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Feeling Blue

Despite my previous blog post title is 'Having Fun',  last week I was feeling down for several days. Last week, I went to work, concert, festival, my schedule was kind of full last week. Now I can feel, depression is real 😂

What made me feeling blue is my workplace situation. I have three jobs currently, one job is fine, another job some coworkers are harsh and bullies, but I'm still okay, but the last one, my coworker is such a bully, and I was feeling uncomfortable.

I am still on training and I was confused to do a thing, then my coworker said to me, "You're stupid. I told you already." I may not have many working experiences, but I have experiences scolded by coworker, but this time really made me feeling down. Another reason, he was always looking down on me and laughing when I am doing my task.

What the funny thing is, five minutes later that guy told me, "I'm sorry. No need to care too much about that."

I just said to him, "If I have mistakes, please be angry." 😂

How to not care? I was like,

"Am I that stupid?"
"Am I that weak?"
"Should I quit the job?"

I know I shouldn't care too much but I dunno this time really made me so weak. It was really hard for me to smile, like for real. And I kept thinking how to return to happy me.

Yesterday, the boss talked to me about her life and we talked a lot. She is 70 year old and had cancer before, but she is always happy. Suddenly, I got her positive vibes, and became to be able to smile again 😂

8 komentar untuk "Feeling Blue"

  1. jangan2 dia naksir kamuun, kalo di drama2 yang ngebully kadang aslinya naksir. *ngarang

  2. Setuju Na, mungkin dia naksir kamu....hihihihi

  3. Komen yang sama dengan teman2 di atas, naksir Una tuh .. hehehe

  4. Rip bahasa inggris Saya. Untung ada google translate jadi agak ngerti.

  5. Dulu aku juga punya rekan kerja yang kayanya... apa-apa di mata dia salah sampai bikin stress dan gak tau harus gimana. Tapi lama-lama ku cuekin aja tuh Una, hehe. Kerja aja kaya biasa, biar atasan yang nilai.
    Good luck ya buat semuanya. Cheers! :)

  6. Baca komennya jadi mikir emang mungkin kamu lagi di dalam cerita dorama na, hahaha

    tetap semangat ya