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Photoshop Fail!!!

One of my favourite favourite bloggers is Xiaxue. She photoshopped her photos much in order to make her prettier in her photos. And just now I photoshopped my photo inspired from her video in clicknetwork.tv. Hahaha, but what I did is totally failll! I only make me uglier hahaha! Check this.

Before photoshopped.
The after. Very bad, huh.

3 komentar untuk "Photoshop Fail!!!"

  1. hahahah your nose! smaller than before. It was your hope, wasnt it? :P
    yuks, my face was like a vampire (or a witch?). with the black hole in my eyes -,-

  2. Buahahaha, I also made your nose smaller if you noticed. Yeah I added some eyeliner in your eyes, like smokey eyes. Wkwkwk...

  3. tahi lalat una ilang, idungnya lebih kecil, matanya dikasih digital eyeshadow yaks? photoshop susah ya...padahal pengen banget jadi desain grafis #gak inget umur nih hihihi