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Destiny with A Man

I'm not talking that I met a guy.
But I'm going to talk that I met a friend, who is a girl, and her name is Man.

We met for the first time when we were picking blackberry in rows next to each other. Man, who was a strawberry picker, helped the blackberry team since that day the fruits were so many and we had less people. She was picking blackberry next to me. What I remember, she put loud Cantonese songs and said sorry to me if it was too loud.

In the same row with her, there was Lee, the fastest picker in the team. Lee introduced Man, who actually his housemate, to me.

"Una, this is my housemate, Amen."

That's what I thought. I thought her name is Amen, like when you end a prayer. It turned out her nickname is Man and usually they put Ah (阿) in front of name, so become Ah Man, or A Man. That day was so hot and Man gave me ice pack which she got borrowed from supervisor.

Good background.
We never talked until two months later I decided to stay in Tasmania when my travel mates decided to leave. I moved to backpacker hostel and Lee offered me to move to his house. They had one bed available. Long story short, I decided to move to Lee's house and one of my roommate was A Man. 😄

I came to the house very late, since in the day time, I went to a small mountain with other friends and climbed for six hours. That night was my first time I had long conversation with A Man, we laughed so hard until Lee warned us to keep quiet 🤣.

Anyway, I have never thought I have 'destiny' with A Man.

- We became good friend and we left Tasmania together two of us by Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

- We said goodbye after we arrived Melbourne and went to different destination. She went road trip with her two friends toward Adelaide while I stayed in Melbourne for few days before going to a small town called Pinnaroo in South Australia located close to border to Victoria.

- I was on my way to Pinnaroo by bus and the bus stopped in front of public toilet in the outback I don't know where it was to exchange driver. And that time, I saw A Man's friend's car in front of my bus and without any plan I met A Man in the middle of nowhere. We were surprised and we were excited without even talking anything. I couldn't get off the bus because the driver wouldn't let me and no time anyway.

- I moved to Pinnaroo and she moved to Caboolture. I earned good money but I didn't like being there so I decided to fly to Brisbane. I visited her in Caboolture.
She eats a lot. 
She is a sexy girl.
- I moved to Gatton and she asked me to take there. Six days after I arrived Gatton, she came and we became roommate again for four months. In total we were roommates for six months.

- Last month, I gave her surprise visit to Hong Kong. 😄

In front of Wong Tai Sin Temple.
I didn't know I can be friend with this crazy Hongkongnese girl. 🤣

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  1. Kaya di film India banyak gadis yg namanya Pria. Kaya takdir ya ketemu terus