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My Handmade Soap, Done!

Last month, I made DIY hand made soap. Since the final process a.k.a curing needs four weeks, finally my soaps done only a few days ago. 

My aunt loves to make DIY soap and keeps tagging me her artwork of soap's pictures. She gave me many soaps she made, and I don't need to buy soap until next few months. My aunt kept telling that making soap is very easy so I asked her to buy me handmade soap kit for newbie (you won't need measure all ingredients only follow the instructions and mix all). Yeay!

Here we go~ my Frangipani-scented soaps.

Yesterday, I wrapped the soaps with bread paper (kertas roti) and oil paper. You can see that I am no good at wrapping.

I still have one kit left. Want to take videos of soap making and submit it for Emak Gaoel's giveaways event. But too lazy... o((*^▽^*))o

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