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Kotagede's Lanes

Basically, I'm half-Kotagede-nese. Kotagede is one area in Jogjakarta where is very popular for its silver, history of Mataram Kingdom, and graveyard. Yeah, there are a lot of graveyards. There is a joke, if you're in Kotagede, turn left graveyard, turn right graveyard. Not really.

Beside its richness of culture, Kotagede has many lanes. What is it? I mean like 'tiny street'.
I often saw Kotagede on cigarette TV ads, they shooted their ads in lane in Jogjakarta. The uniqueness of Kotagede lane is the traditional Kotagede houses which are in a line of the lane.

Below the pictures I took in Kotagede 3 months ago. Not a lot of pictures, but see them. :)
In front of Rudy Pesik's House, I forgot the name of the lane!

Beautiful isn't it? There's the traditional house window.

Typical traditional Kotagede house.

This is my great-grandfather's sister-in-law. Hahaha...

Me in front of Rudy Pesik's house.

Trying to blog with English. Sorry if my english is very bad.

2 komentar untuk "Kotagede's Lanes"

  1. Aq pernah kesini.. kangen jogja jadinya :D

  2. jendela itu....seperti jendela rumah di kampung :D
    awas..una ya..dah disini tapi gak kopdar :(