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Two days ago, a friend asked me, “Is in Japan same as in Indonesia, where people still think owning house is a pride?” 

Actually, I have no idea. I, myself, an Indonesian lady and almost 30, owning no any houses. I don’t see the idea of owning a house is a pride. Honestly, I don’t really care. Like, my mom has a house and I can stay with her, right?

Here I am in Japan, renting a small apartment which costs me $500 a month. I have been in Japan for 26 months, so I would have been able to save $13000 if I had stayed in my mom’s house in my country. I could use the money for paying down payment for a new house or even I can buy a house in a suburb in my country with that amount of money. 

And paying rent means dead money, means we are helping the apartment owner to pay his mortgage. But we don't help ourselves. Such a waste.  😃

Just few weeks ago, we just celebrated Eid al Fitr and I had to contact some friends. Most of my friends (I only called two or three friends), expressed their dreams, their wishes to buy a house. They are saving money to pay the down payment of a new house. I know their salaries are even less than $1000. Hope they will be able to get their dream house ASAP.

I may be one of the millennials who don’t care of having own home. Well, maybe I should start to care.

In the COVID era, most people do their activities at home. Many people has to move their office to their own rooms. There are more wishes of having bigger, more comfortable house in this world. Many office workers who live in metropolitan or big city with massive pollution wants to go back to their hometowns. 

Many also wants to leave their packed apartments and are looking for a ‘real house’. People want to live in a place with better air, better quality, etc. People do not need to live near skyscrapers to work anymore.

No exception for British, where previously London was a most searched location and now, people are looking for new places in Cornwall or Devon. As stated in BBC, Marshall Moore, an academic, said that Cornwall is a gorgeous and cultural place with more wind, openness, and fresher air. Even more, he could afford to live in an actual house rather than an apartment.

COVID really change most people’s lifestyle.

Below is a picture showing how the trend of house type changes from BBC.

I don't have in my mind a desire to buy house because what I know, house is expensive. In my house area, in South Jakarta, a small 100 sqm house can costs 5 billion IDR. Twenty years ago, the price was only 5% of that. I can't imagine how will be the price in future. It has probability getting cheaper, but in South Jakarta, I think it will still soar.

Too expensive!!

I tried to imagine if I want to buy a house that costs 2 billion IDR and I will pay monthly in 20 years, with interest rate, I don't know let's say 7.5%.

I used Mortgage Calculator to calculate and the result shows that I have to pay around 14.7 million IDR a month in 20 years to buy 2 billion IDR.

Now my sight is clearer. The 14.7 million IDR is quite big for Indonesians but it's not impossible. Now I feel, I WANT TO BUY A HOUSE. 😂

What about you guys? Do you own a house? What do you think about renting a house?

9 komentar untuk "I WANT TO BUY A HOUSE"

  1. Asline tuku omah emang larang yo na. Tapi nyewa jg podo larange. XD

    1. Kalau bisa beli nyicil mending nyicil ngga sih. Ngga tahu juga sih, wkwk.

  2. Oleh rak ora milih. Masalahe podo wae. Itu bukan pilihan. Beli sama sewa tergantung isi dompet aja sih. Yg penting klo niat beli jgn utant bank wakakak #pengalaman

  3. Sewa apartemenmu mayan juga, 500usd (jd lihat struk gajiku, nek di usd jd buat bayar apartemen tiap bulan sisanya.....*ku menangis....*)

    Ayo Na, tuku omah di yogya wae yaaa

  4. Meski harga rumah mahal bukan berarti kita ga bisa beli kan? Rak pengen tuku Ndepok wae Na, hahaha. Daerah Sentul yowes larang kabeh lho, Na.

    Nek aku pemikirane enak punya rumah. Nek Una piye?

    1. Maunya beli di Menteng. Mbuh, Mbak... hahaha

  5. Mbak Unaaaa. Baru bw ke blog ini lagi setelah sekian lama :")
    Sebenernya, beli rumah ataupun nyewa apart, yang penting harus ada uangnya dulu.
    Huhu. Karena dp rumah pun ternyata juga lumayan banyak dan nabungnya juga agak lama T__T