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3 Places to Visit in Santa Barbara for Foodies

Guest Post

Santa Barbara is the perfect food destination for any foodie. Many restaurants and food producers make top-notch refined dishes you should try. This town has many top chefs who moved from the pressure of the big cities to start their restaurants in world famous hotels here. More so, this town produces its natural ingredients, so you are sure of getting healthy dishes. Whether you are a resident or a tourist in this area, you should take time to visit these places. Some of the places you can visit if you are a foodie include:

1) Visit Santa Barbara Chocolate
If you are a true ‘chocoholic,’ then you are in for a treat. This company makes delicious mouth-watering chocolates that just melt in your mouth. Their wholesale chocolate is available in a wide variety of cocoa origins, cocoa percentages, and flavors.

Santa Barbara Chocolate is also known to make the best-unsweetened gourmet drinking chocolate that you as a foodie should try. This unsweetened drinking chocolate is made from 100% percent ground cocoa with zero sugar. The lack of sweeteners is in consideration of personal preferences or health concerns. To prepare this drink, mix it with hot tea or hot milk then beat it with a whisk or shake it until it froths. You can add honey or sugar to enjoy its flavor. You can add sugar if you like. They also make dark, white, milk and vegan based chocolate. You do not have to enjoy these chocolate products alone, order a box of chocolate for a loved one too.

2) Try The Sumptuous Dishes At Los Agaves Restaurant
This restaurant launched in 2008 on Milpas Street in Santa Barbara. It is family owned and operated. This restaurant is affordable, and it serves a variety of classic Mexican dishes in a simple but sophisticated way. Their signature dishes include the Los Agaves Enchilada. They also have garden burritos that are fit for vegans. The restaurant has gained a large number of customers since it was reviewed and named the "Best Mexican Restaurant” and “Best Salsa” inn by the Santa Barbara News-Press and Santa Barbara Independent. The restaurant also secured a position in the top 100 Places to Eat in the United States.

Santa Barbara. Source: santabarbarainn.com
3) Visit The Well Renowned 24 Hours Blue Owl Restaurant & Bakery
This restaurant was opened in September 2010 and is located in Santa Barbara’s downtown district. As the name owl suggests, this location is perfect for night eaters since they serve and deliver food even at late hours of the night. They make Asian-inspired dishes and bake their bread for sandwiches and seasonal salads. They also serve beer on tap, local wine, and simple, tasty food in a casual, neighborhood setting. This Owl was awarded the best late night open restaurants in Santa Barbara in 2012 and 2015. It has featured in the New York Times and on many local and national blogs. Also, it has been reviewed by previous customers who loved the food and recommend the restaurant. Therefore, you are sure not to regret this choice.

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