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Miftah's Plastic Surgery

Muahaha... I got one victim again who volunteered his photos to be done photoshop 'surgery' by me. After I found that Xiaxue's golden rule tool is 'liquify', then I knew it's very-very OMG tool. Hahaha, it can make me slimmer and my nose smaller

I'm still newbie in photoshop so... I'm still not good at liquifying, hehehe.

Okay, here it is. I made Miftah fatter than before. *evilsmirk*

Hahaha, I made his hands and legs fatter. Hm, are that legs or talas bogor? LOL.
I told him I want to attach his photo and his face added some eyeshadow and lipstick, but I can't bear to do that, hahaha. So I only made his face smaller, his lips thinner and pinker, and just see lah...

I know that these edited photos are not good, but they're only for fun. Thank you.

*looking for more victims*
Message: Yang mau kontaknya, isi komen ya. Hahaha...

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