'm so happy. Because I don't need to pay and it means I can spend the 2300 yen for food. Thank you Amazon, thank you JP Post! Japan service is the world's best!

My mom came to Japan!

My mom came to Japan a week ago, and she bought the ticket the day before departure. At first, she said she would come to Tokyo for meeting but cancelled but she wanted to go Japan to see me. Everyday she sent me message like this:

"I'll go Japan."

The following day she said, "I will not go. Maybe next time."

The next day, "I will go."

Everyday she sent me message like that in two weeks. And finally I said, "Up to you." Hahaha...

Finally, D-1 before she came, she said she bought already the ticket. Very impulsive. Guess I got the impulsive traveling genetic from my mom.

We stayed in Osaka for three nights and visited Kyoto and Kobe as well.

Kitano Ijinkan Kobe
At Kitano Ijinkan (Foreigners house), Kobe.

We walked 25000 steps a day and my mom didn't complain at all. I was the one who complained πŸ˜‹ My mom loves going to shrines and eating Seven-Eleven's cream choux. As I remember, I almost never traveled with my mom only two of us. So really hisabisa (δΉ…γ€…, long time ago), after the last time we traveled together.

Please come again.
And treat me food. Thank you.

3 komentar untuk "One Month in Japan Already"

  1. wah, senangnya dikunjungi mamanya

  2. Buset, mama una setroong yaaa. 25 rb langkah dijabani. Aku udah capek nek manjat mudun gitu :p

  3. Una..mantab udah di Jepang aje, masi terdampar di sini di Salemba nih