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Hisabisa Odekake 久々お出かけ

It means 'go out for the first time in a while.'

I'm having chuuyagyakuten seikatsu 昼夜逆転生活 (life with day and night reversed) right now. For more than a week, I have been only sleeping in day time. Last night, I didn't sleep at all. I forced myself to sleep since I had to go to work at 5.40 am, but I ended up only slept one hour 😓

Last Sunday, I finished work at 1 pm and I felt so sleepy but then I decided to visit my friend's house. I had a hope also that maybe I could reverse my day and night after I come back home.

We walked around his neighborhood and took some pictures. So happy since I don't have new pictures in last two months. Selfie doesn't count. So happy also that I saw a charming omawarisan おまわりさん (police officer) 😭 but maybe it's because he was wearing face mask. But happiest since I could see my friend la after so long time 😄

Here are some pictures we took that day. 

If you know me, this is my favorite picture style. Me standing full body and taken from faraway.

Even though I was so sleepy, I couldn't sleep until 3 or 4 am. Yeah, I didn't succeed to reverse my night owl life. And here I am, 12:53 and preparing to sleep. Not a siesta 😔

2 komentar untuk "Hisabisa Odekake 久々お出かけ"

  1. Rasanya badan kalau jam tidur kebalik gimana? Rentek kabeh rak, Na?

    Foto sing pertama, kabele ruwet banget. Tapi apik. Una tambah ayu :)

  2. Mbka una masih semangat ngeblognya??Sekarang kurusan ya mbk?hehe