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What Are My Dreams?

My housemate was smoking in front of house, sitting in the bench, and then I approached him and asked,

"Do you have dreams?"

I just wanted to have conversation so I asked random question but actually I was curious also because he's almost 33 years old, and for working holiday visa holder he's quite... old. FYI, to get working holiday visa in Australia a person's age must be under 31. Maybe he applied when he was 31, and then had his 32th birthday in Australia, then this year he will be 33 years old. Not sure, though.

He said, "I want to have a shop. Like camping equipment shop or anything."

"That's it?"


His dream is not so 'high'. LOL. But when he asked me back what is my dream, I was confused. But I said, that one of my dreams is to experience living in many foreign countries. I lived short time in Japan before, now almost two years in Australia, and I want to live in another countries. Developed or developing, doesn't matter.

In the other day, my other housemate who doesn't speak English really well was picking blackberry next to my row and he asked me, "What do you want to be?" I don't know what does he mean, but maybe it's about dream. Then I answered that I want to be rich girl so that if I want to buy something I do not need to see the price tag, just buy and buy. Do not need to care about the price because I have a lot of money, LOL.

The hippie bag that I really wanted. Ended up didn't buy this bag. Only $29 though.

But he doesn't understand what is price tag (I think), so I explained like this. I want that if I go to supermarket, I don't care anymore about stuff which is half-price or not, don't care about discount, if I want to buy just buy. And I do not need to care how much money I spend.

By the way, my latter housemate said he wants to control the world and become god. 😞

Just put random picture.
As I think about my dreams again, I really have many dreams. My biggest one is to be useful and helpful for other people, of course. My other biggest dreams are living in many foreign countries, traveling around the world, and I have goal to be fluent in other foreign languages, at least three more before 30. My current plan is conquering Mandarin, Korean, and one European languages.

And what about you?
What's your dream?

12 komentar untuk "What Are My Dreams?"

  1. Aku kepengen tiap transferan yang masuk ke rekeningku atau rekeningnya Oni, angka nol nya kelebihan dua. Aku kepengen tiba-tiba ada saudara jauh di Inggris sanah ngasih aku hibah warisan 80 milyard. #ngayal

  2. being happy and healthy! :D

    1. Pengaruh usia kayaknya,
      Gue ama Arman komen-nya mirip hehehe.
      Komen usia 40-an gitulah muehehehehe.

    2. Hahaha... happy everyday dah ya yang penting

  3. i never want dreaming something that i cannot achieve..
    it hurts so much not only because you never get that also you dunno the way how to get that...

  4. Dulu mimpiku tinggii bener Una,
    Tapi seiring berjalannya usia mimpiku berubah jadi cetek, cuma pengen dikasih sehat aja dan bisa selalu bersama orang2 yang kita sayang :))

  5. Kalau aku karena udah punya anak, cita-citanya ke anak. Jadi bingung kalau ditanya cita-cita sendiri, hahaha

  6. Apa kabar, kak? Blognya makin berjayaaa, mantap.. :D