I'm Fine Without Instagram

I tried to minimise using Instagram since I saw on ‘Your Activity’ my usage of Instagram on last Wednesday was 2.5 hours. Did I spend time on Instagram this much? The average of last week was more than 1 hour but this is still way too much. So, I decided to avoid using Instagram as best as I can.

I may not post much but I like walking through celebrities and gossip accounts, and sometimes friends’ accounts. Especially, Syahrini and Reino Barack’s accounts, recently. I feel lucky my mental health is not influenced by friends’ posts but just why do I spend time on Instagram so long? Why don’t I allocate my time for other things?

Same goes for Facebook. I deleted Facebook Apps on my smartphone. But anyway, I rarely use Facebook. I turned off pop-up notifications of Facebook Messenger on my computer.

Now, I’m still using Instagram and Facebook but only a little bit. My average Instagram usage time decreased drastically and I don’t think my life has changed without looking at my friends’ posts.

But I don’t think my life getting healthier since I use the time to watch Japanese drama LOL


  1. I want to be able to stop using Instagram. But until now, I still can't. : '))

  2. Kalo IG, aku masih suka. Jarang banget buka akun gosip. Seringnya buat belanja online. Gini kok mau minimalis, ya, Na.

    Eh, ceritain ttg hidup minimalismu dong, Na. Sapa tau bisa nambah semangat, hahaha.

  3. Iya aku juga kebanyakan online ni heleep sejak lappy bermasalah, ngetik dll di lappy

  4. Aku dulu banyak juga mantengin sosmed. Itu juga karena di kantor kurang kerjaan seh, wakakakakak. Setelah pindah kantor baru ini ya ampun, ada wa aja gak kebaca. Berasa banyak kerjaan banget :P

  5. Aku kayanya yang paling banyak YouTube deh. Soalnya emang source tontonan aku dari sana, hehehe. Salut Una bisa kurangi waktu di IG. Di sana aku jarang-jarang sih, tapi paling suka lihat foto-foto binatang dan makanan 😍


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