Having Fun

There is a guy at my school who always called me "urusai hito", which means 'noisy person'. Another friend told me I'm so 'hyperactive', cannot stay silent and always need to move 😋 I'm always excited to talk about new beverage I drink, new McD menu, new place I saw, etc, and my another friend told me, "You look like having fun."

Well, I am having fun.

Some of my friends I know at school do not like living in Japan. Those people do not really speak Japanese and are working really hard. They said life here is just too busy and strict.

I agree about the busy life.
Life is just so busy especially if you also do some part-time jobs. Currently I have three part-time jobs (I still work no more than maximum hours I can work per week 😂), I'm joining two choirs (just performed two times last week), and sometimes joining events in Kyoto. Sometimes, I do language exchange with friends, hang out at the cafe, go to new places, etc. My schedule this month all full already. I will participate on summer program as well in other prefecture.

Always have new stories everyday.
A little bit busy, and but yes, I am having fun.

Look how fat I am.
Our performance few days ago (2/8), where I was chosen to sing intro part together with a friend (the hijab one) T_T

10 komentar:

  1. Asyiknya hidupmu, Na. Hehehe. Have fun ya. Btw cerita soal arubaito dong. Penasaran, hahaha.

  2. Kalo sibuk tuh asik ya Na, jadi gak ada waktu untuk bosan..hehe

  3. Kok mukanya ditutupi sih.. Kan pengen liat sapa tahu ada yang bening *nggaktahumalu
    Btw, kalo sibuk tapi menikmati ya bawaannya fun aja.
    Aku curiga Una gampang adaptasi sama tempat baru, jadinya di mana aja bisa have fun.

  4. Trus itu nyanyi lagu apa, na? huwaa, asiknya bisa perform di depan, paling seru pas latihan sih, kalo bagian itu aman ya performnya jadi lebih tenang, hehe

  5. Waaah, jadwalnya padat. mau kopdaran bulan Meret dibooking bisa? Hahahaha

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