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My Gatton Playlist

Sometimes you have a song or two which if you hear those songs they will remind you of something... someone... or somewhere. I moved a lot back then in Australia and in every single place I stayed, I have kind of my 'soundtrack'. Every time I play the song, it will remind me of a certain place. In this post, I would like to list 10 songs that I always played or listened or sang back in Gatton, Australia.

1. Bu Gai (不該) by Jay Chow feat A Mei.

I knew this song since I was in Tasmania. I remember I heard this song for the first time in my first house in Tasmania. A Taiwanese housemate played this song and I felt I might heard this song before, anyway since then I like this song. Even until I moved to Gatton, and my Japanese housemates were sick of this song. 😜 "Qing qing piao~ luo xia lai~"

2. One Kiss by Dua Lipa

I have never been a fan of global top ten songs especially English songs. So if you ask me about songs which are famous now, I have no idea. One Kiss by Dua Lipa was no. 1 in global chart and when I was working in Gatton, almost everyday radio played this song. I worked inside shed and the radio was always on, and when this song was played, my supervisor always sang along. Now when I hear this song, I remember the shed I worked before.

3. 你不是真正的快樂 by G.E.M

I love Ai Ny by G.E.M and when I played on TV, the settings on Youtube was Autoplay and it plays other G.E.M songs. One day, my boss said he had first love at first voice to G.E.M and also this song: 你不是真正的快樂. It was October 2018. Since that day until I left Gatton, this song always had been played everyday and not only once a day. Sometimes ten times! Because my boss asked me to play this song on and on.

4. Love Battery

Once I wanted to listen Hong Jin Young song, You Are My Flower, but I ended up found this song. And I... had first love at first sound. Love Battery is a song from 2009, and it sounds like old-fashioned song because the genre is trot. I really like this song and every time I returned home from work, I laid down on the sofa and sang this song.

5. Makudonarudo by Namewee

There is a controversial Malaysian artist, Namewee, and I love his works. He has an unique personality and his songs all so good. One of the songs he made is Makudonarudo, which tells about how Japanese say something in English. I played this in Gatton many times as well.

6. Ma Philosophie by Amel Bent

I knew this song when my French coworker played this song in the paddock. It was in Stanthorpe, early 2017. I tried to learn how to sing this song because it is in French, not easy to pronounce for me. When I told my French roommate and other French friends, I was learning this song, they were like, "Oh no my God, that is old song, Una!" But still I like it. In Gatton, I missed this song so I played and sang until my Indonesian housemate memorized the melody and always said to me... "Nanana... philosophie..."

7. Ya Alabina by Alabina

I don't really listen to Arabic songs. The only one my favorite is Ya Habibi Ana by Haifa Wehbe. But since in Gatton, my boss is an Iraqi and sometimes his Iraqi friends and family members came and they would play Arabic songs on TV. One day, my boss played this song: Alabina, whole day, and danced as well. I became to like this song. And actually this song is not full in Arabic, but also has Spanish lyric.

8. Hotel California by Eagles

I had a Indonesian housemate and when she was using the TV, she always played this song. Full stop.

9. Amor Fati by Kim Yeon Ja

Another trot song, I like. Amor Fati is also not old song, but the style is old and sung by old woman. This song was introduced by my Korean roommate in Ayr. She said it is her favourite song. Now also one of my favourite songs. 

10. Bailando by Enrique Iglesias

We had 'Zumba class' with housemates and we planned to do it everyday, but we were so lazy AF. When we did Zumba, we played Zumba videos on Youtube and one of the songs was Bailando. We liked this Zumba videos because the moves are easy and the instructor guy looks like one of our neighbour.

There are still many songs that when I listen, it will remind me of my Gatton life. 😊

4 komentar untuk "My Gatton Playlist"

  1. Kamu tau lah mana yg aku tonton. Hahaha, ngakak. Golek yutup ah artis kuwi hahaha. Makasih, Una. Bagi2 lagi ya ilmunya, huahahah.

    1. Namewee enak-enak lagunya. Meski banyak yang saru juga.