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My Dream Wedding

Even in my-this-age, I've never had a boyfriend but I ever dreamed about my dream wedding. In my imagination, I would wear simple white dress with some laces and also my curly hair downed. I would have simple party with just a few guests of my friends and closest families. Maybe just 20-30 guests. Also, the party would be held in one of the world's beautiful beaches or in a beautiful cliff such as Uluwatu. I don't care whether it would be in Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Japan, I don't know. But I also dreamed a 'bule' husband, hahaha. Or asian husband, hehehe.
One of Uluwatu's Product. I picked from uluwatu.co.id
I went to Bali in previous December and saw Uluwatu, handmade balinese lace shop there. The products are quite expensive, since they are handmade. There was a dress that made me love it in first impression, but I can't find the pictures in internet. :( I just want to wear those-like dresses in my wedding, hehehe. :) In the left, there is a dress product of Uluwatu, nice dress but I think it is expensive, approximately US$150. I'm sorry, this is not an advertising blog hahaha. Uluwatu, you should pay meee!

I'm very grateful to be raised by my parents who are simple and don't like big ceremonies, luxurious wedding with thousands guests. So I don't want to hold wedding like that. I just want a simple wedding with intimate atmosphere. :) Even, if I couldn't afford it, I just want to register my marriage in Kantor Urusan Agama (Office of Religious Affairs) with no wedding ceremony. Just keep it simple, right?

4 komentar untuk "My Dream Wedding"

  1. wah aku malah gak pernah mimpi pesta pernikahanku kayak apa. hihihi....

  2. maksudnya gak pernah ngebayangin mau gimana gitu.

  3. dulu pengennya nikah pake kaos oblong ma celana jeans aja, trus gak pake hajat-hajat cukup di KUA, hiks gak terwujud...

  4. aih una.
    tak terbayangkan cewek tomboy sepertimu memakai wedding dress ala european ball gown gitu, hihi.
    tapi aku yakin, one day you'll look pretty, in any wedding dress u wear!