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How To Lose Weight

According to my height, my ideal weight should be around 45 kg. The thing is I don't have ideal weight. In the beginning of this year my weight surpassed 81 kg. 😅 Way too fat...

Coming to Japan, I still eat a lot but I do walk everyday, like in the average I will walk 10K steps a day. Also life is getting busier (not too busy actually), so I tend to skip meal, and I lost 7 kg in 3 months. But I realized this is not a good way. But I still want my weight to become 60s this year.

Now, I know how to lose weight. Being busy, really. I still eat, but I don't eat snacks as much as before. I also do manual labor which depends on physical strength so maybe it's kinda exercise also. I also believe that 'busy is blessing'. I feel I don't really waste my time.

Few days ago, I did video calls with several blogger friends who I had not talked for such a long time.

Just so funny, suddenly missing those days when I was in university and what I did was blogging and blogwalking to many friends' blogs. Nowadays, I don't know whose blog to visit. Too many advertisement, hahaha...

10 komentar untuk "How To Lose Weight"

  1. Hahaha.. yes actually... Blog kos kosan doang

  2. Hahaha. Aku iriiii ama una. Wkwk. Ntar nyoba ah jalan 10 rb langkah xD
    Rh, aku kaget tahu pas ditelfon. Orang lagi ga pake jilbab. Lgsg gelagapan nyari jilbab dl Hahaha

  3. Indeed, we dont put interest in adv. Because it drives us to be economically unhealthy ��

  4. Una..mampir donk,,blogku gak ada adsnya kok

  5. Rajin minum green smoothie, Na, berat badan cepet turun dan jadi lebih segar

    1. Berniat sih, tapi ngga mampu beli buahnya hahaha, mahal.