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My Travel Style

I woke up and I opened my Blogger dashboard and... f*ck? Last blogpost I wrote was a month ago? So long time.

Actually, I feel I have never been busy in my life but I did travel for almost a week in Bali and another week in Japan after my last post. Currently, I am (not really) busy preparing my next hijra a.k.a migration.

I am happy to hear some of my friends moving to other countries, especially Australia. One of my closest Korean language classmate and Japanese language classmate just moved to Australia for their working holiday year. They came out from their comfort zone to find another comfort zone (?!) through uncomfortable zone (what I'm going to say). It was their first major migration in their life so they really prepared all the things in advance.

It's a good thing but something they have in common, they brought too much stuff to Australia. I heard they packed 30 kg stuff inside their suitcase.

It's up to them but just we have different kind of travel style.

Before I moved to Australia in December 2016, I booked a seat on a low cost carrier flight and didn't buy any baggage allowance. No, not that I am a minimalist and I am like most of people. We love to pack things they we're not going to wear or use. Like for example, we pack 10 clothes for our trip but end up wearing only five. Are you like that also? 

I would spend two years in Australia but I wanted to bring only cabin-size suitcase. And I did.

The flight only allowed us to bring maximum 7 kg of luggage but mine was 12 kg and they were not strict so I safely brought my suitcase on board.

Do you know what was my regret? I wish I didn't bring half of that stuff inside my suitcase. Really, I ended up not using some of my stuff. My friend said inside my suitcase was only filled of panties... yes, because that's the most essential stuff for me. I had 15 maybe with only five t-shirts.

My 12 kg suitcase. I wish I didn't bring the shoes, the mouse, etc.
The last time I traveled to Japan for a week, I brought a medium suitcase (larger than my suitcase for my 2-year life in Australia) with 1 heavy coat, 1 shorts, and 1 T-shirt for sleeping, and one long sleeve shirt. And some toiletries. Yes, I am dirty girl who is okay to not change shirt in few days. Anyway it was cold days, so I think I was not smelly, I think.

My last week suitcase, it was 13 kg. I wish I didn't bring the yellow coat because I didn't feel cold in the ski resort.
My mom taught me how to travel light so every time I pack I will think, "Do I need this? Will I use this?" Even later I need something that I thought I won't use, just buy.


Okay that's about packing but actually I wrote already about this.

So two weeks ago, I went to Japan and did some travel in a group. It was a short trip and we almost spent whole day outside with only 6 hours or less for sleep. Like we needed to be ready around 6 am, and then came back to our accommodation around 8 pm, and then shower, dinner, and stuff and slept 12 am, and woke up again 6 am. Luckily, it was only four days (the other days, I wandered around by myself). 

And I felt so exhausted...
I just cannot...
I can do this kind of traveling, but for me, I can't enjoy.

Now, I know what I like. I like to stay in a place for a long time and no need to wake up early. Wander around, try food and drink I've never tried before, talk with people, and relax... I do not mind not going to famous place. Even if I want to go to a certain attraction in a certain city but unluckily I cannot go, I will not be disappointed, because inside my mind, I know I can come back again in the future.


Actually all easy if we have money...
Now I'm not earning money...
But I keep telling myself I can travel much...

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