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Missing Casino

Repost from LINE post July 30th 2020.


Some weeks ago, my brother said he wants to go to casino 😂 No money but want to go 😴

Suddenly I remember two years ago when I went to casino in Sentosa 5-6 times in a month 😂 I think this one also I never wrote ah on my blog. Maybe. Maybe already 😜

Another long post... (long for LINE timeline 😄)

That was not my first time entering casino. I have been to some casinos in Macau and Marina Bay Sands. But that was my first to enter the VIP section of casino. I was like uh wow 😯 To enter that section, you have to buy the chips minimum 20000 SGD. I could enter because my friend ‘sponsored’ me so they did something on my card so that I could enter the VIP section for three days.

At my first visit, I stayed for so long I watched my friend and other people playing. Majority of them were Indonesians. I even talked to some Indonesians. I met a guy who has a lot of ‘kos-kosan’ and he said he lost 90000 SGD in a week. I saw a disabled guy on his wheelchair and when I saw his passport: Indonesia. Indonesians are so rich what 😮

Next visit, I never stayed. I only came to get free drinks. They have Nestle machine, so I just took some cups of Milo or teh tarik and then just wander around Singapore. Or eat in the buffet restaurant.

Resort World card.

Not my money 😂

One of the differences between VIP and regular section is in the VIP section there is no single sign ‘do not take picture’. The people there wouldn’t take pictures anyway. They just play and do not care. Thing that I didn’t realize is there is no window in casino. I just knew this from my brother. No window so that the people won’t know if it’s already dark, or still day time.

I still do not understand why people are so addicted to gambling even though they know the casino ‘can cheat’ 😔 It was just so sad how people easily throw away money for gambling. But somehow it also looks like challenging. I actually played but only pokies 😂 not the table game and not my money.

I talked to a staff when I requested plane ticket reimbursement. I said to him if I become old and rich, I would come to casino and play. Because it looks so fun.

But the staff said, “No, no, don’t come to play.”

Then he said that so many people came and never came back. Some of them became crazy after losing a lot of money. One time I saw one guy sitting down on the floor doing like meditation. Maybe lost a lot of money or what I dunno.

and my friend... he never returned as well.

What so funny about this casino is the maker company of the playing cards they are using is headquartered in Kyoto. And the office is close to my house 😂 The factory itself is located in neighboring prefecture, Shiga-ken.

3 komentar untuk "Missing Casino"

  1. Never come back maksudnya apa dulu nih? Ga balik lagi ke casino. Apa smua org jadi hilang kabar ttg org yg kalah itu? 😂

  2. Judi emang nyandu. Penasaran pengen menang, ujung2nya duit abis.

  3. permah masuk ke casiona sekali di Macau. tapi cuma depannya doang dan bingung cuma bolak balik, jadinya ke luar lagi