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Secret Garden in Deloraine

It was around two months ago, I was in supermarket wandering alone while my friends, UU and Rainie still looking around the vegetables section. I finished my adventure in supermarket (means checking all discounts especially on chips, biscuit, and soda) and then I came back to find my friends. I saw an old Aussie man was talking to them.

I approached them and listened to their conversation.
So, the old man was a traditional Chinese medicine practicioner and studied in China long time ago. He can speak a little bit Chinese also. Then I joined their talk and he tried to guess where I came from.

He first guessed I'm not from Asian country. He couldn't guess so I told him I am from Indonesia and... he can speak Indonesian. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And guess what his comment after I said I came from Jakarta!

"Ah, kotor!" (Indonesian word means dirty.) He even knows that Jakarta is dirty, lol.
"But I was born in Jogja."
"I like Jogjakarta, I went there 40 years ago."

My friend and he exchanged phone number and he invited us to come to his house. Few hours later, he contacted my friend and asked us to come to his house that night at 8 PM.


View from road in front of his house.
His house garden looks so green with a lot of vines and plants from outside. We walked into his garden and saw his antique wooden house. He greeted us very friendly and showed us around his house. It was really like a house tour you always see on Youtube but without video and if you join his 'house tour' you will gain knowledge. Really. I really studied a lot there.

So this old man plants his own food. He said he went to supermarket today because he needed to buy celery and his celery plant hadn't grown. He has many edible plants on his garden... ranging from pumpkin, apple, blueberry, blackberry, celery, rhubarb, bean, and many more. There are also fuchsia, rose, ginkgo, birch, and many trees and plants with the name I never heard before I came to his house!! If you know 1993 movie called Secret Garden, his garden is as amazing as the garden in the movie. The difference only his garden not only flower plants.

Hydrangea. The colour had faded. He said the previous week was the best colour.
Fuchsia. Before I only heard this word as one of colour's name.

Ginkgo leaves.
Wild blackberry. A bit smaller compare what I pick at current work.
His garden actually not so big but amazing still he can plant a lot of food. By the way, I live in Deloraine, a small town with population less than 3000, and his house is a bit on hill and from his backyard we can see view of whole town. So beautiful.

He told us that his mother is French and she built the house around 30 years ago. She even brought some of plants from Europe to Tasmania. Back then it was not strict to bring plant from foreign countries. One of the plants his mom brought is special kind rose called 'Cรฉcile Brรผnner' (have you ever heard this breed of rose?).

 Cecile Brunner rose. Didn't take picture of the tree but it is big one.
I went there with Rainie, her boyfriend, and my other friend Yoyo (UU didn't come along). Yoyo asked him to check her knowing he was traditional Chinese medicine doctor for 50 years. He asked each of us to open our mouth and examined us.

After he checked Yoyo's mouth he said she likes wind so much, doesn't do much exercise, and cannot eat cold food. Next, he said to Rainie's boyfriend that he has something problem with his stomach and I immediately agreed because he farts too much, LOL. And while checking me...

He: "Look at her tongue."
Me: ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’
He: "You have a lot of red dots here."
Me: "What does it mean?" *put my tongue back outside*
He: "It means you have a lot of boyfriends!!!"


And then he said I think too much and have problem in my heart. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ


He then guided us to his warehouse (or stockroom?) located on basement and showed us his harvested food and gave us blueberry!

Desk in his warehouse.
Blueberry, anyone?
I just remember, even we went there at 8 PM but that was summer and we had really long day. I think sunset time was around 8.40 PM so we still could see around outside the house. After getting dark, finally he asked us to enter his house. It doesn't look special when you see from outside but if you inside, whoaaa amazing. His house looks like house in the movies and I think looks like magician house.

"I have a lot of stuff. It is kinda opposite of minimalist. Do you know minimalist?" he said to us.

Kind of Chinese medicine herbs dictionary.
Batik Pekalongan on his sofa.
Even though he is opposite of minimalist, we can't say that his house is messy, he still organise his stuff tidily. He has heaps of books about Chinese medicine, a lot of jar with Chinese medicine herbs inside, and many Chinese decoration hanged on his wall. He also has many jars of spices and his own made pickles. That's why I think his house looks like magician - he has many jars which made me think like potion jars.

I didn't take so much photos inside his house. Only video.
He offered us tea but we turned down because we needed to go home soon and my friend said she couldn't sleep after drinking tea. And the next day we needed to go work in early morning, so yeah. 

After we left the house we still amazed how amazing his house and how we got a lot of new knowledge from the old man. I do not remember his name and his house. I want to visit him again but  my other friends already left and I forgot where is exactly his house... and his house is uphill, too tired to walk. #excuse

My friend kept saying that I was lucky I joined them to go to the old man's house because I usually lazy to go out ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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  1. Batik kain panjangnya aku punya juga,s ama peris. Kupakai buat gendong anakku ;) . Aku suka bunga fuchsia, cuma nih bunga agak manja sukanya tempat adem haha :D .

    1. Oh tanaman suhu dingin to, pantesan di Tasmania banyak suka lihat.

  2. Kebunnya keren, ya. Hebat ya kakeknya nanam banyak tanaman. Kamu ga icip ramuan2 yg dibuat, Na?

    1. Engga... hahaha ngga ditawarin. Hebat dan masih rajin ajaaa.

  3. suddenly i miissss youuu... then i am here to bw your blog

    how r u darl?

  4. Suka mupeng sama rumah-rumah di luar negeri itu karena punya kebun yang tanamannya bagus-bagus

  5. the first picture looks like in pedesaan in indonesia..

  6. eh yess, aku bisa baca blognya, hahahaha.. Aku berasa pinteran dikit >.<

    1. Hahaha... Bahasa Inggris simpel doang aku mahhh...