When I go overseas, I like to try their special McDonald's menu that you cannot find in other country. My favourite fast food is McDonald's... and they always sell seasonal/limited edition menu in Indonesia. Is it monthly? I'm not sure. And I missed so many their meal like Burger Balado or Ayam Kremes Spesial Sambel Uleg since I lived in Australia before. I felt I would contact my friend in Indonesia and ask her to buy the limited edition menu and keep it in the freezer so I could eat when I return home 😒

McDonald's Australia has special list of menu called Gourmet Creations, but I never buy. I don't find them attractive try I don't know why. They have Gourmet Grilled Chicken Caesar or Angus Truffle Cheese... meh, not interested. But I remember I bought their limited menu Custard Pie. And I'm lovin' it. 😌 Last month, I tried Peach Pie (oh my god taste so chemical), Salted Egg Yolk Fries (this is sooo good), and Pandan cone in Singapore. And also Taro Pie and Lychee Sundae from McDonald's Malaysia. Big NO NO for me. I remember I tried Creamy Herb Chicken Pie from McD Singapore in November, it was good.

I don't really find McDonald's pies are addictive, until I tried pie from McDonald's Japan. Sankaku Choco Pie Caramel is my favourite, I ate more than 4 times in a week and I'm craving for it right now. How to buy if now I'm in Indonesia... πŸ˜“

McDonald's Japan also have Sankaku Choco Pie Black. Sankaku means triangle and black because the pie and filling is 'black', well not really black la, dark brown la. Pie in McD Japan is like pastry... really good. I don't know how Japanese make everything... all so perfect and good, like this pie. The chocolate filling taste so good (sorry I can't write food review, why all only good πŸ˜“) but I could sense slight chemical taste. I still prefer the Caramel, though.

Where to buy: McDonald's Japan
Price: 120 yen (around Rp 16.000)

Today I bought Double Choco Pie from McDonald's near my home. I tried other McD Indonesia limited edition Apple Banana and Mango Custard Pie but they didn't leave any impression for me. Just so so. I prefer the original Apple Pie one. I find Double Choco Pie is the best among all I tried from McD Indonesia. I like the chocolate filling... Have you tried this newest McD pie?

Where to buy: McDonald's Indonesia
Price: Rp 14.000 (after tax)

I like both of the Choco Pie... Only the pie pastry, I prefer the Japan one.


  1. Waduh Mba...kok dikau cepet banget. HAHAHA...aku malah belom tau di indo uda ada Choco Pie. Taunya ada Mixed Berries McFlurry w/Meringue sama w/Oreo. Siap dah aku meluncur ke Mcd besok. Jadi yg indo sama Jepang sama aja rasanya? Cuma beda di kulit pastry?

    1. Hahaha coba dong... yang McFlurry aku malah belum coba. Hmmm... kulit pastry-nya beda banget, cokelatnya sama-sama enak sih, tapi rada beda. Cobain aja :p

    2. Udah nyobain beberapa hari yg lalu. Isinya sih beneran banyak. Tp tetep fave masih si Banana Pie. Sayang disini ga ada D:

    3. Banana Pie McD mana, Mbak?

  2. kok gak dibuka na makanannya, aku penasaran gimana modelnya. Tapi aku gak terlalu dengan McD seh, soalnya gak ada juga di Pontianak >.<

    1. Hahaha maap, nggak kufoto. Huaaa... McD enak padahal...

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