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First Time Experience: Seeing a Doctor in Australia

Currently, I'm working in broccolini packing shed. What I'm doing in my job is making bunch of broccolini sticks and tie it with two rubber bands. After we finish making bunch, we need to put on the table and someone in charge will put bunches on the machine with conveyor belt and it will be cut and someone need to put supermarket tag with barcode under the upper rubber band.

Unluckily, we can't bring phones to the shed so I don't have any photos or footage with me. But anyway, not all people can do the tag because the bunches move so fast on the conveyor belt. Two days ago (31/8), supervisor asked me to do tag and I know I still cannot do that by myself. With sorrow face, I walked out from my bin and walked to the tagging place. I know someone will help me but I need to do my best anyway.

Well, I couldn't do by myself so many people came to help me. My gloves once broken and a friend who was helping me let me go to change gloves. I didn't feel anything that time, no pain, my finger was okay. Until break time, I needed to throw away my gloves and I checked my left hand index finger... I had broccolini under my nail and so deep. It was not hurt. A little bit, but almost nothing.

After I got back home from work, I tried to get rid of the broccolini. I was using nail clipper pick (?) to remove it but failed. I tried again with safety pins... but it just so hurt and too deep. I cried... and gave up.

Can you see how deep the broccolini is? 😢
I was crying again in the night time since I tried again to clean but I just couldn't. My housemates, Man and Kana insisted me to go to doctor, but that time was too late. Kana searched on internet and if we have discoloration on nail more than half part we can go to emergency room. Then, we borrowed our Indonesian auntie housemate car and Man drove me to hospital. By the way, it was her first time to drive after three months cannot drive since police stopped her license. 😂 We were so lucky because she can drive again since August 2018.

In emergency department (ED), the nurse just said what I need to do since she said it's not emergency. She said the broccolini need to get removed and I need to go to GP (General practitioner/doctor).

I didn't have any expectation to see doctor as soon as possible since in Australia we need to do booking. Like, we cannot walk in and see doctor immediately. I was in small town and I got injured on my leg, I had wound covered with blood and yet I couldn't see doctor - because I didn't have booking. And they said I need to go emergency department... in bigger town. WTF.

But the nurse in ED said in Gatton (town currently I live in), it has plenty of doctors so walk-in also possible. And she said the doctor only need to clean no need to take off the nail (what I was really scared of). Yesterday after work, I went to medical centre and Man accompanied me. A Vietnamese doctor with amazing English accent called me and I went to his examine room. Man didn't want to come. And I said to the doctor, "She ignored me..."

And the doctor, "Like everyone in my life."

I was joking many times with the doctor but he never laughs 😂 My jokes were not funny, though.

He checked my finger and told me that it needs to get removed ASAP since organic article cannot be under the nails since it will rot and can get infection and the worst one... need to remove the finger. And then he said he had two choice, first one is to clean the broccolini, the second one he needs to remove my nail, clean, and put it back.

OMG! I said to him... please only clean. And he said, "I will try clean first."

He guided me to surgery room and he asked me if I want my friend to come with us, I said yes. And the he called Man to come inside room. 😂

I was dying and crying so hard.
I laid down on the bed and he started to clean my filthy hand and injected ring block anaesthesia to my finger. And I cried... and I said I want to see my mom and go back to my country. I just got back from my country last week though. My finger started to be numb and he said the anaesthesia will stop in 4-6 hours. He cleaned my nail with a tool thoroughly and it looks so clean until he said...

I worked so hard, washed too many dishes but my hands still fat and soft 😏
"There is a little bit broccolini inside and I cannot clean it, so deep, so I need to take off your nail."




"I will put the nail back because the nail bed is so sensitive and it needs 6 - 9 months for nail to grow."

I started to cry again. 😩 He said it won't be hurt even my finger back to normal. I told him I believe him... (not 100% though).

Then using scissors, he cut my nail from the edge and then half of my nail until it can be opened and cleaned. I was curious to see my skin under the nail and he showed me and... I got sudden stomachache 🤣 He cleaned my nail with chlorhexidine and put plaster on my finger. Until now I haven't open the plaster since I'm scared to see my half-opened nail 🤣

I was planning to play badminton with Moira, a Taiwanese friend that day but I sent message to her, I want to but cannot...

For sake of memory... take picture in front of medical centre.
I prepared sum amount of money in my debit card account since I know medical expenses in Australia is very expensive if you don't have insurance. I have insurance but I need to pay first then claim to the company. I thought I need to pay big money but it was only $66... not too bad.

And the doctor...
He's such a liar!
He said the anaesthesia finished in 6 hours but not even 2 hours I started to feel pain on my finger 🤣

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  1. Unaaa...ngilu rasanya liat fotonya dan baca ceritanya ��

  2. Unaaa lama ngga mampir ke sini. Duuuh ngilu banget aku liatnya. Sehat2 yooo

  3. Omegooooooot! Serem ya Un. Brokoli ternyata bisa sekejam ituuuh! get well soon, Una!

  4. Waduh! Agak serem juga ya liatnya.

  5. Kok ngilu ya aku lihatnya 😖 Cepet sembuh ya Una. Kadang obat bius beda-beda sih kerjanya di tiap orang. Ada yang cepet banget ngilangnya, ada yang awet. Kaya aku, kalau reaksi obat pasti cepet banget pudar 😂

  6. Holla Mba Una Uhuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    G day Mate

  7. Wew sekarang kaga ngarti baca disini, huft...