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Hello, Indonesia! I'm Back!

Finally, I'm back!
Today is my 13th day in Indonesia after leaving Australia. 🇦🇺

I always wanted to keep writing blog, but yes, I'm lazy and wi-fi in my ex-house in Gatton, so f*cking shit! I called the internet provider because my ex-landlord (and ex-boss) asked me to call but no result. I asked to change the internet to NBN but the provider ended up sent a notification letter addressed to my boss' other house in other city, wtf. So tired. We gave up and tried to watch Youtube videos in low quality everyday.

Anyway, my Australia visa expired on 8th of December but I left Australia on 6th and my flight departed at 2.35 a.m, and I spent two nights in Singapore before returning to Indonesia and arrived Jakarta on 9th. Long journey, and long story, also.

In my 2-year Australia life I should say that the best place is in Tasmania, and also hardest farewell. However, the most amazing life still my 6-month Gatton life. I have a lot of gossips and people stories to share but... many of them are risk to write, LOL. Especially when they are about marijuana, free s3x, rape, gambling, and other taboo stuff for Indonesians. Well, I try to write safe stories la... hahaha.

I didn't feel sad leaving Gatton...
But now I started to miss Gatton...
When my activities were only laying down on sofa, watching Youtube, and listening people gossiping. Well, and myself gossiping also. 😶

I have many next plans but still on secret until the plan is fixed.
Okay la, see you soon.
I will update my blog soon.

With my girls who worked in the same farm. On my last day in Gatton.

1 komentar untuk "Hello, Indonesia! I'm Back!"

  1. udah lama mau mapir ke sini tapi baca inggris ini perlu persiapan khusus, jadi ditunda terus. hahahaha.

    Semoga rencana kedepannya lancar ya na :)